10 Cafes Serving Up San Francisco’s Best Hot Cocoa

While San Francisco is known for its ultra-healthy, gourmet and locally-sourced cuisine, the city also delivers when it comes to indulgent sweets and treats. In fact, as the air garners a crisp winter chill, San Francisco becomes the ultimate haven for hot chocolate aficionados. While exploring the city with family and friends this holiday season, stay cozy and get into the spirit with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Whether it’s a classic, spiced or spiked libation you seek, you’ll find that San Francisco satiates any and all chocolate cravings.


Just moments from The Harrison lies Socola, a chocolatier and barista that has the friendliest staff in all of SoMa and an unforgettable cup of hot chocolate. Take a seat in their darling, family-run storefront and order a cup of cocoa with a delicious baked good on the side.

Dandelion Chocolate

A bean-to-bar chocolate factory in both the Mission District and Ferry Building, Dandelion Chocolate features a seemingly endless array of hot cocoa recipes. Order their incredible house hot chocolate, spiced mission hot chocolate, Italian-inspired drinking hot chocolate or frozen hot chocolate, served with a cookie and homemade marshmallows.

Tosca Cafe

For those seeking a sweet and spiked hot chocolate, look no further than Tosca Café. Although there’s no espresso added to the mix, their “House Cappuccino”—also known as an adult hot chocolate—is made with Dandelion chocolate ganache, organic milk, Marie Duffau Bas Armagnac and Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Sit back, relax, sip and take in the café’s inspiring old-school ambiance.

Jane on Fillmore

One of the city’s most sought-after cafés and bakeries, Jane on Fillmore pours up a hot chocolate that doubles as a piece of art. Made with equal parts of 63% Guittard chocolate and 72% Valrhona chocolate, this decadent cup of cocoa is topped an artistic design and a homemade marshmallow.

Hot Chocolate

Boulettes Larder

Set within the Ferry Building, Boulettes Larder serves up an unforgettable cup of European-style hot chocolate. Incredibly thick and decadent, this sweet treat is best enjoyed whilst watching the boats float by amongst the bay.

La Oaxaqueña Bakery & Restaurant

Located in the Mission District, La Oaxaqueña serves one of the best Mexican hot chocolates in the city. Pulverized blocks of cacao are mixed with almonds and cinnamon, dissolved in steamed milk, frothed then topped with guajillo chili powder for an extra kick. This sweet and spicy dessert drink is served in a pitcher with two mugs, because they’re confident you’ll order another.

Tartine Bakery & Cafe

Tartine is one of the most coveted bakeries in the city, so it should come as no surprise that their hot chocolate is top-notch. A classic winter libation made with valrhona chocolate, this craveworthy cup of hot cocoa is best served with homemade whipped cream—it’s so good, in fact, that you’ll have to ask for it off menu.

Hot Chocolate

Craftsman and Wolves

Craftsman and Wolves, a contemporary patisserie in the Mission District, makes a valrhona hot chocolate that is served with homemade dark chocolate spearmint marshmallows; the perfect combination of rich cocoa and mint.

Recchiuti Confections

Recchiuti Confections has become so renowned for their European hot chocolate that they decided to ultimately share the recipe. Dark, hot and bittersweet, this rich delicacy is only available seasonally at their store, served with delicious homemade vanilla bean marshmallows.

Caffé Central

Located in the Westfield Shopping Center, Caffé Central serves up a spiced hot chocolate made with TCHO cocoa that’s both organic and fair trade; which means you don’t have to feel guilty about having a cup or two.

Hot Chocolate Race

And, if you find that your sweet tooth isn’t yet satisfied, sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k to work up an appetite for your favorite winter treat. Coined as “America’s Sweetest Race,” the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k is both a laudable charitable effort, with proceeds donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and a subsequent chocolate extravaganza. On January 13, 2019, runners will hit the streets of San Francisco and delight in a post race party with music, a family-friendly kid zone and—of course—a boundless spread of hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and tasty dippable treats. Register for the event here.


*Photos Courtesy of UpOut & Hot Chocolate 15k/5k

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving at The Harrison

For lovers of food, family and friends, Thanksgiving is a near-perfect holiday. The only potential downside is that a Thanksgiving celebration can be stressful to plan and execute. But for those who live at The Harrison, the opposite is true. Below, find the many ways our residents have the opportunity to plan their most effortless holiday amid our landmark high-rise.

1. Host in the perfect space.

With spacious, elegant interiors and incredible views, our residences at The Harrison offer the perfect setting to host parties both intimate and large. And perhaps even more important on Thanksgiving Day is that each abode features a gourmet kitchen with polished Carrara marble and professional-grade appliances by Bertazzoni and Sub-Zero. Here, cooking is made simple—and, yes, even enjoyable.

2. Take advantage of the concierge services.

With access to The Harrison’s concierge services, residents have their very own personal assistant of sorts during the holiday season—and, of course, year-round. Concierge services are happy to help take some of the stress out of planning a holiday party by arranging food delivery, ordering floral arrangements, place settings and much more.

3. Walk it off around SoMa.

After too much turkey and pie, getting out for a short walk around the block is always key. The Harrison boasts an unrivaled location in SoMa just moments from the waterfront, making a breather by the bay an absolute breeze. Take in the dazzling Bay Bridge lights, enjoy the company of loved ones and find gratitude in each moment outdoors.

10 Must-Visit Design Stores in San Francisco

San Francisco is amongst the most creative cities in America, stemming from its rich history, prolific array of industries and, of course, a widespread love for design. In the city, you can always count on finding small, independently-curated boutiques to inspire your next creative move—whether that’s styling your home at The Harrison or collecting vintage pieces with a distinct San Francisco flair. Below, take a look at our residents’ 10 favorite design stores throughout the city.

1. March SF
If you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen or pantry, March SF is a high-end boutique that offers chic culinary supplies, rustic tables, serving pieces and gourmet ingredients.

2. St. Frank
Replete with handcrafted items from around the world, St. Frank features a collection of sustainably sourced and produced home goods.

3. General Store
The General Store is a California-minded emporium with a carefully curated mix of clothing, books, artisanal household items and furniture—all with an eclectic kick.

General StoreGeneral Store

4. Coup D’Etat
An unwavering resident favorite, Coup D’Etat offers chic furnishings that range from tables to seating, lighting and art, affording an overall contemporary aesthetic.

5. Anthem Home
The ever-stylish Anthem Home carries a range of unique antique and modern furniture, lighting and decorative home accessories.

6. Jessie Black
This revered workshop and luxury boutique in Pacific Heights features high-end bedding, antiques and art from artisans all over the world.

7. Hudson Grace
Hudson Grace is the preeminent purveyor of timeless decor for those who love to entertain, offering classic and modern tableware, linens and candles.

8. Super Simple
Specializing in minimalism, Super Simple features an array of decor items that are handmade, unique and, overall, aesthetically clean and simple.

Super SimpleSuper Simple

9. Black and Gold
Black and Gold is a beautifully curated space of vintage furnishings, lighting, home accessories and art.

10. Jay Jeffers
Jay Jeffers offers livable luxury and a harmonious mixture of vintage, contemporary and antique furnishing pieces that have been carefully curated and collected over time.

Jay JeffersJay Jeffers

4 Nearby Places for Last-Minute Summer Escapes

While exploring San Francisco is a fulfilling weekend in and of itself, there are boundless places to discover just beyond our city line. And, at The Harrison, we have the privilege of neighboring the Bay Bridge, a gateway to some of the country’s most sought-after locales. Whether you wish to spend a weekend along the jaw-dropping coastline of Santa Cruz or amongst the vineyards of Napa, the getaway options are seemingly limitless.

Santa Cruz

One of California’s most desirable surf cities, Santa Cruz lies just an hour and a half from your doorstep at The Harrison. Teeming with an artistic, laid-back vibe, the town is home to hip surfers, local craft beer companies, astounding redwood trees and an old wharf that’s as charming as the sea lions lounging just below. Stay at the beachy Dream Inn, sleek and modern Hotel Paradox or opt for a cozy tent amongst the redwoods. You’ll return to San Francisco relaxed and refreshed, while both salty and sunkissed.

Ocean Rock

Napa Valley

An undeniable favorite amongst locals and tourists alike, Napa Valley is a mere hour and a half drive from The Harrison. The wine region prevails as the most coveted in the country, home to nearly 400 wineries—many of which produce world-renowned, award-winning grapes. Pack your bags and head for the beautiful Meadowood boutique hotel, taste some of the best whites and reds in the world, indulge in farm-to-table food and find serenity amongst the endless expanse of vineyards.


Half Moon Bay

If you want a getaway that’s both refined and relaxed, Half Moon Bay is a perfect fusion of the two. The stunning seaside town is located just 45 minutes south of The Harrison, creating an ideally accessible retreat that, likewise, feels a million miles away. Book a room at the incredible waterfront Ritz Carlton, explore the area’s uncrowded beaches, kayak in Pillar Point Harbor, revel in local seafood and head to the legendary Mavericks surf break to catch sight of some of the world’s best surfers.



For a weekend immersed in nature, head just an hour and fifteen minutes south to Pescadero. The area is a bona fide haven for nature enthusiasts where one can hike, kayak, explore nearby farms and more. Stay at the Costanoa Lodge Resort in one of their wooden cabins or upscale bungalows, grab a bite at the iconic Duarte’s Tavern and meander the tide pools below the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. An easygoing weekend in Pescadero is bound to put your mind and body at ease.


*Photos courtesy of Visit Napa Valley & Half Moon Bay Golf

A Breath of Fresh Air: Our 3 Favorite Running Routes in SoMa

Did you know that SoMa has one of the highest walk scores in all of San Francisco? Ranking at 96, SoMa is—without a doubt—amongst the most accessible and manageable neighborhoods in the Bay Area. But, why walk when you can run? There’s no better way to discover the ins and outs of the city than by foot, whether that be along the water or amidst San Francisco’s most lush parks. Below, take a look at three of our favorite SoMa running routes and experience the best of the city.

The Embarcadero to Fisherman’s Wharf

Just steps from The Harrison lies one of the best running trails in all of San Francisco: the Embarcadero. Situated directly along the bay, this path offers the city’s most scenic views while likewise suited for all skill levels. Amongst the most popular routes is to head 2.5 miles to Fisherman’s Wharf then back to The Harrison—resulting in the most rewarding, yet remarkably serene, 5 mile run.

The Embarcadero to South Beach Harbor

Consider heading the opposite direction along the Embarcadero toward South Beach Harbor. This similarly picturesque trail is just over a mile to the vibrant marina, where you can stop for a moment, walk along the docks and take in the lively harbor culture. And, if there’s a Giants game going on, you may just be able to witness some of the action. Make your run longer, too, by looping around the stadium via the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Your Very Own Urban Trail

What’s better than paving your own way throughout the city? Consider making The Harrison your starting point, then set out into SoMa to experience the best of urban living—you’ll be surprised by how much you can discover. And, if you’re in need of some natural greenery, make your way over to Yerba Buena Gardens, down to Rincon Park then back up to your Harrison abode. Here, the city is yours to explore.

A Gardener’s Guide to the Best Indoor Plants for High-Rise Living

Whether your home calls for a pop of greenery or a bold, lush centerpiece, you’re sure to find the perfect houseplant for you in San Francisco. From the many instagram-worthy plant and flower nurseries the city has to offer to the numerous potted plant delivery services available online, incorporating plant life is simple—and good for your health. In addition to adding some serious style to any space, indoor greenery boasts various wellness benefits, like boosting mood to protecting against pollutants. Take a look at some of our favorite, on-trend houseplants perfect for the advanced plant parent and newbie alike.

String of Hearts

Hanging plants have been everywhere as of late, and if you’ve been eyeing these verdant vines for your own home, it’s time you meet “Ceropegia woodii,” commonly known as String of Hearts. With deep green, heart-shaped leaves that hang from long cascading vines, this plant offers a curtain of greenery grown best with exposure to direct sun or indirect bright light. Blooming with magenta flowers a few times a year, String of Hearts is sure to make a delightful housemate.

The Janet Craig

Also known as dracaena deremensis, The Janet Craig is incredibly easy to care for and able to adapt to nearly all light conditions. Lucky for you, one doesn’t need a green thumb to keep the Janet Craig happy and healthy. With dark-green and glossy leaves, the Janet Craig brings a gorgeous natural accent to your indoor aesthetic.

Ponytail Palm

Pet-friendly and only requiring water once in a while, Ponytail Palm is ideal for the busiest of plant- and pet-owners. This happy houseplant’s short trunk and wispy cascade of leaves look stunning set on a tabletop and compliments modern interior design beautifully.

Hoya Kerrii

Add a little love to your space with the Hoya Kerri, also known as the “Sweetheart Plant” or “Hoya Heart” due to its heart-shaped form. Small in size but mighty in wow-factor, this plant is ideal for the novice or frequent traveler as it only needs to be watered every two to three weeks. Pet-friendly, this choice of foliage is a safe option for our furry, four-legged residents at The Harrison.

Red Prayer Plant

A two-toned plant that adds a little color to your space, the Red Prayer Plant offers eye-catching, large leaves that show off hints of red and pink along the plant’s veins. A pet-friendly option that is incredibly low-maintenance, this houseplant is able to thrive in nearly all light conditions—just make sure to keep its soil consistently moist.

6 Essential Coffee Shops in SoMa

There is certainly no shortage of coffee shops within San Francisco, and SoMa’s local joints are among the very best. Below, browse our list of must-try cafes set just moments from The Harrison’s front doorstep.

1. Sightglass Coffee
270 Seventh St.
Plenty of seating and its roasting area on display makes Sightglass Coffee stand out from the average shop. Stay and enjoy a cup of coffee on the first floor, or take up temporary residence while you work on a project upstairs.

2. Saint Frank Coffee
1081 Mission St.
Named for Saint Francis (the same person the city of San Francisco is named for), Saint Frank Coffee models its shop after the man as well. They approach coffee roasting and serving with the values of coffee, people and connection.

3. The Coffee Movement
1030 Washington St.
Clean, modern, beautiful and warm. The Coffee Movement is a fairly small coffee shop with no seating, so it’s more of a grab-and-go kind of place. What it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in flavor profiles.

4. Sextant Coffee Roasters
1415 Folsom St.
Founded by Ethiopian-born Kinani Ahmed, Sextant Coffee Roasters sources its coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and more, bringing unique flavors from around the globe to San Francisco. They roast all of their beans in San Francisco for freshness, quality control and signature taste.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee
66 Mint St.
A coffee chain with the quality and soul of a locals-only place, Blue Bottle Coffee serves espresso, single origin, and blends—along with a full breakfast and lunch menu, served daily from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm.

6. Philz Coffee
300 Folsom St.
We couldn’t talk about coffee shops in San Francisco without mentioning Philz Coffee now, could we? A cup of coffee “Philz Way”—medium sweet with cream—is a Bay Area staple.

Add Some Wonder to Your Winter: 5 Closest Ski Resorts to San Francisco

One of the best things about living in California is that we have the ability to go from the beach to the mountains in a matter of hours. In the wintertime, you could wake up with the sun in San Francisco and be skiing down the slopes in Stanislaus National Forest before lunchtime. Here, a relatively short drive can reveal a big change in scenery—especially if you’re snowbound. Below, take a look at the closest ski resorts to visit from San Francisco. 

1. Palisades Tahoe

Approximate drive time: ~4 hours 

Distance from San Francisco: 197 miles

A California Historical Landmark and the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, Palisades Tahoe (formerly known as Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows) is one of the biggest and most notable ski resorts in the United States. Located just west of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the resort has 6,000 skiable acres across two mountains—including over 65% beginner and intermediate terrain.

Activities also include snow tubing, aerial tram rides over the mountains and Lake Tahoe, year-round events and entertainment and over 50 bars, restaurants and boutiques.

2. Sugar Bowl Resort

Approximate drive time: ~3 hours 

Distance from San Francisco: 177 miles
Sugar Bowl is great for planning a trip with skiers of all levels—with 17% beginner runs, 45% intermediate runs and 38% advanced, you can invite your friend who’s never skied before and your adrenaline-junkie friend. The resort comprises 1,650 skiable acres, four peaks and 100 trails. Plus, book a stay at the historic Sugar Bowl Hotel at the base of the resort to take advantage of the spa, sauna and steam rooms after a day on the slopes.

3. Boreal Ski Resort

Approximate drive time: ~3 hours 

Distance from San Francisco: 177 miles
Minutes away from Sugar Bowl is another Bay Area favorite: Boreal Ski Resort. One of the smaller ski resorts in the area, Boreal is also one of the best for kids or beginners—with more affordable prices and lessons for all levels. Make the most of your trip with snow tubing at Playland, après-ski drinks at the Boreal Bar and the best night skiing in Tahoe.

4. Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

Approximate drive time: ~3.5 hours 

Distance from San Francisco: 163 miles
The closest ski resort to the Bay Area (mileage-wise), Dodge Ridge Ski Resort boasts about 800 acres of ski areas near Pinecrest, California. Dodge Ridge caters to both beginners and experts—offering rentals and lessons for kids and adults and a handful of black diamond and double black diamond runs.

5. Bear Valley Resort

Approximate drive time: ~3.5 hours 

Distance from San Francisco: 181 miles
Located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bear Valley Resort sits on 1,280 skiable acres. For competitive skiers, Bear Valley Mountain has partnered with Bear Valley SnowSports Foundation to host NASTAR—daily races and competitions for youth and adults. Bonus: Bear Valley Lodge is dog-friendly!

3 Tips & Tricks to Adopt Ken Fulk’s Interior Style

One of the nation’s most renowned interior designers, event planners and overall luxury connoisseurs, Ken Fulk has a unique affinity to all things curated and extravagant. From his deluxe designs within The Harrison—spanning from the Grand Salon to Uncle Harry’s penthouse lounge—to his diverse projects throughout San Francisco and beyond, Ken Fulk has a rare ability to inundate each space with an eclectic, comforting vibe. And now you have that ability, too. Stick to our guidelines below to bring Ken Fulk’s coveted interior style into your very own abode.

1. Start with Modern Furniture & Fixtures

Ken Fulk is amongst the most sought-after interior designers by virtue of his ability to marry modern and vintage pieces in the most effortless manner possible. But, the first step in creating a curated space is beginning with just the modern. Pick out the exact chairs, sofas or tables you want for the space—whether that’s your living room or master suite—and devise the perfect canvas from which you can then build upon. If you begin with vintage furnishings, you’ll undoubtedly find it harder to then introduce the contemporary.

Living RoomResidence 32B designed by Ken Fulk

2. Bring in the Vintage Artifacts

As expected, the next step after you’ve nailed down your modern pieces is to give the space some much needed soul. With each space he designs and every party he throws, Ken Fulk captivates his audience with an ambiance that’s both whimsical and worn in. Nothing feels new, nothing feels outdated. It’s this unique capacity to find a balance between the two that you should now seek in your own home. Using unfinished brass fixtures, rustic wood cabinetry or simply vintage picture frames, you can seamlessly regulate and complement the contemporary feel of any space.

StudyPhoto Courtesy of Ken Fulk

3. Dream Big, Be Bold

If we’ve learned anything from Ken Fulk, it’s that you can’t hold back. When you go out on a limb and step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll benefit from the most breathtaking results. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors or a variety of textures because, when you do so, the product will be incredibly Ken Fulk-esque. If you’re intrigued by a certain wallpaper, buy it. If you love dark turquoise, adorn your walls with it. Because, we can attest, the results are timeless, fanciful, inviting and, as always, beautiful.

Uncle Harry's

5 SF Restaurants to Satiate Your Palate for Travel

While traveling may be off the table for now, why not let your taste buds do the touring? You can still satiate your palate for world travel by ordering takeout from some of San Francisco’s most celebrated, diverse restaurants — no passport required!

Nopalito | Mexican

Amongst the most acclaimed Mexican restaurants in San Francisco is Nopalito, a vibrant neighborhood kitchen that celebrates the traditional cookery of Mexico with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local purveyors. You can’t go wrong with a classic margarita, the Gorditas Campechanas—empanadas filled with brisket and chorizo—and carne asada served with summer beans, grilled cactus and all the vital accoutrements.

Location: 306 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Delivery/Pickup: Doordash, 2pm to 7:30pm, Monday–Sunday
Delivery: Caviar, 2pm to 8pm, Monday–Sunday

Flour + Water | Italian

Just moments from your doorstep at The Harrison lies one of the best Italian joints in all of San Francisco. Flour + Water showcases a coveted menu influenced by regional traditionals throughout Italy with Northern California inspirations led by Executive Chef Thomas McNaughton. Here, you can count on incredibly fresh house-made pasta, Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza and carefully crafted dishes ranging from halibut crudo to veal carne cruda toast. 

Location: 2401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Pickup: Flour + Water, 5:15pm to 8pm, Wednesday–Sunday

Yank Sing | Chinese

Arguably San Francisco’s most famed dim sum restaurant, Yank Sing is celebrated for its traditional and contemporary dumplings as well as an array of artful dishes and vegetarian options. With winning items, from its Peking Duck with hoisin and steamed buns to the Egg Custard Tart, you’re sure to be happy — and plenty full — from your dish of choice.

Location: 101 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Pickup/Delivery: Yank Sing, 11:30am to 7pm, Wednesday-Sunday

Mourad | Moroccan

Located at 140 Montgomery, and mere steps from The Harrison, is Mourad—a modern interpretation of Moroccan cuisine deeply rooted in the past. The restaurant itself pairs authentic Moroccan design with contemporary details, perfectly harmonizing with the bold cuisine. Their food pays homage to the rich and vibrant flavors of Morocco in new ways that play off fresh, local, artisanal ingredients and the spirit of innovation in California.

Location: 140 New Montgomery St #1, San Francisco, CA 94105
Hours: 11:30am to 10pm, Monday–Friday and 5pm-10pm Saturday-Sunday
How to Order: https://www.mouradsf.com/

ROOH | Indian

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco is ROOH, an urban, Indian-inspired communal restaurant and cocktail bar. The chef draws his inspiration from the vibrancy of Indian culture, art and music, as well as the innovative spirit of modern India. Dinner at ROOH is a truly gastronomical experience with fresh, seasonal dishes that interpret customary Indian sensibilities, offering shared plates like traditional butter chicken, lamb shank nihari, spiced chickpea cake, paneer chili roll and so much more.

Location: 333 Brannan St #150, San Francisco, CA 94107
Hours: 5pm to 9pm, Wednesday-Sunday
How to Order: https://www.roohsf.com/

5 Local Ice Cream Parlors To Support In SF

Nothing says summer like warm evenings with an ice cream cone in hand. And in San Francisco, we enjoy an array of celebrated parlors, from quaint mom-and-pop spots to start ups gone global. So, when you’re craving your favorite flavor, look no further than the local ice cream shops listed below — now offering takeout options. 

Humphry Slocombe

One of San Francisco’s most sought-after ice cream shops, Humphry Slocombe, sits right on Harrison Street in the Mission. The parlor serves up an array of funky flavors and concoctions, from Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee with chicory and sweetened condensed milk to their Secret Breakfast flavor with bourbon and cornflakes.

Location: Ferry Building, One San Francisco Bay Trail #8
Hours: 3:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday–Thursday; 1pm to 10:30pm, Friday-Sunday
How to Order: Order takeout from Seamless, Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash or Ubereats.

Bi-Rite Creamery

If you’re seeking a local favorite, Bi-Rite Creamery is the go-to spot. Bi-Rite makes fresh, handcrafted, artisanal sweets, featuring seasonal flavors like Balsamic Strawberry, Peach Cobbler and Ricanelas made with cinnamon ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies. Whether a weekend outing or midday work break, Bi-Rite Creamery will always satisfy your sweet tooth.

Location: 3692 18th St, San Francisco
Hours: 1pm to 8pm, Monday–Sunday
How to Order: biritecreamery.square.site

The Ice Cream Bar Soda Fountain

Located in Cole Valley, this retro soda fountain is a true blast from the past with some of the city’s most delicious ice cream, to boot. Try out crowd favorites like their Caramelized Honey or Banana Puddin flavors. Pro tip? Top your scooop with a side order of their famed chocolate cookies and brownies.  

Location: 815 Cole St at Carl St, Cole Valley 
Hours: 3pm to 8pm, Monday–Sunday
How to Order: Postmates

Steep Creamery

If you’re looking for ice cream with a twist, Steep Creamery in SoMa features an array of indulgent flavors available for takeout. Their Thai-style ice cream is poured in thin layers, frozen in metal sheet pans and shaved into ice cream rolls that are as artistic as they are delicious. Try the celebrated Cookie Crush flavor, mix it up with a Uji Matcha or order a few pints of your favorite from their website. 

Location: 270 Brannan St, San Francisco 
Hours: 11am to 6pm, Monday–Thursday; 11am-9pm Friday 1pm-9pm Saturday; 1-6pm Sunday. 
How to Order: steepsf.com

A Look at Floor Plan E, Beautifully Styled by Three Different Designers

From its striking SoMa locale to its gold-accented grand entrance, The Harrison captivates from every angle. And when you step inside? A world brought to life by esteemed interior designers unravels in exquisite details, alluring artworks, strategically positioned white space and stately architecture. Here, an eclectic, sophisticated warmth characterizes each space throughout, while residences fully embrace a distinct flair of their own. Even The Harrison’s indistinguishable open-concept floor plans transform at the touch of each unique designer, differing dramatically to best suit the homeowner’s style. Below, take a look at how three renowned, wildly different designers executed the same sought-after layout. 

Katie O’neill 

Bay Area designer Katie O’neill’s recently designed residence at The Harrison was thoughtfully curated to align with the resident’s affinity for a maximalist, modern and bold sensibility. Her work was largely inspired by reviewing ‘a day in the life’ of the future dweller, in which entertaining and caring for a new puppy was high priority. To accommodate these needs, the residence harmonizes functional design and furniture placement with luxurious details — such as textured golds and blacks prevailed with pops of jewel tones and navy blue accents.

Kirsten Pike

Bay Area designer Kirsten Pike is celebrated for her timeless, modern design and her most recent project at The Harrison is no exception. Refined and elegant, Kirsten’s work is brilliantly poised to embrace San Francisco’s most iconic view. Here, each space reveals an elevated sanctuary where every detail — such as Kirsten’s celebrated wall design — is thoughtfully placed to give dimension, add cohesion and realize a polished, luxurious feel.

Ken Fulk

World-renowned interior designer Ken Fulk was integral in shaping The Harrison’s visual identity. From amenity spaces like Uncle Harry’s and the Grand Salon, his distinct touch is recognizable and applauded throughout each and every story of our SoMa high-rise. Beyond social and common areas, Ken Fulk also designed four model homes. His approach marries vintage furnishings with the chic contemporary, bringing to fruition effortless class and charm to each of his thoughtfully curated residences.

5 Black-Owned Businesses to Support in the Bay Area

Beyond donating to anti-racism organizations, a simple way to support Black Lives Matter movement is to shop Black-owned restaurants and businesses — and there are an array of favorites to shop long-term right here in the Bay Area. Below, browse through the stay-at-home essentials — from fragrant facial scrubs to chic ceramics — that are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your space. 

Bubbles & Butter

From natural bath balms to nourishing body skincare, Bubbles & Butter’s Oakland-based brand offers an array of soothing, fresh products made from plants and free from parabens. These products make for the perfect gift of self-care treat. 

Red Bay Coffee

Open for takeout at all five locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Red Bay Coffee serves up craft, high-quality coffee produced ethically and sustainably. Grab a cup to-go or order your favorite roast from their website. 

Esscense Flowers

Esscence of Flowers Wedding and Floral Design curates gorgeous arrangements for milestone moments, grand gestures and special occasions. Now offering local flower delivery within the Bay Area, you can easily spruce up your space with the click of a button. 

Made By Rheal 

Made By Rheal is a Black-, queer-owned business featuring stunning household decor, ceramics, jewelry, planters and more. Find the perfect addition to your bookshelf or bedside table via the Etsy shop.  

Soyful Aromas

Indulge in an aromatherapy candle to enhance relaxation and add a soothing element to your home. Each naturally scented, non-toxic candle is handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area using renewable resources derived from soybeans. 

5 Local Restaurants You Can Support in SoMa Right Now

Although many of us aren’t able to take a seat at our favorite restaurants in SoMa right now, we can still enjoy our favorite dishes and support local businesses who need our patronage—now, more than ever. After all, ordering takeout or delivery from your favorite local restaurant is one of the best ways to support your community at this time. Below find five of our favorite nearby restaurants offering takeout and delivery services in SoMa. 

1. The Bird 

The menu consists of fried chicken sandwiches (regular or spicy), hot wings, curly fries and salad. 

Location: 115 New Montgomery Street

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday–Saturday

How to Order: Visit the restaurant or call 415-872-9825 for pickup. 

Additional Info: Purchase gift cards here.

2. Deli Board

The flavors of an East coast deli with a West Coast twist, featuring handcrafted sandwiches, soups, salads and sauces.  

Location: 1058 Folsom Street

Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday–Sunday

How to Order: Call 415-552-7687 for delivery or visit the restaurant to order.

Additional Info: Deli Board doesn’t usually deliver, but they are partnering with Stella Courier currently. Check their Instagram for up-to-date hours and information. 

3. Marlowe

A true neighborhood favorite among SoMa locals, Marlowe serves up New American comfort food with a modern twist. Can’t decide what to order? Try out their new ‘Quarantine Burger Kit’ and a famed craft cocktail to go.

Location: 500 Brannan Street

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday–Sunday

How to Order: Order delivery via Tock.

4. Prospect Restaurant

Prospect Restaurant is a modern collaboration between Chef Nancy Oakes, Pam Mazzola and Kathy King from Boulevard Restaurant that’s currently offering a limited happy hour to-go menu with select cocktails, wine, snacks, dinner plates and desserts.

Location: 300 Spear St.

Hours: Open for pre-ordered pickup between 12–5:30 p.m., Wednesday – Friday

How to Order: Next-day pre-orders only. Email your order to info@prospectsf.com by 8 p.m. for next-day pickup between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Pay via check or Venmo: @Prospect300.

5. Local Kitchen

Local Kitchen is serving up famous wood-fired pizzas and Singaporean-inspired fare like Laksa (Curried Rice Noodles) and Soto Ayam (Rice Noodle Soup), with select wines and cocktails available at this time.

Location: 330 First Street

Hours: 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Daily

How to Order: Call (415) 777-4200 or use ChowNow to place an order for touch-free pickup or delivery.

Top Trends to Inspire Your Decor at The Harrison

We’re all spending a bit more time at home these days, leading us to rethink the living environments in which we live, work, rest, create and more. So why not revamp your decor to create the most inspiring, comforting ambiance possible? Below, find inspiration from some of our very own residences to help you spruce up your space.

1. A Touch of Greenery


We’re talking living, growing, need-a-bit-of-loving plants. Sure, high-quality faux plants may look as great as the real thing, but you’re missing out on one of the best qualities of the real deal: air purification. For those of us without the gift of a green thumb, we can still find plants that are much less needy and more forgiving than most. A few great options that can survive just about anything are snake plants, succulents, cacti and bamboo palms.

2. Comfortable Minimalism


The current minimalist movement involves putting function at the forefront. Elevate your space with simple furniture pieces that offer comfort without sacrificing style. We love a desert- or beach-inspired palette with wood tones accented by shades of white/sand and warm pastels.

3. Shades of White


White is the color of cleanliness, serenity and openness. It’s the perfect color with which to make a safe, calm space—if you use it correctly. Achieve this trend using a balance of cream, off-white, light gray, light tan and muted pastels. Use plants (see above), wood accents, or metallics to add a touch of color to the space. Or, just open your curtains and let the the bay bring all the color you need into your home.

4. Mixed Metals


According to current decor trends, it’s okay to play with different metals inside your home. Your kitchen may have stainless steel appliances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accent the space with a gold teapot or copper pots and pans. Play with different metals as you see fit.

5. Floral Accents


To contrast the sleek, industrial vibe of the city, we love adding a soft, floral accent to a room. An easy yet temporary way to do this is by placing a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase on a table or countertop. But, since flowers don’t bloom forever, a more permanent way to get that soft effect is through fabric (pillows or throws) or via a wall accent (wallpaper, a framed photo or painting, or another art piece). Set the mood by choosing a strategic color palette.

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Comforting

Your home should be a comfortable oasis. After all, it’s where you unwind each night, refresh yourself on the weekends and start your day on the best note possible each morning. Here are seven easy ways to add a little bit of extra comfort and calm to your space to make your home the most relaxing haven possible.

1. A New Blanket 

Get yourself the softest, snuggliest blanket you can find to upgrade book reading, movie watching or drinking coffee on weekend mornings. Alternatively, weighted blankets are great for relaxing your mind by way of your body. It’s recommended to choose one that’s about 10 percent of your body weight to get the full benefits. 

2. Naturally Scented Candles 

Set out some coconut- or soy-based candles (which are considered better for your lungs than traditional candles) throughout your home—living room, bedroom, bathroom. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine are recognized for their calming properties, but relaxation is all about personal preference, so choose scents you enjoy.

3. Calming Colors 

The Harrison’s residences have been intentionally designed with a soft, calming color palette. Complement the shades of white and gray with blues and purples, or your favorite color.

4. Tea Time

For tea drinkers, sipping on a warm cup of tea is one of the most comforting activities. Upgrade your at-home tea time with the essentials: an electric water kettle, a new mug, plenty of loose-leaf or bag teas to choose from and local honey or organic sugar for sweetness. 

5. Spa Products 

Those who find joy in self-care activities like long baths and face masks may want to consider stocking up on their favorite products for impromptu spa days. Things to always keep handy: a bath tray, hydrating or detoxifying face masks, bath salts/oils/bubble bath, massage tools and essential oils. 

6. Plants 

Indoor plants are having a moment right now—and for good reason. They’re natural and effective mood boosters and can help purify the air in your home. Here are some of our top picks for high-rise living

7. New Bedding

Nothing is as powerful as a restful sleep for helping your mind and body relax. Improve your wind-down routine and sleep quality with a brand new set of sheets, a new mattress or mattress topper, an ergonomic pillow or—as stated above—a weighted blanket.

Day Trippers: 6 Things to Do in the Bay Area

While you could spend a lifetime in San Francisco and still never experience everything the city has to offer, it can still be nice to get away from home sometimes. Fortunately, the Bay Area has no shortage of unique towns and sprawling cities to pique anyone’s interest. Here are some of our favorite places to explore—all easily accessible within an hour’s drive or ride.

Marin County

Marin County—home to towns like Sausalito, which has a population of less than 10,000—offers a nice contrast from the everyday bustle of the city. Take a ferry or cross the Golden Gate Bridge (drive or ride your bike to skip the tolls) over to Marin County to enjoy this resident-favorite day trip locale. 

Explore the Bay Area Discovery Museum with your kids in Sausalito. 

Traveling to Sausalito with children? The Bay Area Discovery Museum will be a huge hit. The museum offers daily STEM and art classes for kids under 10, included with admission. 

Attend a concert on the water at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael.

With live music seven days a week, Terrapin Crossroads is always worth a visit for dinner and a show, cocktails or just a few songs and dances. 

East Bay 

Just across the Bay Bridge, you’ll find lively cities with distinct cultures, atmospheres and offerings. Here are just a couple of ideas of what to do while across the bay. 

Go hiking in the redwoods in Oakland.

While Joaquin Miller Park won’t give you a taste of Oakland’s personality, it will allow you to escape into nature for a couple of hours by hiking its 4-mile loop through the redwoods. 

Stroll and shop along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. 

It’ll feel like a trip back to the 1960s, with longstanding stores like Amoeba Music, Rasputin Music and Moe’s Books lining this historic street.

South Bay 

The heart of Silicon Valley, the South Bay is composed of cities like San Jose (Adobe Inc.), Sunnyvale (NetApp) and Cupertino (Apple). While these are anything but sleepy towns, they have a unique vibe from San Francisco.

Reminisce about the good ol’ days at a drive-in theater in San Jose. 

Yes, these still exist! And admission to the West Wind Capitol Drive-In Movie Theater—which shows select new releases and double-features—is under $10.

Ride all the roller coasters at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. Highlights of the Great America amusement park include the 220-foot Drop Tower and the steel roller coaster Flight Deck, which offers views of the nearby 49ers stadium during the incline.

The Ultimate Guide to San Francisco’s Most Creative Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have garnered notable popularity over the past few years, bringing together creative and entrepreneurial individuals to create and ideate within one space. Especially in a place like San Francisco, where techies and start-up moguls are seemingly infinite, the coworking spaces are beautifully designed to inspire and foster a sense of community. Get a glimpse of our favorite communal workspaces below.

Shared | 739 Bryant Street
Located in the heart of SoMa, Shared is a unique and inviting coworking space that attracts individuals from all career paths. Complete with all the amenities of a traditional office in a sleek, industrial building, Shared is a community for creatives to work and collaborate in an array of “play” spaces, from casual hang-out areas to quieter, smaller spaces. Here, memberships include weekday access, weekend and evening access, private desk and private space options.

Eco-Systm | 540 Howard Street
Located just moments from The Harrison is Eco-Systm, an eco-conscious and dynamic community of creative professionals, startups and freelancers, founded on the idea that entertainment, creativity and business can come together. Their mission is to redefine conventional shared workspaces by focusing on a holistic approach to professional development—all within an environment that enhances creativity, health, social consciousness and more.


PariSoma | 169 11th Street
With a large, open space for effortless collaboration, PariSoma offers memberships for entrepreneurs and freelancers to work together and engage in an array of events and over 100 free courses on design, tech and business development. With conference and meeting rooms, phone booths, bike racks and free Philz Coffee, PariSoma proves to be the ultimate spot for members to both work and play hard.

Bespoke Coworking | 845 Market Street
Set within the San Francisco Westfield Mall, Bespoke is a trifecta of coworking, demo and event spaces where tech and retail marketplaces converge. Here, you can purchase a membership for a private office, dedicated desk, shared desk or even just a day pass, affording you the opportunity to join a curated community of retail-tech entrepreneurs so you can learn, gain inspiration and endlessly network.


4 Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions at The Harrison

Those of us who are members at gyms or health clubs know that the first month or two of a new year tends to be the worst time to work out. Nothing can kill an endorphin buzz like having to wait in line for every machine after you’ve already trekked to the gym. Fortunately, The Harrison residents have plenty of other options for achieving their health- and fitness-related New Year’s resolutions without stepping foot in a crowded gym. Here are some of our favorite on-site and nearby suggestions.

1. Take advantage of The Harrison’s fitness center.

No commuting, no lines, no crowds, no extra fees—the benefits of having a 2,500-square-foot fitness center at home are substantial. With on-demand TVs streaming 500+ fitness programs, steam rooms in the locker rooms and a heated pool and spa, The Harrison’s fitness center is much more than your average residential gym. 

2. Go for bike rides along the bay. 

Hop on your own set of wheels or grab a bike share nearby and set out for a breezy bike ride along the San Francisco Bay Trail, accessible within a few blocks of The Harrison. Weather permitting, a ride with views of the city and sea beats a spin class any day. 

3. Practice yoga outdoors.

Another option residents have is to head to a handful of nearby parks, beaches or The Harrison’s very own reflection pool to stretch out. Whether you bring your mat for a solo practice or join a donation-based group class, outdoor yoga is a great way to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

4. Zen out at Uncle Harry’s.

Though it can be rented out for gatherings and events, Uncle Harry’s is a very mellow escape on its own. When you need a change of scenery and a moment of quiet, this penthouse residence lounge can be a great setting for practicing mindfulness or just chilling out—because mental health is just as important as (and has a big effect on) physical health!

Structures with Soul: The Iconic Buildings that Shaped SoMa

From its vibrant cultural background to significant historical sites, San Francisco is brimming with a personality all its own. Perhaps one of the greatest markers of the city’s soulful essence is the architectural diversity that captivates those near and far, each hilly street representing its own historical moment.

At The Harrison, we have the honor of living amidst Ken Fulk’s soulful interiors, featured by the likes of Architectural Digest, Curbed and Town & Country, while surrounded by the city’s most legendary architecturals. Here, get a glimpse of three iconic buildings that have shaped SoMa into the famed locale it is today.

140 New Montgomery

Just moments from The Harrison sits one of San Francisco’s most historically significant buildings: 140 New Montgomery. Originally built in 1925, the 26-story architectural served as the headquarters for Pacific Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. Once San Francisco’s tallest and most grandiose structure, 140 New Montgomery has been lovingly restored to the landmark it is today. From the T-shaped entrance to lavish gold accents and rich black marble throughout, the historical structure represents a bygone era of San Francisco sophistication that inspires us to live a more anachronistic lifestyle—which Ken Fulk has effortlessly bestowed upon us at The Harrison.

140 Montgomery

The Palace Hotel

A landmark historic hotel set within the heart of SoMa, the renowned Palace Hotel dates back to 1875, yet was entirely razed in the 1906 earthquake. In 1909, the hotel was rebuilt and reintroduced to San Francisco with the same architectural grandeur as its predecessor. The building’s “Palm Court” has prevailed as San Francisco’s most prestigious hotel dining room since its opening, while the “Pied Piper” Bar just off the marble-clad lobby houses one of the city’s most historic paintings. Today, the Palace Hotel stands as a manifestation of the city’s resilience and integrity—which, witnessed by plan or in passing, reminds us of our steadfast hometown honor.

The Palace Hotel

The U.S. Court of Appeals

The James R. Browning U.S. Court of Appeals building is one of SoMa’s most revered architecturals, declared a National Historic Landmark in 2012. Completed in 1905 as the U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, the building went on to survive the notorious 1906 and 1989 earthquakes. In fact, it was dubbed the “best constructed public building in the country,” which remains true—all things considered.

U.S. Court of Appeals

Inundated with white Sierra granite and opulent marble finishes by virtue of Italian craftsmanship, the building was intended to represent the nation’s affluence and importance as it became a world power. Today, the Beaux-Arts courthouse exudes this same impressive character, convincing both locals and tourists alike of San Francisco’s architectural soul and supremacy.

*Photos courtesy of The Registry, Time Out & LA Times

Resident Picks: Our Favorite Themed Bars in San Francisco

San Francisco residents know how to create a memorable night out. The city is filled with themed bars that do much more than just serve drinks—many of which are within walking distance of The Harrison. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Bourbon & Branch

501 Jones St – Tenderloin
Open Mon–Sun from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Sip on handcrafted cocktails in this hidden bar located inconspicuously behind an unmarked door in the Tenderloin district. What sets this speakeasy-themed bar apart from others is the history behind its location. From 1921 to 1933—the height of the Prohibition era—the location operated as an illegal speakeasy.

To access their main room and full drink menu, make a reservation. You’ll need a password to enter as a walk-in (check their website for the current one) and access their library room (limited drink menu, limited seating).

2. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

950 Mason Street – Nob Hill
Terrace Level of the Fairmont Hotel
Open Wed–Sun
Dinner from 5–10 p.m. | 21+ from 10 p.m. to close

The infamous Tonga Room started as an indoor pool in 1929 and was transformed into a Hawaiian-esque lagoon in 1945 by MGM set director Mel Melvin. Since then, it’s played into its décor by serving Polynesian-fusion cuisine and tropical drinks, while The Island Groove Band performs live music. Dinner is served Wednesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., after which the room turns into a 21-and-up tiki dance party.

3. Novela

662 Mission Street – SoMa
Open 7 nights a week; hours vary by day

Around the corner from SFMOMA lies the book lover’s dream bar. Step into the space with the feel of someone’s home library, and you’ll be right at home among the books and reading chairs. Only, you’re not here to read—just to appreciate all things literary with the comfort of a delicious beverage. Novela serves cocktails named for well-known literary characters, each crafted with the essence of that character in mind. The “Christopher Robin,” for example, is made with gin, carrot juice, ginger, lemon and tonic. A fitting homage to Christopher Robin’s pal, Rabbit.

4. Smuggler’s Cove

650 Gough St – Hayes Valley
Open 7 nights a week from 5 p.m. to 1:15 a.m.

Yes, it’s another tiki bar on the list. However, the experience you’re getting at Smuggler’s Cove is much different than that of the Tonga Room. If the Tonga Room is Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, then Smuggler’s Cove is Pirates of the Caribbean. Inside this nearly hidden bar (it’s very obscure from the outside), you’ll be transported onto a pirate ship that serves over 80 rum cocktails crafted from the 550+ rum varieties on their shelves at any given time.

5. Noir Lounge

581 Hayes St – Hayes Valley
Open 7 days a week; hours vary by day

A restaurant and bar, Noir Lounge pays tribute to the spirit of film noir through its atmosphere, food and drinks. They serve craft cocktails, local wines and beers, and locally sourced chef creations. The most popular part of Noir Lounge is its back room, which features plush seating and has nightly showings of noir films on a 100” screen. This room can also be booked for private events!

5 Health Benefits of Living Where You Work

In a city like San Francisco, commute times range drastically from a five-minute walk to two hours each way on the freeway, playing a huge role in one’s mental and physical well-being. But at The Harrison, situated in SoMa just moments from the nation’s largest tech companies, many of our residents reap the benefits of one of the city’s shortest commutes. Here are some of the top health and wellness benefits of living close to your work.

1. You’ll retain control over your morning routine.

No matter how early you get up, there’s only so much you can do when factoring in a long commute ahead. When you live close enough to work, your morning isn’t ruled by traffic conditions. You can use the extra hour or two saved (by not commuting) to cook breakfast, go get coffee, meditate, read a book or even sleep in a little longer.

2. You’ll (probably) arrive at the office less stressed.

Walk into any office building at nine a.m., and you could easily tell who had the traffic-ridden commute and who just popped on over. When arriving at the office, commuters run the risk of already having had a bad day, while non-commuters have the advantage of starting their workday with a clean slate.

3. You’ll contribute to less pollution.

Do something good for yourself, your neighbors and the environment by living closer to where you work. You’ll be in the car less every day—or, if you’re lucky, not at all—thus, contributing to less pollution. A little goes a long way!

4. You’ll discover the meaning of work-life balance. 

If you work a 9-to-5 job and your commute is an hour each way, you might as well be working an 8-to-6 job. And that’s assuming you show up and leave on time. A shorter commute means you can start winding down in the evenings that much sooner, freeing up more time to live your best life.

5. You’ll decrease your chances of being in a car accident.

So, you’re a great driver, but you can’t account for everyone else on the road. Add in distractions, stress built up over the course of the workday and driving becomes even riskier. Cut out this unnecessary risk by minimizing (or eliminating) your time in the car.

Resident Picks: 3 Glamping Spots Just Beyond San Francisco

Glamping, one of today’s trendiest getaway options, presents a unique opportunity to retreat to nature while maintaining all the accoutrements of a luxurious vacation. And, much to our advantage in San Francisco, there are countless glamping hotspots just a drive away. So, whether you want to head to Big Sur or Russian River, you can rest assured that there will be a rustic yet well-appointed dwelling waiting for you.


There’s no doubt that Big Sur is amongst the most naturally beautiful places in the world. But, if you’re not looking to get your hands completely dirty, Ventana is perhaps your best alternative. Nestled in the forest amongst Big Sur’s iconic and dramatic landscape, Ventana’s glampsite presents a more refined way to connect with nature. Book one of their safari-style canvas tents, revel in high-end amenities, luxurious finishes, custom-curated picnic baskets and take in the encompassing Redwood splendor.

Mendocino Grove

Tucked within the forest of Mendocino while mere moments from the striking coastline, Mendocino Grove has made camping entirely convenient and comfortable. Each glamorous safari tent comes outfitted with cozy beds, a redwood deck, picnic table, fire pit and nearby spa-like showers with towels and organic bath products. Whether you’re in need of a romantic getaway or a family escape, Mendocino Grove caters to all glampers.


Set within the heart of Sonoma’s wine country is AutoCamp—a luxurious camping outpost. Here, you can choose from either a fully-appointed Airstream camper, plush canvas tent or a handcrafted Shelton Hut, all complete with high-end, modern finishes. Each suite comes with boutique hotel bedding, a spa-inspired bathroom and access to AutoCamp’s hip mid-century modern Clubhouse, where you can stock up on local wine and beer, snacks and camping essentials or relax by the firepit lounges with the twinkling night sky above.

*Photo Courtesy of Ventana

5 Quintessentially Fall Activities in the Bay Area

Summer might seem like everyone’s favorite season, but fall in the Bay Area really hits that sweet spot in our lives. It’s our “perfect weather” season and the time to embrace some of our favorite things. Whether the season means pumpkin spice lattes or horror film marathons, there will be plenty of things to interest you in the Bay Area over the next few months.

1. Go on a late-night tour of the Winchester Mystery House

For fans of Halloween and/or scary movies, it’s worth the drive to San Jose to take a tour of this historic haunted attraction. Unlike most haunted houses, it’s actually open year-round and has a pretty bizarre backstory. During September and October this year, you can experience a brand new, late-night tour called “Unhinged.” Whether you’ve been to the Winchester Mystery House before or not, it’ll definitely be a unique activity.

2. Attend a football game

This will be the last year that Bay Area residents are blessed with two NFL home teams. Raiders fans just have to cross the bay to watch their team play their last season at RingCentral Coliseum before they relocate to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the 49ers aren’t playing in San Francisco anymore, but the still-fairly-new Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara is easily accessible via car or by way of Caltrain/VTA.

3. Escape the city on a weekend camping trip

Embrace the outdoors while the days are still warm by taking your friends, family or partner on a weekend adventure. Look into nearby spots like Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Point Reyes or Big Sur. And, if glamping is more your style, here are some of our favorite getaways within a short drive of San Francisco.

4. Celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and brats

This fall activity doesn’t require leaving the city, as the longstanding Schroeder’s restaurant/bar is the place to be if you want to take part in this German celebration. While Schroeder’s serves beer and brats every day, they’re adding in live music and an annual block party to the fun this season.

5. Spend a day on the water looking for whales

This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall, but hear us out. Fall is the best time to spot blue whales and humpback whales in the Bay Area. The Oceanic Society hosts whale-watching trips from San Francisco to the Farallon Islands, where you can spot whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and plenty more marine life.

Trend Alert: 4 Ways to Wabi-Sabi Your High-Rise Home

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese term for being perfectly imperfect, or finding beauty in the impermanent or incomplete. While the concept can be applied to many aspects of life, it’s often used in relation to interior design and home decor. Here are some easy ways to incorporate a bit of intentional imperfection into your home.

1. Stick with a neutral, natural color palette.

Wabi-sabi comes from appreciating the imperfections found in nature, so it should come as no surprise that it draws color inspiration from nature as well. Even though nature is filled with all kinds of colors, think earthy: browns, creams, grays, greens.

2. Experiment with mismatched furniture.

This one can be a little tricky to pull off, but the key is to create a cohesive yet bohemian feel. Stick with solid colors (neutral tones, ideally), and use patterns sparingly. Try framing your kitchen table with chairs made from various materials, featuring different finishes or upholstered with varying fabrics. Or, try this in the living room with a mid-century modern sofa paired with a wicker loveseat.

3. Pick up some handmade kitchenware.

Instead of perfectly rounded edges, smooth surfaces and uniformity, opt for one-of-a-kind pieces instead. You could think small-scale and drink your coffee out of an unglazed clay mug or replace your entire dining set with pieces slightly less uniform.

4. Incorporate nature in unique ways.

Instead of the typical potted plant or vase of flowers, consider opting for something a little less traditionally pretty. Look for beauty in the parts of nature that are often overlooked for the more colorful or lively. A light fixture made from a tree branch or a bowl filled with unpolished stones as a centerpiece would accomplish this technique well.

5 San Francisco Water Sports to Try This Summer

Since the water in Northern California tends to be pretty cold the rest of the year, we highly recommend taking advantage of the slightly warmer aquatic temperatures during the summer and fall months. And, if the water is still too cold for your liking, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the water without actually getting wet. Here are five water sports/activities you can try in San Francisco this summer.

1. Kayaking

Living at The Harrison puts you in a prime location to try out this water sport. Right next to SoMa in South Beach, you can rent a kayak from City Kayak Friday through Monday. Paddle out behind Oracle Park, underneath the Bay Bridge, and experience downtown San Francisco from an entirely new point of view. City Kayak offers lessons for beginners and guided tours if you’d rather paddle with a group.

2. Sailing

Choose your own sailing adventure—from an adventurous 18-footer boat to a more cruiselike vessel—and enjoy being out on the open water in the bay. You can learn how to sail through a local instructor like OCSC Sailing School or opt for dinner and drinks on a less bumpy, more relaxed ride.

3. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

A photo-worthy activity (as long as you have a waterproof camera attached to your body) that also gives you a full-body workout and simultaneously lets you enjoy the fresh air and salty sea. SUP is a challenging, yet fun, way to get your body moving and explore the Bay Area. How much time you spend in the water instead of on top of it is up to you (and how calm the water is). Plenty of places—including the aforementioned City Kayak—rent paddleboards and offer lessons for beginners.

4. Windsurfing

Just across the bay in Alameda, you can rent a windsurfing board and gear and take lessons if you’ve never tried the sport before. Windsurfing combines surfing with sailing and is a relatively easy sport to pick up. As long as you’re able to swim and have decent balance, you should have no problem giving windsurfing a try.

5. Kiteboarding

Glide along the Bay Area’s sparkling waters while learning the art of kiteboarding. A popular water sport in San Francisco, kiteboarding involves being harnessed to a large hand-controlled kite, combining elements of wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, sailing and paragliding. And, whether venturing to Crissy Field or Ocean Beach, you’re sure to find plenty of nearby spots to learn the ropes.

A Weekend in Wine Country Without the Hangover

Just over an hour away from San Francisco lies one of the world’s wine capitals. Between Napa and Sonoma valleys, there are 600+ wineries to choose from, giving the wine drinker more than enough to do, see and taste during any given visit. But, you might be surprised to learn that wine country has much more to offer than just wine. Here’s how to enjoy the area without the risk of a hangover.

Enjoy Live Music

In addition to hosting annual music festivals like Bottlerock at the end of May, wine country is home to quite a few live music venues. At Uptown Theatre in Napa, you can see acts like Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers, Switchfoot, Matt Kearney and more. Blue Note Napa is welcoming Dennis Quaid & Jamie James, Kenny G and more this fall. You can enjoy everything from jazz to country and beyond throughout the year at many of the area’s restaurants and wineries—among other dedicated music venues.

Eat Your Way Through the Valley

Napa Valley boasts two 3-Michelin starred restaurants, four 1-Michelin starred restaurants and 26 other Michelin-rated restaurants. Only 15 restaurants in the U.S. have earned the honor of three Michelin stars, and two of them are in Napa Valley—including The Restaurant at Meadowood and The French Laundry. That, alone, should make a trip to wine country worth it.

*The French Laundry, photo courtesy of Business Insider

If you have your heart set on scoring a reservation at The French Laundry, make sure to plan a few months in advance. It’s considered among the best restaurants in the world and serves a prix fixe chef’s choice menu by Thomas Keller. The famous chef and proprietor is behind four other Napa Valley eateries that are a little easier to get tables at: Bouchon Bistro, Bouchon Bakery, Ad Hoc + Addendum and La Calenda.

Have a Spa Day

What better way to enjoy a getaway sans alcohol than with a weekend filled with detoxifying self-care activities? If massages, mud baths and dips in natural hot springs are your idea of a good time, we recommend visiting Calistoga. Enjoy this beautiful town via one of its wellness resorts like Calistoga Ranch, which is made up of 50 freestanding guest lodges that let you truly embrace the natural surroundings.

*The Spa at Calistoga Ranch, photo courtesy of Forbes Travel Guide

Get Your Adrenaline Going

Wine country is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise—no matter what level of excitement gets your blood pumping. You can rent a kayak or jet ski to take out on Lake Berryessa, ride through the rolling hills of vineyards on horseback, slide down a zipline through the redwoods in Sonoma or see the valley from way up above on a hot air balloon.

An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco’s Best Beaches

Though it’s surrounded by water on three sides, San Francisco isn’t what most would picture when imagining a beach town. That being said, the city—better known for its man-made glory—is home to some pretty spectacular beaches. From a surfer’s paradise to dog- and family-friendly options, these are the best sandy spots in San Francisco.

Baker Beach

Starting at the southwest end of the Presidio and extending north toward the Golden Gate, Baker Beach is one of the best places to sit and watch the sunset in the city. From the beach, you can enjoy views of Lands End to the south, the Marin Headlands across the bay and San Francisco’s most famous bridge to the north.

Unfortunately, this is not a beach to go to if you want to get in the water (the rip currents and waves can be very dangerous), but it’s a good spot for fishing or exploring the terrain and wildlife along the rocky shoreline.

Baker Beach Tips:

  • It’s not safe to swim here.
  • The northernmost end is clothing optional.
  • Restrooms, grills and picnic tables are available.

Mile Rock Beach

Another beach requiring a trek to get to is Mile Rock Beach, located at the end of the Lands End trail. Unlike Baker Beach, this locale is much better suited for adventuring than a quiet admiration of nature. From the Lands End visitor center, it’s about a mile to get down to the water (the trail includes a 243-stair-step descent).

Once you’re there, it’s a great place for exploring tidepools and the creatures within (if you get there at the right time of day). This spot also offers stunning vistas of the Marin Headlands and the Presidio.

Mile Rock Beach Tips:

  • Pack water and snacks (if you forget food, you can eat before or after your hike at the Lands End Lookout Visitor Center or the nearby Cliff House Restaurant).
  • The beach gets very small at high tide, so check times before you go.
  • Free parking!
  • Dogs are allowed off leash.

Crissy Field – East Beach

Located just east of the Golden Gate, Crissy Field’s East Beach offers the whole “fun in the sun” type of beach experience. It’s safe for swimming, is one of the best places for kitesurfing and easy to get to (no hiking shoes necessary).

East Beach Tips:

  • Picnic tables, grills, and restrooms are available.
  • Check out the nearby Crissy Marsh for birdwatching.
  • Keep in mind: this beach is very popular and may be crowded.

Marshall’s Beach

For starters, this beach is only accessible via the Batteries to Bluffs hiking trail in the Presidio, which makes it a much quieter and more exclusive experience than most of the other beaches—simply because of the effort required to get there.

Don’t worry; the views make all the effort worth it. Both the natural terrain and the proximity to the Golden Gate make for a photographer’s dream. Chances are you’ve seen a picture of the bridge taken from Marshall’s Beach, with rock formations in the foreground.

Marshall’s Beach Tips:

  • Prepare for a workout (requires a hike there and back).
  • Leave your dog at home (the trail is not dog friendly).
  • No restrooms available.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is considered one of the best surfing spots in San Francisco; unfortunately, this also means the water is off limits for amateurs and casual beachgoers. Despite the dangerous waters, Ocean Beach is a beautiful natural park to visit. Bring your dog, kids, fishing gear, and BBQ supplies to enjoy the sand and the sea. While you’re there, consider checking out the nearby historic Cliff House and Sutro Baths or the Camera Obscura.

Ocean Beach Tips:

  • Avoid the water unless you’re an experienced surfer.
  • Bonfires are allowed in provided fire pits.
  • Dogs are allowed.

Resident Picks: What We’re Loving in San Francisco This Month

In a city of nearly a million people, there’s always something new to discover, from restaurants to bars, events, art installations, activities and more. One could live here for years and still leave so much untouched. We’ll always have our all-time favorites and most frequented spots, but we are always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Here’s what we’ve recently tried and loved in San Francisco.

Rooftop bar & restaurant 
Virgin Hotel – 250 4th Street

Nearby in SoMa atop the Virgin Hotel is one of our new favorite outdoor drinking spots. Everdene serves seasonal cocktails, beer, and wine—alongside small bites. The décor is a cross between mid-century modern and bohemian; add in the incredible views of the city and you have a perfect, photo-ready moment.

Restaurant + art gallery + shop
816 Folsom Street

Palette combines food, art, and community in its 8,500-square-foot storied space in SoMa.
The restaurant’s menu changes with the seasons, relying on local harvesters for its food offerings and sustainably sourced wines from around the globe. The art gallery showcases various exhibitions throughout the year, which are open to the public. Budding artists or hobbyists may want to keep an eye on the workshop schedule to dabble in ceramics, painting and more. Lastly, the boutique sells local artisan goods like jewelry and home décor.

Che Fico Alimentari
Italian wine bar + grocery + salumeria
834 Divisadero Street – Downstairs

Upscale yet homey, the new addition underneath popular Italian restaurant Che Fico is worth securing a reservation for. Che Fico Alimentari serves casual authentic Italian fare like imported salumi and cheese, pasta, and gelato, in addition to more than 200 Italian wines. The best part? The grocery offerings let you take home a taste of Italy to enjoy at home. Shop Italian staples like olive oil, pasta, salumi, cheese, freshly baked breads and pastries, wine and more.

Beach Blanket Babylon
Long-running satirical comedy show
678 Green Street

For a night of laughter, head to North Beach’s Club Fugazi to see the long-running Beach Blanket Babylon. More than 6.5 million people from around the world have seen the show, keeping it running for nearly 17,000 performances. The premise is such: Snow White journeys around the world looking for her Prince Charming. The pop culture and political figures she meets along the way and the experiences she goes through are known to change from show to show.

Japanese bathhouse + restaurant
466 Eddy Street

The ultimate destination for relaxation and socialization, Onsen is the Tenderloin’s best kept secret. The Japanese bathhouse consists of a 104-degree communal tub, redwood sauna, steam room, custom overhead cold plunge and western-style shower. Depending on the day, the bathhouse is men-only, women-only or coed, so be sure to check the schedule before making a reservation. While you can visit the restaurant separately, we recommend making your visit a double-feature. Chef George Meza serves a seasonal menu of vegetable-focused small plates made with local produce like cabbage & sunchoke gyoza or chicory and silken tofu salad.

Designer Spotlight: An Inside Look at The Harrison’s Model Residences

The Harrison is undoubtedly a beautiful building in a beautiful location, but it’s the interior design that really brings its residential and community spaces to life. The expertly curated artwork and the strategic white space, the couches that demand your attention and those that let other pieces take the spotlight. Below, meet the designers who have helped bring The Harrison to life.

Ken Fulk

World-renowned for his exquisite ways of marrying vintage and modern elements, Ken Fulk played a major role in shaping The Harrison’s visual identity, selecting all residence finishes and designing four models. The designer can be credited for the eclectic, sophisticated vibes of private social club The Battery, Leo’s Oyster Bar and our very own amenity spaces at The Harrison, from Uncle Harry’s to the Grand Salon and The Pantry. Here’s how to bring the Ken Fulk vibe into your own space.

SFA Design

With offices on both coasts, boutique firm SFA Design employs collaborative methods when crafting tailor-made spaces. They are known for their cozy yet sophisticated beachy interiors. In their two model residences at The Harrison, the team embraced the trend of comfortable minimalism: function at the forefront, without sacrificing style. Inspired by the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, SFA Design used a palette of neutral, warm tones to softly complement the backdrop.

Michael Friedes

Following his creative start in New York, Michael Friedes brought his interior design business to the Bay Area in 2009. Over the last decade, Friedes has specialized in curating elegant yet livable residential spaces. Within The Harrison, Friedes is the creative force behind the Steinway Suite—the 49th floor penthouse, which comes fully furnished (including a $100,000 Steinway piano). The designer uses key statement pieces situated among modern minimalist furniture to add a touch of pizzazz, while letting the views of Twin Peaks and the San Francisco skyline take center stage.

Premier Stagers

Premier Stagers founders Summer Chàpin and celebrity interior designer Maxime Jacquet partner with furniture and art creators and curators from around the world to bring one-of-a-kind experiences into each interior project. The duo is the force behind some of the most iconic luxury projects—including The Carlyle Residences in Los Angeles and two of The Harrison’s model penthouses.

Larette Design

Jean Larette of Larette Design is an acclaimed interior designer who has been included among House Beautiful’s list of top designers in America multiple times and is consistently featured in the nation’s most prestigious magazines, from Elle Décor to California Home & Design. She is responsible for designing model 39C at The Harrison, which is beloved for its coastal details that accent modern finishes throughout.

Tips & Tricks to Plan Your Best Summer Soirée at The Harrison

Summertime is the perfect season for entertaining, and The Harrison is an entertainer’s paradise. With stunning Ken Fulk-designed shared spaces and open-concept residences, our luxury high-rise is well equipped to host your summer soirée. Below, find our best tips and tricks for planning the event of the season.

Choose the right space for your gathering.

As far as party locations go, few locations get anywhere close to the luxury of your own residence at The Harrison. Each residence was designed to be suitable for whatever type of gathering you have in mind. With large kitchens, spacious living areas and open-concept floor plans, the residences easily accommodate all of your guests.


But if you’d like more seating options, Uncle Harry’s can be a beautiful party location. Residents can rent out the 3,500-square-foot penthouse lounge for private parties and social gatherings year-round. Its floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge for you and your guests to marvel at while you mingle.

Consider local catering options for food and drinks.

Food can be one of the most time-consuming (and stressful) aspects of party planning. Fortunately, San Francisco is one of the food capitals of the world and has no shortage of delectable catering options to choose from. Some local favorites in the SoMa district are Fraiche Catering, Le’s Kitchen Catering, Fogcutter and top restaurants including Lord George and Local Kitchen.


As far as drinks go, the Bay Area is home to dozens of craft breweries, and some of the world’s best wineries are located within a few hours of the city. Without leaving SoMa, you can shop local and imported beers alike at City Beer Store and stock up on regional wine selects (along with plenty of options from around the globe) at The Wine Club.

Take advantage of the Harrison Attaché for party planning assistance.

Every resident of The Harrison is welcome to use our personalized concierge service for everyday needs and special event planning. Choose to enlist our services for certain tasks like floral arrangement and delivery or housekeeping needs for your upcoming soirée.

How to Make This the Summer of Developing Healthy Habits

While many of us consider the new year to be the optimal time for intention-setting, there’s no reason why you can’t start anew in the middle of the year. And what better time than summer to develop new, positive habits? After all, with its long, sunshine-filled days, summertime has a way of inspiring positivity all around. Here are some ways to put the season to good use and develop healthy habits of your own.

1. Use the extra hours of daytime to light your reading list.
Whether your list includes current New York Times bestsellers or 19th century classics, now is the perfect time to start crossing some books off your list. The mild weather opens up a host of new places to read—from your living room to Rincon Park, just steps away from The Harrison. And for a classic San Francisco-themed read, take a look at our list of favorites and get ready to fall for the city all over again.

2. Take up a meditation practice.
Meditation is often limited to an association with spiritual retreats and unconventional lifestyles. And, while these may be true, the practice can and should be weaved into even the most modern and conventional of lifestyles. Meditation is a great tool for personal development that can help you destress, focus and find perspective. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our residents’ ten favorite hangouts for balancing mind and body, all just steps from The Harrison.

3. Get your body moving.
The Harrison’s fitness center and pool do offer an upgraded workout experience, but we understand that it might take a new environment or activity in order to jumpstart a new routine. Here are five outdoor activities that’ll get your body moving and your senses fulfilled as you take in the best of the Bay Area.

4. Change up your morning routine.
Without the chill of winter to keep you snuggled up in bed until you have no choice but to get up, you’ll have the opportunity to make something of your morning before work or other obligations. Try something as simple as sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at one of our top local spots, or maybe even a more ambitious feat like walking to work instead of your usual commute in the mornings.

5. Renew your relationships.
This summer, why not make it a point to renew some of your relationships with friends and family? Choose a date and head to one of these outdoor drinking spots in SoMa to catch up over cocktails and small plates with your college friends. Plan a romantic camping trip with your significant other. Or, take your mom for a relaxing wine tasting getaway in Napa Valley.

A Local’s Guide to San Francisco’s Best Summer Festivals

Live music, celebrations of culture and inclusion, an abundance of local food and drinks, and the palpable excitement of summer in the air—welcome to festival season in San Francisco. Here’s what’s happening this summer inside the city and just across the bay.

Stern Grove Concerts in the Park

Sundays, June 16–August 18
Sigmund Stern Grove

Every Sunday from mid-June to mid-August, the Stern Grove concert meadow opens up to the public for free concerts on Sunday afternoons. The summer lineup includes the GRAMMY-winning dance band Los Van Van, the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Ballet. You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks (alcohol is allowed in the park for Sunday concerts), but food trucks will be available as well. Seating is first come, first serve. Bring your own blankets and lawn chairs or reserve a picnic table with a donation of $500 or more.

Pride Parade & Festival

June 29–30, 2019
Civic Center Plaza

Spend a day or two celebrating the differences that bring us together at San Francisco Pride. The main attractions are two days of inspirational speakers and performers, while over 200 exhibitors showcase local businesses, artists and nonprofits. We recommend purchasing a Pride Pass, which grants you preferred access to seating, entrance to the VIP Party on Sunday, an official T-shirt, and discounts/special offers from business partners.

The 36th Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival

July 6–7, 2019
Fillmore Street: Jackson to Eddy

Continue your Independence Day celebrations through the weekend by attending the 36th annual Fillmore Jazz Festival in Pacific Heights. This unique, family-friendly event is the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., take a stroll down the 12 blocks to indulge in gourmet food and drinks while shopping the selection of local arts and crafts. And, of course, make your way to the various stages to dance along to the sounds of Kim Nalley, Ray Obiedo Group, Wiley Coyotes and more.

BreastFest Beer Festival

July 20th
Fairground Island – Marin Center, San Rafael

What’s better than sampling unlimited beers from California breweries and eating your heart’s desire of local foods to the tune of live music? Knowing that the proceeds from your ticket are going toward a good cause. Located just across the bay in Marin County, the BreastFest Beer Festival is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was born as a fun way to raise money for state-licensed non-profit clinics that support and offer alternative medical treatments for low-income women with breast cancer. These services include social services, organic food, transportation, massage therapy, therapeutic imagery, acupuncture and Chinese and Western herbs.

Nihonmachi Street Fair

August 3–4, 2019

Adults, children, and pets are welcome at this two-day festival in San Francisco’s Japantown. This year will be the 46th installment of the Nihonmachi Street Fair, which is committed to serving the community through service, education and youth mentorship. Embrace the melting pot of Asian-Pacific American life and San Francisco culture with a weekend of performances, art, music, food and service. There’s even a Doggie World Parade and Pageant on Sunday, August 4th—awarding prizes for the dogs with the best smile, best costume and more.

Outside Lands

August 9–11, 2019
Golden Gate Park

San Francisco’s biggest and most extravagant festival, Outside Lands, is three full days of music, food, art and entertainment. Sing along with the likes of Paul Simon, Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, Kacey Musgraves, Leon Bridges, Blink-182 and many more. Embrace good vibes at Grass Lands, “the first curated cannabis experience at a major US music festival, with a focus on celebration, education, and the integration of cannabis products into daily life.” Watch artists at work and admire their sculptures, murals and stage design. Sample beer, wine, cocktails and every type of cuisine imaginable. Shop artisan goods by local craft-makers and businesses. It’ll be a weekend to remember.

Resident Picks: Our Favorite Wineries in Napa Valley Right Now

San Francisco is a prime travel destination for many, but those of us who live in this beautiful city can appreciate getting away every once in a while. And what’s better than escaping to wine country for a quick weekend getaway? Napa Valley is home to more wineries than you could possibly visit in a single trip but, lucky for you, our residents have rounded up their favorite must-visit wineries for the ultimate wine-filled retreat.

Larkmead Vineyards

Founded in 1895, the historic Larkmead estate is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Napa Valley. Since 1992, Cam and Kate Solari have owned and operated the property’s 110 acres—transforming the historic vineyard into a truly world-renowned wine estate. The vineyards have a unique nature, with soil characteristic of the hillside rather than a valley, making for pleasantly unique wines. If you have the opportunity, we recommend purchasing a bottle of one of Larkmead’s reserve wines to save for a special occasion.

Nickel & Nickel Winery

Situated on 42 acres originally settled as farmland in the 1880s, Nickel & Nickel Winery has a quaint, homey feel to its grounds. The homes and barns on the land have been restored within the past two decades to offer a warm and cozy greeting to each guest. Schedule a guided tour of the farmstead and winery and/or a private tasting during your visit. The “Private Terroir Tasting” is our personal favorite—featuring eight 100-percent varietal, single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons paired with artisanal cheese and charcuterie.

Stags’ Leap Winery

Named one of the top five most romantic winery destinations by Sonoma Magazine, Stags’ Leap Winery is a hidden gem in the Napa Valley. For more than 125 years, Stags’ Leap Winery has served up an elite estate experience to its guests. During your visit, enjoy a 90-minute tour and tasting experience as you stroll the grounds and admire the well-kept architecture of the Manor House. Reservations are required, so be sure to plan ahead.

Silver Oak Winery

In contrast to some of our other favorites, Silver Oak Winery is relatively new. This modern winery has been producing sought-after wines since the late-1960s. Today, the winery is committed to sustainability—farming more than 400 acres of wines in Napa and Alexander Valleys. All of their estate vineyards are certified under California’s Sustainable Winegrowing program. We recommend a private tasting or a wine and food tasting tour for a truly remarkable wine experience.

The 5 Best Places to Sip Outside in SoMa

Warm weather, longer days and clearer skies—welcome to summer in San Francisco. There’s plenty to do in the city for the active San Franciscan on these nice nights, but for those who would rather unwind with a nice view and drink in hand, check out our favorite local spots to sip (and munch) outside.

1. Rooftop 25

Located on the rooftop of 25 Lusk, the appropriately named Rooftop 25 is a delectable spot for drinks and a bite. This rooftop bar serves up craft cocktails, local brews and a seasonal menu of shareables and entrées.

We Recommend: A Spicy Passionfruit Margarita paired with ceviche or tuna tartare.

2. Tropisueño

Taco joint by day and full-service Mexican cantina by night, Tropisueño also boasts an enclosed patio with plenty of seating just off the sidewalk. Enjoy a freshly made cocktail or Mexican beer as you decide between street tacos or a chile relleno.

We Recommend: Getting there for happy hour between 4pm and 6pm (7 days a week) for $7 margaritas or sangria and $5 guacamole or ceviche.

3. The Yard at Mission Rock

Food trucks? Check. Beer garden? Check. Dog friendly? Check. What more could you want from an outdoor space? Note: The Yard at Mission Rock does get pretty crowded on game days, so keep that in mind before you head over.

We Recommend: Trying a rotating tap from Anchor Brewing and sampling from a couple of the food trucks.

4. Hops & Hominy

Located down an alleyway, Hops & Hominy‘s outdoor section might be a little unconventional—but its tasty menu more than makes up for its slightly odd (if not European-esque) seating options. Plan on staying for dinner, as after you try their complimentary cornbread and honey butter, you’ll want to see what else their kitchen has to offer.

We Recommend: A Smoked Bacon Old Fashioned paired with a plate of fried chicken.

5. Waterbar

Waterbar is a great place to go with friends visiting from out of town or when you’re in need of a brunch spot with a view. Go for the gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge, stay for the bacon-and-shrimp-topped Bloody Mary. Stay even longer for the fresh shellfish and artisan cheese.

We Recommend: A half-dozen of the chef’s choice oysters (and the aforementioned Bloody Mary)

3 of the Bay Area’s Best-Kept Camping Spots Within One Hour of The Harrison

With world-class cuisine, shopping, parks, museums and more around every corner, San Francisco’s vibrant city certainly has it all. And, for weekends that call for a night spent under the stars, San Francisco boasts unrivaled proximity to the best of the Bay Area’s camping (and glamping) destinations—all a short drive away from your home at The Harrison. Here, whether setting up camp in the mountains or along the coast, residents can retreat to nature with exceptional ease.

Mount Tamalpais

Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the heart of Marin County, Mount Tamalpais is a 2,571-foot peak brimming with forested hillsides, redwood groves and sweeping vistas. With views that reach the Marin County hills, San Francisco Bay, the East Bay, Mount Diablo and the Farallon Islands, the mountain is a popular escape to soak in the area’s natural splendor—whether hiker, cyclist or outdoor enthusiast. Here, set up tent at the Pantoll or Bootjack Campground for a memorable weekend spent amid the magic of Mount Tam.

Angel Island State Park

Angel Island is one of the Bay Area’s most beloved treasures to tour, hike or camp—and getting there is half the fun. Just a short ferry ride from San Francisco, Angel Island’s campsite offers a retreat immersed in nature, surrounded by 360-degree views of Bay Area skyline and abundant with hiking trails to venture and a rich history to discover. The ideal campsite for city dwellers who are looking for a complete change in scenery without the usual travel-time, Angel Island’s haven is ideal for a spontaneous weekend getaway.

Kirby Cove

If you’re looking for a dose of Northern California’s coastline, head to Kirby Cove for a campsite backdropped by iconic Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco vistas. Located at the foot of the Marin Headlands, the Kirby Cove Campsite is the perfect setting to gather around a campfire with friends and take in the expansive, natural beauty that surrounds the area. Before returning home, make sure to explore the area’s neighboring sights, such The Point Bonita Lighthouse or Muir Woods National Monument.

Experience the First Taste of Summer at BottleRock in Napa Valley

Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer. We love celebrating this change in seasons basking in the warm, California sun—bonfires, camping trips, pool parties and more. For fans of good music, good food and some of the world’s best wine, we recommend “the first taste of summer” festival: BottleRock in nearby Napa Valley. From May 24–26, wine country will be filled with crowds of those who enjoy the good things in life. If that applies to you, here’s what you can expect at this annual weekend celebration.


More than 75 new acts and seasoned artists alike will take the stage over the course of the festival’s three days. Standouts on Friday include pop-rock bands Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic and Neon Trees; rock band The Dandy Warhols; and vocalist/bassist Shannon Shaw. Saturday brings us the legendary Neil Young + Promise of the Real, Pharrell Williams and Elle King. Sunday ends things with a bang with performances by Mumford & Sons, Santana and Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

Wine & Beer

Set in the middle of wine country, BottleRock is sure to deliver with its wine offerings. They’ll have an on-site staff of sommeliers and wine experts to pour you a glass of wine from JaM Cellars, Raymond Vineyards, Amuse Bouche and more. If you aren’t a wine drinker or your palate craves something a little different, there will be plenty of craft beer offerings all weekend as well.



Did you know that Napa Valley has more Michelin stars per capita than any other wine region in the world? It’s as much a place for divine cuisine as it is for wine. BottleRock goers will get to pair their wine and craft beer with delectable bites from some of the area’s finest chefs. Try sushi from Morimoto, fried chicken from Ad Hoc, caviar, donuts, pulled pork, dumplings, mac and cheese…every possible cuisine you could ever imagine will be at your fingertips.

Spa & Salon

Perhaps the most unique (and well-appreciated) feature of BottleRock is the spa and salon offerings. Recharge your mind and body in the midst of all the festival chaos by treating yourself to hydration therapy, a foot or body massage, hairstyling or custom festival jewelry.

Silent Disco

Dance the night (or day) away, listen to feel-good music and still be able to have a conversation with someone without screaming “what?” every five seconds. Silent discos pump music through individual headphones instead of speakers, so you can control the volume or even put the party on mute as you please. We have a feeling this trend won’t be going away anytime soon.


BottleRock brings together people from the Napa Valley and all over to form a music-and-wine-loving community for a weekend. Also included in this fellowship are local and visiting artists, displaying temporary fixtures for the rest of us to enjoy during BottleRock.

With BottleRock around the corner, we don’t want to miss a moment of all that the celebration affords. For residents at the Harrison, planning the perfect BottleRock experience—from buying tickets, to booking accommodations or coordinating transportation—is all made effortless with the help of our Luxury Attaché.

Live Your Best SoMa Sunday

We like to think that San Franciscans know how to do Sundays best—whether it be leisurely “brunching” into the late afternoon or getting a dose of the city’s renowned outdoor views. As we head into the spring season and enjoy daylight that stretches a little longer than usual, there’s every reason to sidestep the “Sunday blues” and enjoy the day, SoMa-style. Here, we’ve curated a list of our favorite go-to outings sure to brighten your Sunday.

Explore The San Francisco Bay Trail

Minutes from the Embarcadero, The Harrison enjoys coveted proximity to bayside trails that boast the ideal route for a run, bike ride or simple stroll. Set your own pace on the beautiful shoreline path, and if you’re feeling ambitious, take on additional segments of the San Francisco Bay Trail—which stretches 340-miles around the entire San Francisco Bay. A paradise for cyclists and runners alike, this pathway offers effortless access to get your daily sweat in or decompress amid some of the city’s most breathtaking scenery.

Go Savory and Sweet at Brunch

SoMa dwellers don’t need to look very far to satisfy their brunch cravings. With neighborhood classics around the corner, you’ll need to make a breakfast bucket list to keep track of where to grub next. First on the list? An order of cornbread and chipotle jelly (as featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) from Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. For savory and sweet menu items galore, order up at Bluestem Brasserie. And, over at Marlowe, residents will feel right at home within the restaurant’s Ken Fulk-designed interior and almost too-pretty-to-drink cocktails. Be it brunch or dinner, there are countless restaurants in SoMa that are sure to end your weekend on a sweet—or savory—note.

Meander the SFMOMA

A 15-minute walk from The Harrison, residents enjoy coveted proximity to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A must-see museum of modern and contemporary art that stands as one of the largest in the United States, relish in a serene Sunday spent meandering the SFMOMA’s outdoor sculpture garden, thirty-foot “living wall” and artwork by artists from around the world. With three eateries to dine at, stay here all day if you want to take in the museum’s incredible views and extraordinary exhibitions.

Indulge in the Tastes of the Ferry Building Marketplace

Nothing pairs with San Francisco Sundays quite like spending an afternoon browsing The Ferry Building, which awaits just a mile-long stroll from our front doorstep. A city landmark and one of the most renowned artisan marketplaces in San Francisco, The Ferry Building is home to a wide selection of world-class merchants. From seasonally stuffed croissants to stunning ceramic tablewares, it’s easy to lose your sense of time while wandering The Ferry Building remarkable restaurants, shops, sweet-treats, specialty items and goods and wares. Located within the Embarcadero, this setting offers the ideal opportunity to gather with friends and grab your groceries in one trip.

5 Workout Trends to Try This Spring in San Francisco

The temperature’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and we no longer have weather as an excuse to not work out. Fortunately, San Francisco residents aren’t restricted to running on treadmills at the local gym. Our workout options include some of the most unique and exciting ways to get our blood pumping and muscles moving. Here are five trends we’ll be checking out in the next few months.

Bike the San Francisco Bay Trail

If you’ve roamed the streets of San Francisco, you know that our residents love to bike. So, hop on the exercise bandwagon this spring and hit the San Francisco Bay Trail for a leisurely spin. The 500-mile flat trail traverses the entire bay, offering iconic vistas and access to plenty of beaches. Who doesn’t want to work out with a view?

Stretch Out During SUP Yoga

You’ve tried yoga. You’ve tried stand-up paddleboarding. But have you tried practicing yoga on a paddleboard offshore in Richardson Bay? It takes serious balance, perseverance and probably a good sense of humor to undertake one of these classes. With the physical benefits of a full-body workout and the gorgeous natural surroundings, it’s certainly worth trying!

Kayak in McCovey Cove

What if we told you one of the best ways to enjoy a Giants game doesn’t include a seat at a baseball stadium or a television screen? During baseball season, you can rent a kayak and a radio to listen to the game broadcast and paddle out behind Oracle Park. Tone your arms while you and other baseball fans keep your ears and eyes peeled for a chance at catching a splash hit.

Join a Running Club

Whether you want to train for a race like Bay to Breakers or just get your heart rate up, a running club may be just the exercise opportunity for you. San Francisco residents love to get social about their running endeavors, so you’re bound to find a group to run with at your ideal time, pace and distance.

Take a Walk

There are 48 named hills within San Francisco (and many other smaller ones), reaching incline gradients of up to 31.5%. Sometimes, just walking from a street parking spot to your destination is a workout in and of itself. You’ll never have to worry about skipping leg day again if you just take advantage of the city’s built-in workout courses on a regular basis.

Resident Picks: The Time-Saving Technology We Love

Though we thoroughly appreciate age-old works of art and tradition, there’s something to be said for new technology. For those of us who are time strapped, smart tech is a life-changing addition in our homes. Thankfully, today’s gadgets are compact enough to fit in with any decor, yet powerful enough to add ease and comfort to our lives. These are some of the our favorite high-tech devices to keep in our homes that would make even the Jetsons jealous.

1. Google Home

What did we ever do before virtual personal assistants? Google Home can wake us up in the morning, play music, order our groceries, relay the news, turn on our lights and so much more. But what’s the benefit over the similar Amazon Echo? You can invite your friend Alexa (or Alexis) over without sending your device into a frenzy.

2. Tile

Anyone who’s ever been late because they lost their keys or wallet, Tile is for you. This Bluetooth-powered device lets you track your belongings via sound or the phone app. Its most innovative features is perhaps the “community find” function, which utilizes other app users to help you relocate something misplaced outside the home.

3. Roomba

Vacuuming is an easy task, in theory, but it can be time consuming or hard to remember to fit into your schedule. iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuum devices keep your floors clean all the time without you having a to lift a finger. Perfect for those of us with pets or kids (or messy significant others).

4. Furbo Dog Camera

It’s a nanny cam for your dog. We all worry about our furry best friends when we’re at work or away. What are they doing all day long? Are they disturbing the neighbors? With Furbo, we can get alerted to barking, watch and talk to our pets, and send them treats—all through the connected app. Just don’t get caught watching the live feed of your dog sleeping at work.

5. Cozi

This one isn’t a standalone device; rather, it’s a time-saving app designed for the whole household. Cozi is a to-do list, family calendar, and group chat all in one. The app lets you keep track of all of your partner’s or family’s events and activities in one place, keep and share grocery lists (in real time), store recipes, plan meals, and more. And it can be used on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Hop to These Top SoMa Spots for Craft Beer

Our residents can always count on The Harrison’s Luxury Attaché for their artisan recommendations. Whether you enjoy sipping on craft beer in the comfort of your own condo, a cozy locals joint or a bustling eatery, SoMa and its surrounding neighborhoods have a spot for you. Hop on over to these top picks to taste some of the best craft beers—locally made and beyond.

1. Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

A small brewing company and tasting room, Cellarmaker serves a selection of their own beers daily. They brew their beers in small batches and experiment with different hops, barrels and yeasts for unique flavors all the time. Bonus: Take one of their rotating taps home in a can, bottle or growler.

2. Holy Craft Brewery Taproom

A self-proclaimed “start-up craft brewing company”, Holy Craft had already made a name for itself among craft beer drinkers in San Francisco before opening up their taproom in late 2018. Their spacious tasting room serves a rotating selection of their own beers and guest taps.

3. ThirstyBear Brewing Company

ThirstyBear is San Francisco’s first and only certified organic craft brewery. In addition to their robust selection of organic beers, they serve Spanish-style tapas and a few special larger dishes, like in-season seafood paella or a grass-fed beef Thirstyburger.

4. 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant

Though their most popular beers can be found in stores and restaurants across the country, 21st Amendment reserves a few special brews for their San Francisco brewery and restaurant. Enjoy unique ales, lagers, IPAs, and more while you munch on buffalo wings or Monterey Bay calamari.

5. City Beer Store

If you want to try an assortment of brews or discover a new beer to keep stocked in your fridge at home, City Beer Store is the place to go. Their bottle shop lets you pick and choose the beers you’d like to take home—plus, their location doubles as a tasting room with more than 20 unique beers on tap. And, if you’re hungry, they have delectable lunch and dinner menus with much more than your typical bar food.

Meet 2019’s Leading Interior Design Tastemakers

The design of a room undoubtedly shapes one’s experience in it. Trimmings and artifacts can leave you in awe, make you think, demand a photo be taken—all thanks to the designer. So, we’ve compiled a list of this year’s interior design tastemakers who create captivating spaces all over the world. Read up on who to look for in 2019 (and always) below.

1. Ken Fulk

Not only was he named one of the AD100 by Architectural Digest, Fulk is the artist behind the elegant drama and chic luxuries adorning the entrances, hallways and amenities throughout The Harrison. He also debuted an entirely new custom look for this year’s VIP elevator and lounge at the Golden Globes.

2. Cliff Fong

Fong is the Creative Director/Partner at Galerie Half, a gallery where the furniture functions as art in Los Angeles. He is also the creative force behind American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy’s striking home.

3. Charles Zana Architecture d’Intérieur

The French architect and designer is responsible for some of most breathtaking interiors around the globe, including a Guy Martin restaurant at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

4. Atelier AM

Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife duo Alexandra and Michael Misczynski of Atelier AM turn homes into works of art with their refined yet unique style.


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Finished. Big thanks to @halardhalarddesign @miranda.brooks.gardens for including us.

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5. Dimore Studio

Founded by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, Dimore Studio showcases rich colors and playful patterns in their high-class designs.

6. Premier Stagers

Brainchild of The Harrison’s two luxe penthouse models, Premier Stagers is an iconic design team acclaimed for fusing sleek, contemporary details with fancifully luxurious furnishings for an overall chic ambiance.

7. Marmol Radziner

Founded in 1989, Marmol Radziner is a design-build firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Clients include Tom Ford, Rea Laccone and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

8. Kirsten Pike Design

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Kirsten Pike Design in 2019. Founder Kirsten Pike is renowned for creating a clean, crisp and layered aesthetic with simple, modern details, as evident in her two designer abodes at The Harrison.

Kirsten Pike Design

9. Ingrao Inc.

Partners Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper head this internationally acclaimed design and architecture firm based in New York City. Their esteemed work includes interiors for 143 residences at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards.

10. Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Architect Elizabeth Roberts—whose clients include Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daria Werbowy, and Ulla Johnson—enjoys creating spaces that are eclectic and comfortable, rather than perfect.

Care to peruse more thoughtful, elegant and awe-inspiring interiors? Take a peek at The Harrison’s gallery.

Trend Watch: Why Empty Nesters are Opting for Urban Living

When kids go off to live on their own and the house is finally quiet for the first time in 18+ years, you suddenly have more space than you know what to do with and herein lies a decision all empty nesters face: to redesign your space and shape a new life there or trade in this environment for something different.

Though downsizing is no new trend, downsizing to bustling city life is. Parents are no longer expected to remain in the same place as where their kids grew up or maintain the same kind of lifestyle, sans kids. Here is what’s drawing empty nesters out of suburbia and into the centers of urban paradises these days.

Less to Maintain

A no-brainer, really. Why vacuum and dusty rooms that aren’t getting touched but once a year? Why mow a lawn or heat a swimming pool if your backyard was really designed for your kids’ enjoyment? City living means being able to cut your household chores down exponentially. No more gutters to unclog or driveways to pressure-wash or side paneling to repaint once you’re living in a maintained luxury building.

Walkable Neighborhoods

According to AARP, housing preferences of the 45+ crowd include being in a walkable neighborhood, in close proximity to work, and having access to public transportation. Trading in a backyard for vertical living gives empty nesters close access to all the restaurants, shopping centers, parks and cultural exhibits one could want. And, apart from convenience, regular walking is one of the best anti-aging activities you can do—proving beneficial for both physical and cognitive health.

Social Opportunities

While it might work for some, not everyone wants to retire to a remote location and enjoy their own company. Many adults are embracing better social lives than people half their ages because they now have the freedom to focus on themselves once their kids are grown and on their own. With coveted access to Uncle Harry’s and countless events organized by The Harrison’s Luxury Attaché—ranging from cocktail parties to meditation classes—residents have every opportunity to socialize.

Amenities Galore

Urban living offers residents five-star amenities you wouldn’t get out of a standalone home. The Harrison, for example, boasts a private penthouse lounge, Uncle Harry’s; a fully-stocked café-style Pantry; hot tub and swimming pool; fitness center; and personalized concierge service. Live like royalty without having to care for the castle.

5 Magnificent Winter Retreats Within 4 Hours of The Harrison

San Francisco has everything one could ever need: world-class cuisine, museums and galleries, and some of the most spectacular views on the west coast. Even so, a trip outside of San Francisco can be a welcome deviation from everyday life. Avoid complacency during the winter by planning a cozy getaway somewhere off the beaten path. All located within a few hours of The Harrison, these winter retreats boast some of Northern California’s best cold-weather experiences.

Oceano Hotel & Spa – Half Moon Bay

Though Half Moon Bay could easily be a day trip, winter presents the perfect time to extend it into a weekend getaway instead. Check yourself into Oceano Hotel & Spa, which has fireplaces in many of its rooms and suites, for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy views of Half Moon Bay Harbor and the Pacific Ocean after a hot stone massage, milk & honey bath or microcurrent facial. And if you’re feeling more adventurous one day, sign up for a whale-watching tour—as January through April is whale-watching season in Half Moon Bay.

Distance From The Harrison: 25 Miles (30–45 Minutes)

Calistoga Ranch

Renew your mind and body in nature at this Napa Valley resort. Soak in a heated mineral pool overlooking moss-laden oaks, melt your stress away in a detoxifying mud wrap or simply relax with a glass of local wine as you sit by a fireplace with your loved one. Book a stay in one of the ranch’s 50 freestanding guest lodges, allowing you to truly embrace the natural surroundings.

Distance From The Harrison: 72 Miles (About 1.5 Hours)

Calistoga RanchBooking.com

Orr Hot Springs Resort

Go for the hot springs and stay for the cozy yurt or cottage you’ll have the pleasure of sleeping in. During your stay, let the quiet ambiance and warm waters transport you to a state of relaxation. Orr Hot Springs Resort is a quaint resort in the rolling hills of the Mendocino Coastal Range. Here, treat yourself to mineral-water soaks in their hot springs, private/stargazing tubs or cold pool.

Distance From The Harrison: 135 Miles (About 2.5 Hours)


One of the country’s most visited national parks is known for its summer recreation: camping, hiking, basking in the vast natural beauty. What you might not realize is that Yosemite is also a great destination during the winter as well. Take in the snow-capped mountains and frozen waterfalls and check six National Historic Landmarks off your list. Best of all, you can enjoy ice skating in the great outdoors at Half Dome Village Ice Skating Rink, followed by a cozy sit by the fire pit.

Distance From The Harrison: 189 Miles (About 4 Hours)


Lake Tahoe

For the winter sports aficionado, Lake Tahoe is a not-so-hidden gem. Choose from 13 different ski resorts—from the Olympic-caliber Squaw Valley to the family-friendly Tahoe Donner Downhill—for your winter getaway. Not into skiing or boarding? Many of the resorts offer indoor activities for those who prefer to stay cozy and warm.

Distance From The Harrison: 202 Miles (About 4 Hours)

An Inside Look at the Urban Renaissance Happening in SoMa

SoMa is leading the way into the future of San Francisco—a future that’s more urban, vertical and transit-rich. And at The Harrison, we’re seeing several evolving elements in particular that are making this future evident. Get a glimpse inside the urban renaissance that’s happening in SoMa below.


Believe it or not, the Bay Area is now home to more than 4 million jobs for the first time in its history—all by virtue of a continuing economic boom. Top companies are still recruiting at the highest rates and the industry-leading companies recently attracted to the area—Google, Salesforce, Slack and beyond—are indicative of the growth that is already here and undoubtedly forthcoming.


SoMa is amongst the newest neighborhoods in San Francisco, which has ultimately given rise to a variety of new architectural styles that stand in contrast to the older, more historic locales in the city. Here, “iconic” San Francisco is being both literally and figuratively redefined. The many new buildings in SoMa, including The Harrison, are indicative of a more vertical future of San Francisco that, with it, offers a more amenitized lifestyle.


An urban renaissance is nearly synonymous with an upsurge in transit. In SoMa alone, residents are within moments from the area’s largest employers and have simple access to the freeway, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), CAltrans, Muni and the Ferry Building. The neighborhood has likewise been ranked amongst the most walkable and bikeable in San Francisco, making it an effortless locale to both live and work.


The Transbay neighborhood, Folsom Street and Rincon Hill are slowly adopting a new name “The East Cut,” and the community benefit district that comes with the name provides 24/7 security, daily street cleaning and programs to help homeless off the street. Here, San Franciscan’s largest concerns are being directly addressed and, as a result, those who both live and work in the area are given a clean, enjoyable environment to call home.

Non-Negotiables for Living Well in San Francisco

A glimpse into life at The Harrison is a glimpse into life well-lived; our residents know the bliss of waking up to unparalleled views, the enjoyment of living amidst a cityscape brimming with outdoor havens and the luxury of residing in unrivaled proximity to the Greater Bay Area’s iconic, leading attractions, not to mention award-winning nearby restaurants with just the refreshments they need to cheers to it all. To our residents, these are simply non-negotiables for living well in San Francisco.

Awe-Inspiring Views

It’s no secret that The Harrison boasts dramatic vistas of the Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, city, marina and beyond — here, we believe iconic views should be the rule, never the exception. Living well in San Francisco means starting and ending your day with a fresh, elevated perspective. At The Harrison, countless homes are brimming with outlooks which serve as reminders that you live in one of the best cities in the world—including, of course, Uncle Harry’s, our resident penthouse lounge with the ultimate vantage point of the Bay Bridge just below.

Nearby Escapes to Nature

San Franciscans shouldn’t have to look far before finding an idyllic, quiet space to unwind, slow down and soak up the sun amidst natural scenery. For an afternoon spent on the waterfront surrounded by greenery, head to The Harrison’s neighboring Rincon Park — widely recognized for its iconic bow-and-arrow sculpture known as Cupid’s Span. One of the city’s first parks, established in 1847, Washington Square in North Beach offers a sprawling lawn and a host of seasonal events and festivals. For a quintessential go-to weekend hangout, lay out a picnic blanket on Dolores Park’s grassy field to relax the day away. Of course, our local Yerba Buena Gardens is another resident favorite, where you’ll find a quiet park, colorful gardens, waterfalls and hosted attractions.

Delectable Neighborhood Dining

We all know San Francisco offers a diverse cultural scene brimming with restaurants that will satisfy any craving and occasion. And, whether wandering the Ferry Building’s renowned marketplace for organic produce, enjoying a gourmet bite at a local cafe or indulging in fine dining, SoMa is no exception to the city’s celebrated array of incredible eats. A definite part of the recipe when it comes to living well at The Harrison, some of our neighborhood favorites are the Saison, a Michelin starred restaurant that offers an ever-evolving menu based on what’s in season that day; Marlow, a New American bistro with an Instagram-worthy aesthetic and mouthwatering burger; and Yank Sing, the place to get contemporary or traditional Dim Sum.

Unrivaled Proximity to the Area’s Most Iconic Attractions

Beyond the myriad sights to see within San Francisco, The Harrison is just a short drive to some of California’s leading destinations beyond. Less than an hour and a half away awaits one of the most coveted attractions worldwide — Napa Valley. Wine aficionado or not, a trip to wine country makes for an ideal weekend getaway. Or, take your travels in the other direction and head to Santa Cruz’s iconic surf town, about an hour and a half from our doorstep, or to Half Moon Bay, which is under an hour drive from The Harrison. Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and Big Sur are all within three to four hour road-trip-distance, and make for some of the best weekend getaways amidst the state’s most stunning natural landscapes.

A Cozy Home at the Day’s End

Coming home to The Harrison atop Rincon Hill is a welcomed reprieve at the day’s end. A luxury residence with stunning vistas of the city below, this is a place where living well comes easy. Marked by high-end details and personalized service, The Harrison boasts incredible views, unparalleled access to the best of the city, indulgent amenities and a private concierge, setting a new benchmark for luxe urban living in San Francisco.

The Perks of Life with a Luxury Attaché

Life at The Harrison is known to have its countless perks: incredible views, high-end interiors, access to the best of San Francisco and, above all, a private concierge. Our Luxury Attaché at The Harrison offers curated services with the know-how to procure coveted event tickets, plan holidays, secure sought-after reservations and so much more. Get a sneak peek into the incredible benefits our residents reap with the Luxury Attaché.

Food & Wine

The Harrison’s Luxury Attaché partners with San Francisco’s best restaurants and wine merchants to grant complimentary dishes, glasses of wine and preferred pricing. From receiving a courtesy flute of champagne upon arrival at Leo’s Oyster Bar to getting free delivery and personally curated orders from Global Wine Advisors, the food and wine perks are seemingly endless.

Leo's Oyster BarCoastal Living


If you’re looking to do some holiday shopping at San Francisco’s most high-end stores but don’t want to break the bank, turn to the Luxury Attaché for an array of discounts. Get 15% off all purchases at Tiffany & Co, 20% off all gifting items at Restoration Hardware, up to 25% off tickets at SNH Theatres and so much more.


Whether you need help organizing your home at The Harrison, redecorating, cleaning, moving or dry cleaning—among so much else—the Luxury Attaché is ready to take care of everything you may need. Get a complimentary consultation from Neat Method, preferred pricing from Kirsten Pike Design and 20% off all orders from ABC Carpet & Home. Your home options are limitless.

Living RoomRestoration Hardware

Pet Care

The pet care benefits and privileges that The Harrison residents have are amongst the best in San Francisco. Get $50 off your first booking with Top Dog walking services, $10 off for ongoing users at Fetch! Pet Care and 25% off all products at P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You. At The Harrison, your pets are in the best of hands.


Our residents place a very high value on wellness and no one’s more in the know of San Francisco’s best spas and fitness classes than the Luxury Attaché. Whether you want to indulge in a treatment at Refresh Body, Soulstice Spa, International Orange or Nob Hill Spa, The Harrison residents boast preferred pricing at each. Receive a complimentary personal training consultation at Thrive SF and 20% a black tag membership at Corepower Yoga and you’re on your way to living your best life.

Outdoor PatioInternational Orange


At The Harrison, your Luxury Attaché is happy to take care of all your travel needs. Receive prefered rates on luxury car services, VIP access to In the Know Experiences, prefered pricing and airport meet and greets with TBR Global and 30% off all bookings with Audi On Demand. Traveling can be stressful, but the Luxury Attaché makes it as seamless as possible.

Resident Picks: Favorite SF Hangouts for Holistic Health

When it comes to overall wellness, San Francisco is ranked amongst the best as one of the healthiest communities in the country. Whether your piece of oasis is found in a daily yoga class, quiet coffee shop or on a waterfront walk, there are plenty of ways to luxuriate in the wellness happenings and tranquil havens throughout SoMa. Here are our residents’ ten favorite hangouts for balancing mind and body, just steps from The Harrison.

Ritual Yoga

Ritual Yoga, an all-inclusive hot yoga studio, is candle-lit and choreographed to an inspiring playlist sure to boost your spirits. Even better, each class ends with a meditation and massage.

Rincon Park

Home to SoMa’s iconic “Cupid’s Span” sculpture, Rincon Park’s waterfront location, open space fields of greenery and views of the Bay Bridge provide the idyllic retreat to refresh and relish in the area’s beauty.

Cupid's Span

Psoas Massage + Bodywork

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, and at Psoas Massage + Bodywork your treatment is tailored to your specific wellness goals, from using neurokinetic therapy to orthopedic massage.

Ferry Building Marketplace

A famous city landmark, the Ferry Building is a place for San Franciscans to easily lose themselves for hours. Wander the various merchants that make up the market—taste-testing artisanal specialties along the way—or visit the renowned outdoor farmers market, set right on the glimmering waters of the bay.

The Embarcadero

Ruru Kitchen

One of the most crucial ways to feel good is to eat well. That’s where Ruru Kitchen comes in. Known to have one of the best acai bowls in San Francisco, Ruru Kitchen uses only the freshest, most delicious ingredients to make their bowl as jam-packed with nutrients as possible.


Start your morning at this beautiful pilates studio and indulge in a sweat session that will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. In addition to pilates and barre classes, the studio offers health and wellness coaching that encourages a nourished and balanced lifestyle.

Pilates StudioHaute Living

The Spa at the Four Seasons

From a refreshing facial treatment to a full-body massage, indulge in a day of self-care at the Four Seasons, located minutes from The Harrison’s doorstep.

Yerba Buena Gardens

The cultural heart of San Francisco,” this 87-acre park is one-of-a-kind when it comes to outdoor space in the city. Find a quiet place amid the greenery, serene waterfalls and various attractions to explore.

Outdoor ParkLandscape Voice

B12 Love

When we’re lacking vital nutrients and vitamins in our bodies, our health becomes jeopardized. But with places like B12 Love in SoMa, The Harrison residents can achieve total wellness with IV drips and vitamin therapies that put them right back on track.

Juice Shop

Fuel up with high-quality organic, cold-pressed juices and elixirs at Juice Shop that prove to be the perfect morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

JuiceThe Daily Meal

The Travel Apps Our Residents Can’t Leave Without

Out with travel agents, in with travel apps. Planning a trip, whether that be a family vacation or corporate retreat, can seem daunting at first—but, if you have a smartphone, you’re in luck. Our residents at The Harrison are true jet setters with a knack for seamless travel, tracking down top-tier restaurants and must-see attractions, so be sure to download their favorite apps below to get away like a pro.


A map-based city guide to hotspots and activities within your vicinity, Sidekix is the ultimate urban exploration planner. If you’re traveling to a major city in the near future, this app will quickly become your go-to for all things food, drink, culture and transportation. With Sidekix, you can see the most highly rated places around you, including curated guides specially chosen by local bloggers. And, most importantly, you can personalize your route by tailoring it to your specific needs. Looking for the area’s trendiest coffee spot? Say no more.


When it comes to finding the cheapest flights, Hopper is an absolute must. The app predicts when flight fares will drop with remarkable accuracy so you know exactly when to book. All you have to do is choose a destination then you’ll get a calendar that shows the best days over a six-month period to purchase airfare. And, better yet, if you want Hopper to keep an eye on a specific flight for you, it’ll send you a notification for when it’s time to book.


Let’s admit it: packing isn’t fun. If you’ve ever wanted to hire someone to pack for you, PackPoint is the next best thing. The app creates a custom packing list just for you, based on all of your trip details. All that’s required from you is to fill in your itinerary, possible weather conditions, activities or other important details. Then, voilá—you’ll receive a precise list of clothing (including quantity), toiletries and any other items you should bring. You also have the option to save the list for future trips or to share with someone else.


Roadtrippers is the cream of the crop when it comes to planning the perfect road trip to discover the most extraordinary places, hotels and city guides in America. So, whether you’re planning an epic cross-country trip or a weekend escape, Roadtrippers is sure to locate something incredible within 5 minutes of your current location. The app helps you find the best local diners, quirky roadside attractions, scenic points, national parks, hotels and so much more. Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish, Roadtrippers has your back.

5 Phenomenal Restaurants with Bay Bridge Views

You know how restaurant-goers often say that the food is only as good as the company? Well, we think the same goes for San Francisco’s views. The city is brimming with phenomenal eateries, but the ones that pair delicious food with incredible Bay Bridge vistas always seem to top our list. Below, take a look at our five favorite San Francisco joints that bring it all to the table.


Located just moments from our doorstep at The Harrison is the ever-popular Waterbar, where foodies can get a taste of both delicious oysters and panoramic Bay Bridge views. The stylish spot serves up sustainable, fresh seafood in a seamless indoor-outdoor setting that’s ideal for taking in the nightly Bay Bridge light show.


From renowned chef Michael Chiarello comes Coqueta, a hip and experiential Spanish restaurant on Pier 5 in the Embarcadero. Here, guests can indulge in a modern interpretation of traditional tapas with a touch of California flair—all set to remarkable waterfront and Bay Bridge views. Just remember not to skip on their innovative cocktail list.

Slanted Door

An unwavering resident favorite, Slanted Door in the Ferry Building dishes out chef Charles Phan’s modern Vietnamese fare in a glassy-heavy space that allows for prime Bay Bridge views. The inventive menu features jaw-dropping plates like grass-fed shaking beef and crispy imperial rolls—with absolutely jaw-dropping views to match.

Hog Island Oyster Bar

Also in the Ferry Building is Hog Island Oyster, a casual yet refined spot to enjoy fresh-off-the-boat seafood with stunning views of the Bay Bridge beyond. Sit on the outdoor patio at lunch for their freshest selection of oysters and a crisp glass of rose, or reserve a table for dinner to soak in the sights for an exceptional “Bay to Bar” experience.

Epic Steak

For an epic experience all around, look no further than Epic Steak in the Embarcadero. The beautifully designed restaurant is embraced by glass windows to unveil the most spectacular Bay Bridge views, which—of course—are best paired with a mouth-watering wagyu steak and a bold glass of Cabernet. Don’t forget their epic weekend brunch, either.

*Photo Courtesy of Waterbar

Resident Picks: Our Favorite Open-Air Hangouts This Summer

While San Francisco is amongst the most cosmopolitan cities in the nation, brimming with high-rises and diverse microhoods, there is one thing that each urban pocket doesn’t fall short on: open space. From green parks with iconic views to trails lined with soaring cypress trees, the city is full of open-air spots to kick back and enjoy the warmth of summer. Take a look at a few resident favorites below.

Palace of Fine Arts

While San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts is a sure sight to see, replete with rich history and an array of ever-changing theatrical acts and entertainment, it’s also the ideal spot to unwind and take in the grounds’ natural splendor. The exterior features multiple lush walkways with beautiful eucalyptus trees and a lagoon teeming with wildlife, from swans to turtles and frogs—the perfect place to bring curious little ones.

Rincon Park

At The Harrison, you needn’t stray far to find the perfect patch of green. Rincon Park, located just moments from your doorstep along the waterfront, is home to SoMa’s most iconic bow & arrow sculpture and proves to be the ideal spot to unwind and take in the colors of sunset—with unimpeded views of the Bay Bridge, to boot. So, next time you need a breath of fresh air, head to “Cupid’s Span” for a true urban escape.

Cupid's Bow

Lover’s Lane

Through the Presidio Gate lies Lover’s Lane, one of the city’s most enchanting trails to stroll and explore—not just with your loved one, but with nature lovers, art lovers, history lovers and more. The city’s oldest trail is a likewise a birdwatcher’s paradise with stunning Monterey cypress and eucalyptus trees and home to natural sculptures like “Wood Line,” brainchild of renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Salesforce Park

It’s been just over a week since the Salesforce Park opened to the public and there’s no denying that it’s become one of the most coveted open-air hangouts in all of San Francisco. The expansive 5.4-acre rooftop park is teeming with lush and distinct gardens, open grassy lawns, an outdoor amphitheater, a children’s play space, a restaurant, cafe and more. San Franciscans are flocking to this new sky-high jungle to explore, partake in fitness classes and immerse themselves in a completely unique urban landscape.

Alamo Square

For a quintessential al fresco San Francisco experience, look no further than Alamo Square. Encompassed by architecturally distinctive homes, including the ever-famous “Painted Ladies,” Alamo Square offers views of both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, allowing San Franciscans to retreat from urban living and take in the city’s beautiful expanse. We recommend arriving at sunset with a blanket and picnic for an idyllic summer night spent with friends and family.

Dolores Park

One of the most popular parks in all of San Francisco, Dolores Park is set amidst 16 acres with vast open space, two off-leash dog areas, a soccer field, six tennis courts and much more. So, whether you want to read beneath a shady tree or host a sunset picnic with friends, Dolores Park is amongst the most sought-after spots in the city to take in the fresh summer air.

The Harrison’s Neighboring Salesforce Transit Center Opens at Last

After eight years, the much-anticipated Transbay Transit Center is finally coming to life—and August 11 is our day to celebrate with a lively neighborhood block party. Officially coined as the Salesforce Transit Center, this commuter paradise features a 5.4-acre rooftop park and will soon be home to an array of interior shops and restaurants. Below, get a glimpse of just what to expect from our new SoMa neighbor.

A Commuter Haven

Starting August 12, transbay bus service will begin at the Transit Center. Stretching nearly three blocks between Beale and Second Streets, just south of Mission Street, the Salesforce Transit Center will link 11 transit systems and allow East Bay commuters to enter the city without any traffic above downtown streets from the Bay Bridge into an elevated concourse. The gondola, which can hold 20 people, will whisk people from Mission and Fremont Streets to the rooftop park starting September 24.

Sky-High Green Space

The Salesforce Transit Center isn’t just for commuters. In fact, the rooftop is now home to a 5.4-acre park complete with eight distinct gardens, an outdoor amphitheater, open grassy lawns, a children’s play space, a cafe and two-story restaurant. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the revolutionary rooftop park transcends that of a typical urban green space with impeccable landscaping from PWP Landscape Architects. The firm has designed an array of diverse botanical environments, spanning from the Australian garden to the prehistoric conservatory. Here, both Bay Area residents and visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle in a sky-high park like no other.

Inside the Center

Inside the Transit Center will be a combination of shops and restaurants in an entirely artistic, architectural setting. Open and inundated with natural light, the interior features “Light Columns,” or soaring skylights, that create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for those both passing through and exploring. The largest Light Column is the 118-foot tall Grand Hall, home to the Transit Center’s primary public space. The Salesforce Transit Center is still in the midst of acquiring retailers so stay tuned.

We look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday, August 11, from 12-4pm. The opening party will feature live music, arts and crafts, fitness classes and more—plus the opportunity to explore the beautiful skylit interiors.

*Photo courtesy of Transbay Joint Powers Authority

4 Classic San Francisco Summer Reads to Pack in Your Weekender

No matter where you find yourself this summer, whether that be on the coastline of Spain or poolside at The Harrison, it’s always smart to have a book in hand. And while summer reads can span all genres, it’s crucial to choose a topic that you love. For us, that topic is San Francisco. Take a look at our list of favorite SF-themed reads and be prepared to fall for the city all over again.

San Francisco Stories by Jack London

From one of America’s greatest writers comes this beautiful collection of 23 adventurous tales set in the San Francisco Bay Area. While renowned for his accounts about the Pacific and Klondike, Jack London was a steadfast San Francisco native who wrote extensively about his home. The San Francisco Stories portrays the city both prior to and following the Great 1906 Earthquake and Fire; yet while London experienced even the worst of it, his admiration for San Francisco never wavered.

The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac

Written by famed Beat Generation novelist Jack Kerouac, The Subterraneans recounts underground San Francisco after World War II where the streets came alive with paint, poetry, smoke and music. The story follows writer Leo Percepeid’s brief love affair with Mardou Fox, granting the reader vivid, yet oftentimes dizzying, snapshots of San Francisco that leave you hungry for more.

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin

The first of nine novels in Armistead Maupin’s beloved Tales of the City series is, quite aptly, the series’ title itself. The story follows Mary Ann Singelton’s move from Cleveland to San Francisco in 1976, where she hopes to start a new chapter in her life. Here, her life becomes intertwined with those of her varied neighbors and a myriad colorful characters, offering an inspired perspective on San Francisco’s underground culture.

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

A 1989 novel written by Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club focuses on four immigrant Chinese families in San Francisco where the matriarchs become united in shared loss and hope. Together, the four women gradually reveal their secrets while relationships become more and more tangled, providing a unique lens of San Francisco as the mother-daughter pairs navigate their way through both Chinese and American cultures.

Resident Picks: Top Spots to Catch the Sunset in San Francisco

Whether you’re a San Francisco native or new to town, there’s one thing you’ll never tire of: the city’s incredible sunsets. No matter the season, the San Francisco sky captivates with subtle hues of pink and orange as the sun begins to retreat. But, not all viewing spots are made equal. Below, get a glimpse of The Harrison residents’ top picks for where to catch the nightly sundown in San Fran.

The Harrison

As expected, The Harrison residents opt to watch the sunset from home over all else. On the west side of the building, high above the city below, one can take in the sights of sundown beyond Sutro Tower from their very own abode. Here, floor-to-ceiling glass windows set the ultimate stage for the performance of colors just beyond.

The Harrison Sunset

Cliff House

Perched high above the cliffs near Ocean Beach, Cliff House is a coveted sunset spot amongst tourists and locals alike. With elegant floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, the restaurant serves as the ultimate viewing point for panoramic sunset vistas. Be sure to align your reservation with the peak sunset hour so you can wine and dine while reveling in unmatched views of the Pacific, Marin coastline and Seal Rocks as the city and sea are set ablaze.

Land’s End

On the outskirts of the city, tucked behind the cliffs west of Lincoln Park, lies one of the most picturesque spots to take in the colors of sundown. Land’s End can be accessed via the Coastal Trail or Land’s End Loop for a more adventurous hike, but the end result is an unwavering reward. Set out around late afternoon and take a seat for the most sublime show as the waves crash and the Golden Gate Bridge is framed by an electric sunset backdrop.

Baker Beach Sunset

Baker Beach

For a quintessential seaside sunset, look no further than Baker Beach. Located in the Presidio, this coastal gem is the perfect spot to relax and snap photos at sundown. Be sure to bring your dog, pack up an evening picnic and make your way over to Baker Beach for the most serene sunset experience as dazzling hues light up the Golden Gate Bridge.

4 Essential Foodie Destinations in San Francisco

In an age of culinary infatuation, foodies are known to seek out places both near and far to satiate their hungry appetites. And, amongst the most sought-after locales in the world for its diverse cuisine scene is San Francisco, brimming with restaurants coveted by even the most devout foodies. SoMa ranks high on the list of essential destinations in San Francisco, yet there are several ‘hoods just beyond your doorstep at The Harrison beckoning the culinary enthusiast in you. Below, get a glimpse of the city’s most crave-worthy hotspots.


SoMa has swiftly secured the title as San Francisco’s best foodie neighborhoods, featuring three Michelin star restaurants like Benu and Saison, as well as more informal spots like Marlowe for the best burger in town and Mourad for mouthwatering Moroccan fare. Begin your day while meandering the aisles of the Ferry Building and munching on vegan treats from Donut Farm, grab a few oysters at Hog Island for lunch and make your way into SoMa for dinner at whichever hotspot is calling you with its mouthwatering cuisine.

The Mission

Known for its boundless array of eateries, The Mission can seem somewhat daunting at first. But, with the right restaurant guide, it’ll quickly become your newest destination for any meal of the day. Stop by the acclaimed Tartine Bakery for their signature morning bun or Craftsman and Wolves for their famous muffin-wrapped egg, head to Burma Love for a stellar Burmese lunch then save room for a multi-course Mexican meal at Californios for dinner. Whatever cuisine you’re looking for, The Mission has the best of it.

The Tenderloin

Known for its edgy and eclectic vibe, The Tenderloin is home to some of the city’s trendiest, most delicious eateries and bars. From well-seasoned hole-in-the-walls like Saigon Sandwich—where you can get one of the best banh mi baguettes in the city—to classic eateries like Brenda’s French Soul Food—a Cajun joint revered by locals—The Tenderloin is a curious foodie’s dream. And, as many culinary enthusiasts are also bona fide cocktail buffs, Bourbon & Branch and Rye are definite musts for a night cap.

Hayes Valley

One of the hottest dining destinations in San Francisco, Hayes Valley boasts an impressive docket of five-star eateries. And, better yet, it’s one of the most charming spots in the city to stroll and shop between meals. Order a smoked salmon bagel for breakfast at 20th Century Cafe—and be sure to get a slice of Russian honey cake to go—take a seat at Souvla or Barcino for lunch then choose from coveted spots like Rich Table, Cala and Petit Crenn for dinner. Finally, finish strong with a scoop or two from Smitten Ice Cream, of course.

SF’s Best Fourth of July Fireworks Shows & Where to Watch Them

There are countless reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July—our nation’s independence, delicious summer barbecues and, of course, a matchless bayside setting from which to watch the fireworks. Those who live at The Harrison are lucky enough to have a front row seat to the light show from Uncle Harry’s, but there are several other sites throughout the city to spark your patriotic pride—whether that be on land or at sea. So, without further ado, get a glimpse of San Francisco’s best Fourth of July viewing spots below.

Fireworks Cruise

Celebrate Independence Day aboard one of the San Francisco Whale Tours’ comfortable boats—the Kitty Kat, Outer Limits, Happy Days or Salty Lady—for an unrivaled view of the city and spectacular fireworks show. With eco-friendly diesel motors, a heated cabin, sundeck and premium viewing options, these two-hour cruises are an exciting and family-friendly way to get everyone together for the holiday.

Fireworks Pier 39

The most well-known Fourth of July celebration in the Bay Area will take up residence at Pier 39 in San Francisco, brimming with fun events and live music throughout the day. The action-packed celebration culminates with a thrilling fireworks display, lighting up the 180-degree bay views in a patriotic wash of red, white and blue. The best vantage points for viewing this dazzling display are Aquatic Park, the Pier 39 Decks and the hills near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hornblower Cruise

All aboard the San Francisco Spirit for a sophisticated Fourth of July celebration complete with a four-course dinner and live DJ. Offering spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the city skyline, this Hornblower cruise also offers a premium bar and unmatched front row seats to the breathtaking San Francisco fireworks show.

Uncle Harry’s

There’s perhaps no better spot to revel in the Fourth of July fireworks show than from The Harrison’s private penthouse lounge, Uncle Harry’s. Here, residents have a front-and-center seat to watch the sparkling performance with the twinkling Bay Bridge just below. So, whether you want to host an intimate or grand viewing, Uncle Harry’s always proves to take center stage.

4 San Francisco Music Festivals Not to Miss This Summer

What better way to relish the summer season than by listening to music in the ultimate al fresco setting? In San Francisco, there’s no shortage of summer concerts to enjoy your favorite music alongside loved ones—with delicious bites and a drink in hand, no less. Read up on the city’s best outdoor music festivals, purchase your tickets and get ready to jam out to the sounds of summer.

San Francisco Jazz Festival

June 6 – 17

The San Francisco Jazz Festival is an absolute summer must, kicking off its 36th year in an unrivaled outdoor setting at PROXY in Hayes Valley. Enjoy more than 44 shows from famed artists like Ahmad Jamal, Monsieur Periné and Irma Thomas—amongst several others—while taking advantage of the festival’s food trucks and beer gardens.

Fillmore Jazz Festival

June 30 – July 1

The 34th annual Fillmore Jazz Festival will take up residence on Fillmore Street for a weekend of great tunes and even better vibes. The West Coast’s largest free jazz concert, the Fillmore Jazz Festival brings in renowned artists and more than 100,000 attendees. From sunup to sundown, groove to the sounds of live music while browsing nearly twelve blocks of fine art, crafts, gourmet food and beverages.

Jazz Band

Stern Grove Festival

June 17 – August 19

The timeless Stern Grove Festival will host its 81st season in a magical Golden Gate Park setting amidst a eucalyptus forest. This summer’s festival will commence with the Big Picnic—a fundraiser, party and catered lunch. Later in the evening, make your way over to the stage, set down your picnic and revel in performances from Jeffrey Osborne and Peabo Bryson. Live music will continue through the season with appearances from the San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Symphony and popular artists like Ziggy Marley and M. Ward.

Outside Lands Music Festival

August 10 – 12

Perhaps San Francisco’s most sought-after music festival, Outside Lands brings in visitors from both near and far to jam out to the nation’s best artists. Golden Gate Park will transform into an otherworldly celebration of music, food, wine, beer, art and comedy. This year’s headliners are The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine and Janet Jackson, although you can undoubtedly find your favorite band in the extensive lineup. The Wine Lands and Beer Lands tents will also be serving up beverages from local wineries and breweries to accompany the Taste of the Bay Area station, complete with eats from some of the region’s best restaurants.

Outside Lands

The Ultimate Weekend Bike Sharing Tour of SoMa

Bike sharing, one of the biggest and latest trends in transportation, is—without a doubt—one of the best ways to effortlessly explore San Francisco. Below, get a glimpse of how you can cycle your way into the ultimate weekend of touring SoMa.

Find & Jump on a Bike

No matter where you find yourself in SoMa, you’ll always find bikes docked along the streets. The first step to jumping on board is downloading the app. Your options in SoMa are Ford GoBike and JUMP Bike. So grab either of the two and pull out your phone to scan and unlock the bike. Depending on where you’re headed, bike sharing presents a low-maintenance and low-cost opportunity to explore.

Get an Early Start

Step one: take a look at The Harrison’s map. We suggest an early start on Saturday morning so you can get in line at your favorite coffee shop. Head down Fremont and stop by Capra Coffee for a cup of locally roasted, artisan brew. Then, breakfast. Make your way to Front Street to snag a table at Bluestone Lane, and don’t forget to order their famed avocado toast. At this point, you’ve already had a healthy and fun start to the day. Now bike your way towards the Embarcadero.

Explore the Farmer’s Market

Since it’s Saturday, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is a must. If you’re hosting a cocktail party on Saturday night, then you’re definitely in need of some specialty breads, cheeses and jams. Or, perhaps, you’d like to cook brunch on Sunday morning. Stock up on fresh eggs, veggies, fruits and, of course, flowers for the perfect Sunday morning centerpiece. Just park, pack a backpack with fresh goodies then hop back on to meander your way through the day.

Park it Out

An afternoon in the park is the perfect way to round out your tour. From the Ferry Building, make your way back toward The Harrison along the Bay Trail and head to Rincon Park. Maybe you’d like to dig into some of the cheeses you bought for a quaint park picnic, or perhaps you bought a bottle of wine to pop open for happy hour. Simply park, take a seat on the grass and revel in views of the bay. When you’re biked out, back to The Harrison you go. At the end of the day, there’s no place like home.

Cupid's Span

San Francisco’s Most Stylish Speakeasies & How to Snag a Seat

San Francisco is known for its boundless array of world-class restaurants and bars. But what about those lesser known? When there’s a sense of secrecy involved, we tend to find it all the more appealing. Speakeasies are amongst the most coveted hidden gems in San Francisco, drawing insiders from both near and far to revel in classy cocktails and even better company. Since they’re hard to find, however, we’ve done the work for you. Get a glimpse below of our five favorite speakeasies around the city.

Uncle Harry’s

For those who live at The Harrison, you needn’t stray very far to take a seat at one of the most sophisticated speakeasies in the city. Set atop the 49th floor, Uncle Harry’s is a private, resident-only penthouse lounge with its very own speakeasy—not to mention one that offers unobstructed vistas of the twinkling Bay Bridge, marina and AT&T Park in a chic and elegant setting. Designed by Ken Fulk, this impeccably designed sanctuary in the sky is the ideal spot to kick back with a cocktail or host social gatherings and private events, among numerous other refined or informal occasions.

Uncle Harry's

Bourbon & Branch

One of the city’s most intriguing and secretive speakeasies, Bourbon & Branch in the Tenderloin offers a one-of-a-kind experience that will swiftly transport you to the Prohibition era. Reserve a table, buzz the door on Jones Street and whisper the password until someone opens it for you. From the time you enter until you leave, you’ll be captivated by its brick-laden ambiance, candlelit bookcases and expertly-crafted cocktails.

Wilson & Wilson

Did you ever think you could find a speakeasy hidden within a speakeasy? Once you’ve finally broken the code to Bourbon & Branch, make your way to Wilson & Wilson—a covert bar behind a large door in the speakeasy. The perfect spot for an intimate date, Wilson & Wilson has a handful of tables for two and a unique selection of cocktails served in teapots. Make a reservation, enter the same door as Bourbon & Branch and tell them your Wilson–specific password to gain entry.

Cocktail Mixing


Once a members-only speakeasy, Marianne’s is now open to the public—at least for those who are able to find it. Located in the back of The Cavalier, Marianne’s was designed by our very own Ken Fulk, so you know it’s just as sophisticated and transportive as Uncle Harry’s. Reserve a table at one of their private booths or communal lounge areas and enjoy incredible cocktails while enveloped by vintage rock n’ roll vibes—an homage to Marianne Faithfull.

The Hogshead Reserve

Another bar within a bar, The Hogshead Reserve is tucked away in The Barrel Room, a wine bar and shop in the Financial District. Make your way past the tiny, cash-only bar and take the staircase that leads downstairs into this lesser-known speakeasy. Once a bank vault, the room offers cozy and cosmopolitan vibes in its firelit, leather-clad setting. Grab a glass of whiskey and feel transported to an entirely different era.


Where to Find Serene Green Within 5 Miles of The Harrison

Finding a quiet space to sit back and relax in San Francisco is rather simple. In fact, the city is ranked amongst the best locales in the country for its array of parks. So, whether you’re looking for a stretch of grass to host a picnic or a shady spot beneath a cherry tree to catch up on your favorite read, you can rest assured that you’ll find it within five miles of your doorstep at The Harrison.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Just moments from your Harrison abode lies one of the city’s most peaceful botanical destinations: the Yerba Buena Gardens. Located between Third & Fourth and Mission & Folsom Streets, Yerba Buena Gardens is the ultimate spot to find green relief and celebrate cultural diversity amid a pristine landscape. Make your way through the butterfly garden and into the five-acre Esplanade, where the sounds of falling water and scents of foliage will immediately put your mind at ease.

Yerba Buena Gardens*Photo Courtesy of Yerba Buena Gardens

Rincon Park

Often the most tranquil spaces are those lesser-known. So, if you’re searching for a quiet place to unwind without distraction, head to Rincon Park. Just moments from The Harrison, this green retreat in South Beach boasts a prime waterfront location and an iconic bow-and-arrow sculpture known as Cupid’s Span. Bring your pup, a book and take it easy in the San Francisco sun.

Cupid's Span

Golden Gate Park

Complete with an impressive 1,017 acres, Golden Gate Park is amongst the most popular parks in the United States. Here, the opportunities to explore or relax amid a lush sanctuary are endless. Stroll through the tranquil San Francisco Botanical Garden, find zen in the Japanese Tea Garden or admire a colorful variety of tropical flowers and plants from around the world in the Conversatory of Flowers. Golden Gate Park is, without a doubt, the city’s most coveted spot to retreat from urban living.

Japanese Tea Garden*Photo Courtesy of Golden Gate Park

Washington Square

One of the city’s first parks, established in 1847, Washington Square in North Beach has the sure capacity to transport you. The lively oasis is a the community’s unofficial gathering spot where residents revel in festivals, free movies nights and other celebrations throughout the year. Bring a blanket, relax on the lawn, play with your pup and toss a frisbee for a true San Francisco escape.

Washington Square*Photo Courtesy of Culture Trip

Dolores Park

Set amidst a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood, Dolores Park is the go-to spot for San Franciscans on the weekend. Offering 16 acres, the park is teeming with open green space, two off-leash dog areas, a soccer field, six tennis courts and more. So, whether you want to break a sweat or host a picnic with friends—all whilst set to stunning San Francisco views—Dolores Park is amongst the most sought-after places to do so.

Dolores Park*Photo Courtesy of Trover

8 Things to Do in Napa Valley in May

At The Harrison, we enjoy many luxuries: well-appointed abodes, hotel-quality amenities, a peerless setting that overlooks the Bay Bridge. But, perhaps just as significant is our proximity to Napa Valley. Less than an hour and a half from your doorstep lies one of the most coveted destinations not just in America, but worldwide. Complete with more than 400 wineries and world-renowned restaurants, Napa dishes out the most ideal weekend getaway—even for those who aren’t wine aficionados. Below, get an inside look into eight events and attractions to experience this month.

Napa Farmers Market

Starting May 1 until November 20, the Napa Farmers Market takes place every Tuesday and Saturday at the South Napa Century Center from 8:30am to 1pm. For your next dinner party, head to the market to purchase Napa’s freshest, locally-produced fruits and veggies from over 60 regional farmers. Or stop by a chef demonstration to learn how to cook the latest, in-season dish.

Calistoga Food & Wine VIP Reception

On Saturday, May 10, Bennett Lane Winery will be hosting the renowned Calistoga Food & Wine VIP Reception from 6-8pm. Don’t miss this exclusive experience, where local wineries and chefs combine their talents to feature the premier tastings of Calistoga.

Outdoor PartyVisit Napa Valley

JaM Sessions

JaM Cellars in Napa is a wine and music studio that boasts an eclectic, comfortable space and music-driven wine vibe. They’re celebrating their 2nd birthday on May 12 so stop by from 10pm-12am to jam out with a chance to win BottleRock passes and any of their Butter, Candy Rose, JaM or Toast wines.

Mother’s Day Weekend with Veuve Clicquot

How else would you celebrate Mother’s Day than with Veuve Clicquot? From May 11-13, Meritage Resort and Spa will be hosting a weekend for mom, offering a master’s dinner in the resort’s exquisite vineyard setting, a sparkling reception and Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday.


Crush Challenge

The 4th annual Crush Challenge is back on May 12 to raise money following the wildfires for select charity efforts. Whether you join one of the incredible food and wine events, the private wine country cycling experience or decide to stay the whole weekend, the Crush Challenge redefines having fun for a good cause. Take a look at the different event locations here.

Spring Vineyard Supper

Clos Du Val, a Yountville Estate Vineyard, will be hosting a Spring Vineyard Supper on May 19 at from 4-8pm. Dinner will be served at a single long table down a vine row with seasonally inspired, family-style fare from Stag to be enjoyed alongside stunning Clos Du Val wines of the past and present.

Wine Vineyard

Falcor Wines Mardi Gras

Stop by Falcor Wines on May 19 from 1-4pm to celebrate Mardi Gras. The festivity will feature over a hundred pounds of Crawfish and Andouille Sausage shipped straight from New Orleans—with live music and wines to pair, of course.

Oyster Fest

On Sunday, May 20, Rutherford Ranch Winery will be showcasing their annual Oyster Fest, offering fresh oysters, a carnival, live music and games in their beautiful olive grove. From 1-3:30 pm, this is the perfect Sunday family activity.

BottleRock Music Festival

The coveted BottleRock Music Festival, held at the Napa Valley Expo, is a three-day celebration of great music, food, beer and wine. Starting on May 25, big name artists like Muse, The Chainsmokers, Earth Wind & Fire and Incubus will take the stage Saturday brings The Killers, Snoop Dogg, Billy Idol and more. And finally, Sunday, May 27, welcomes Bruno Mars, Halsey, The Thievery Company and others.

Resident Reveal: Cristian & Darrin Find their Idyllic Second Home at The Harrison

Now, more than ever, homeowners are seeking secondary residences—not abroad, but rather in their very own backyards. The Harrison resident Cristian Azcarate and his partner, Darrin, split time between their Walnut Creek home and their Harrison abode, which offers a unique contrast to their suburban lifestyle just miles away. Here, they revel in boutique hotel-style amenities, proximity to Azcarate’s workplace and, of course, the comfort of a sheer urban escape. Luckily, we had the opportunity to sit down with Cristian to get an inside look into this trending, dual San Francisco lifestyle.

How did you first learn about The Harrison?

I was browsing through Redfin and Zillow listings and came across The Harrison myself. What caught my attention were photos of the Grand Salon lobby and Uncle Harry’s. I thought the designs and finishes were incredibly inviting. We had gone to see a unit at The Lumina and drove by The Harrison’s front door; I remember asking Darrin to let me get out as I wanted to see the lobby. Well, we ended up visiting a few units that day, and about two days later we had submitted an offer on a two-bedroom unit that we both loved.

What motivated you to purchase a home at The Harrison?

Several years ago we sold our home in San Mateo as I was offered an exciting job with my company Genentech to lead a Sales Team in Texas and Louisiana. At that time we purchased a home in Walnut Creek and Austin, Texas. At the end of 2016, I took a new opportunity back in our headquarters in South San Francisco; as such, a new and convenient home was necessary. The Harrison was perfect—I can walk about 3 blocks to get on Genentech’s shuttle to my building. Easy access to the Embarcadero was a must for me as I wanted to be able to go for long runs in the evenings, which has been an incredible way to enjoy the city.

How do you divide your time between your primary residence in Walnut Creek and The Harrison?

We spend about 3-4 days at The Harrison during the week, then I try to work from home in Walnut Creek 1 or 2 days. We mostly spend the weekends there, though. I’m an avid mountain biker and runner, and our home in Walnut Creek boasts plenty of open trails, while our expansive outdoor patio is the perfect place to entertain. We love splitting our time between the two homes as they offer such different experiences for both of us. We have deer and wild turkeys roaming our yard in Walnut Creek, yet I have all of San Francisco right at my fingertips at The Harrison.

Do you own any other properties?

We own another condo in Walnut Creek that is occupied by my mother. She is less than 1 mile from our house there so it’s convenient for family get-togethers!

Beyond the convenience of owning homes within and outside of the city, is there an investment strategy to it?

We do see this purchase as a long-term investment. The location is fantastic and if work moves us away from the Bay Area again, we know our place would rent easily.

What features/amenities do you like most at The Harrison?

I take full advantage of the gym and always can be found there at the end of the day. It’s a great way to unwind from a busy day in the office. Of course, Uncle Harry’s is also another amenity that we enjoy. The views from up there are unmatched and it’s truly a magical setting for just hanging out or hosting a private party. Darrin drives to work so I know the valet parking feature is something he appreciates. Everyone in the garage is always so friendly! And last but not least, the bike storage area is wonderful. We do like getting out for exercise when we’re here so it’s great that we don’t need to store our bikes in our unit!

What’s your favorite time of the week to reside at The Harrison?

We are starting to spend some Friday nights here so we can enjoy the city more after work. In fact, we’ve been attending some of the pop-up art gallery shows recently that take place around the neighborhood. It’s a fun way to meet new neighbors and support local artists. Both Darrin and I love art and have a soft spot for it! We collect paintings and sculptures at both of our homes.

The Most SF Ways to Get Outside & In Shape for Summer

Although listening to the right music and buying the right apparel may motivate you to workout, there’s no better inspiration to get in shape than the sunshine and fresh air. While San Francisco is teeming with incredible gyms and indoor workout classes, exercising outdoors has proven to benefit both your mind and body: it uplifts your mood, improves vitamin D levels, enhances your focus and more. So with summer just around the corner, consider the following San Franciscan workouts to get outside and get fit.

Stretch it Out

San Francisco is known to be a highly progressive city, so it should come as no surprise that yoga is deeply rooted in the local lifestyle. And, with several parks and beaches by the bay, you can take your practice outside—unlike in most cities where the weather doesn’t permit. If you want to flow on your own, head just outside to The Harrison’s pool terrace or to nearby Rincon Park and South Beach Harbor. And, if you want to partake in a class, sign up for Outdoor Yoga SF for a session on the beach or Hiking Yoga for a more vigorous experience that aptly combines cardio and stretching.


Train Together

Maybe yoga isn’t your thing, but you still want to break a sweat outside. Luckily, there are a variety of outdoor fitness classes to choose from throughout the city. Basic Training is a local favorite, bringing small groups on 55-minute adventures around the city while running, jumping and stretching. Or, if you want to be pushed to your limit, sign up for a class with Bootcamp SF. Over the course of a week, you’ll get in tip-top shape via cardio, strength training and agility—all amidst San Francisco’s most picturesque settings.

Outdoor Workout

Take a Hike

One of the greatest perks of living in San Francisco is the amount of hiking you can accomplish without ever walking the same trail twice. And, what better way to get fit than climbing to the top and witnessing spectacular views? While there are countless hikes to choose from, you can experience the best sweat and vistas from the cliffs of Land’s End, top of Twin Peaks, peak of Fort Funston and more. And, if you’re willing to venture a bit outside of the city, be sure to check out Mount Diablo and Mount Tamalpais. Time to turn your workout into an adventure.

San Francisco Bay

Go For a Joy Ride

Road biking is one of the most popular activities amongst San Franciscans, particularly because of the many paths that exist around the bay. So if you wish to escape the city for a leisurely Sunday afternoon, consider taking Paradise Loop—an easy 38-mile ride from the city, over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Marin and back. Suitable for experienced bikers or a leisurely family outing, Paradise Loop is incredibly accessible from The Harrison. Just ride along the Embarcadero, through the Marina and Crissy Field, then you’re at the gates of the Golden.

Bay Bridge

One Winning Day on The Embarcadero

The Embarcadero, San Francisco’s prime waterfront hotspot, is considered one of the most scenic and iconic destinations, not just in the city, but worldwide. Built along a three-mile seawall, the locale is teeming with cultural and coastal attractions that afford a most fulfilling day spent on the water. Yet, with so much to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed; below, get an inside look into one winning day on the Embarcadero.

But First…Coffee

It’s often said that the best way to experience a city is by checking out its local haunts, so start your day off by meandering the streets of the Embarcadero in search of the best coffee. A favorite amongst San Franciscans and visitors alike, Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building serves up some of the best pour over and single origin espresso in the city. And don’t forget to get a made-to-order caramelized Belgian waffle to munch on while watching the ferries glide by outside.

Blue Bottle BrooklynPhoto courtesy of Hoodline

Be a Tourist

Who said you can’t be a tourist in your own city? Head into the Exploratorium at Pier 15 for a unique scientific experience. Perfect for both kids and adults alike, the Exploratorium features galleries that showcase weather phenomena, human behavior and more. You might just be able to catch one of their special events. Check the calendar here before your day of explorative adventure.

Treat Yourself

Walking along the wharf and engaging in such eye-opening scientific experiences can be tiring. That’s why you should indulge in a treatment at Spa Vitale next. Enjoy a relaxing facial or massage with sweeping vistas of the bay just beyond, then unwind or meditate in the private bamboo garden. You’ll need this refresher before continuing on with your fulfilling day.

Spa BathPhoto courtesy of Condé Nast Traveler


After relocating your inner zen, you’ll likely need to satiate your appetite. Luckily, the Embarcadero is brimming with dining options both casual and high-end. We recommend heading to The Slanted Door in the Ferry Building for an unforgettable Vietnamese meal paired with stunning Bay Bridge vistas. Charles Phan’s menu is nationally acclaimed, featuring top-quality, local ingredients in dishes like soft gulf shrimp spring rolls and barbecue pork spare ribs.


Following a long day of adventure, relaxation and indulgence, you deserve a drink. Hard Water is one of the Embarcadero’s trendiest, most sought-after whiskey bars while Coqueta serves up one of the most glorified Manhattans in town, known as the “Championship Policy.” No matter where you choose to take a seat, you’ll certainly find the perfect cap to a winning day.

Restaurant BarPhoto courtesy of Serious Eats

Where to See Art in the Heart of SoMa

SoMa has several shining attributes, from its setting by the bay to the many incredible restaurants and shops, but one that continually draws people from both near and far is its art. The area is teeming with boutique art galleries and contemporary museums, affording SoMa a truly unique cultural character. So whether you want to attend an eclectic gallery event or admire some of the world’s most renowned pieces of work, SoMa is full of vibrant options.


Just moments from your doorstep at The Harrison lies one of the most celebrated art museums in the nation: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Not only is the building a piece of art in and of itself, designed by the ever-renowned Snøhetta architecture firm, but the museum likewise houses an internationally-recognized collection of contemporary works, featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein. Be sure to check out the sixth floor Fisher Collection for a museum experience to remember.

Photo courtesy of SF Gate


1AM, short for First Amendment, is a progressive gallery and cultural space that sits on Howard Street, a few blocks from The Harrison. Their mission is to promote freedom of speech—hence its name—through urban art exhibitions, public murals and experiences. So if you’re looking for an interactive gallery visit, head to the community-oriented 1AM to join one of the team building activities or eye-opening street art classes and tours.

Photo courtesy of Graffart


The Museum of the African Diaspora is situated on Mission Street, a mere 15 minute walk from your doorstep. The incredible exhibition showcases the history, art and cultural diversity that resulted from the migration of Africans throughout the world. MoAd is one of the few museums across the globe to focus solely on African Diaspora culture, presenting an opportunity for visitors to likewise be apart of history. Be sure to check out the first floor gallery, which connects to the St. Regis—meaning you can enjoy a drink at the bar before or after your museum exploration.

Photo courtesy of MoAD

Gagosian Gallery

The Gagosian Gallery has 16 exhibition spaces worldwide, one of which resides just opposite SFMOMA. Designed by Kulapat Yantrasast of Los Angeles–based wHY Architecture, the Gagosian Gallery focuses on the relationships between fine art, sculpture and structural design, featuring artists like the ever-renowned Pablo Picasso and Joe Bradley. Here, you can expect a sun-drenched gallery that is lined with some of the world’s most coveted works, all whilst being open and free to the public.

Photo courtesy of New York Times

Every Way to Traverse the City from SoMa

San Franciscans enjoy many ways to get around the city—no matter the time of year—and perhaps more than any other city in the US. Unlike New York City or Chicago, where pedaling around on a bike is all but impossible come winter, and even just walking can be a challenge, San Francisco is a commuter’s haven throughout the seasons. Whether you’re getting around on two wheels, four wheels, public transit or your own two feet, your options are seemingly endless. And, when adjacent to the beauty and expanse of the bay in SoMa, getting around can be both pleasant and effortless. So, however you please to traverse the city, get your start right here.


One of the easiest and healthiest ways to traverse the city is via foot. Whether you’re headed north or south, SoMa is the perfect locale from which to begin your walk. In fact, immersing yourself in the fresh air and being near the water on a daily basis has proven to improve one’s health and happiness. So consider walking to and from work, make dinner plans with friends at Fisherman’s Wharf or stroll with your pup by the water each morning.

BART & Muni

When you simply want to relax and have someone else lead the way, look no further than San Francisco’s BART and Muni transportation systems. BART, the city’s primary rapid public transportation, is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get from SFO or OAK to San Francisco and SoMa is seamlessly accessed via the Embarcadero Bart Station. Or, you can utilize the ever-simple bus and metro system, known as Muni. So, if you lack a bike, car or directional savvy, don’t worry—there are countless ways to traverse the city both seamlessly and affordably.


At The Harrison, we’re just moments from the San Francisco Bay Trail, which is comprised of an impressive 500 miles around the entire bay running through all 9 counties, 47 cities and across seven toll bridges. Of course, you needn’t conquer it all, but having a bike makes seeing and experiencing the city a whole lot easier. Commute on wheels—whether its your own bike or a Ford GoBike—or head out for an ambitious ride on the weekend; cycling by the water is sure to offer both calm and cardio. What’s better? If you live at The Harrison, you have a safe spot to park your bike right at home.


Navigating San Francisco in a car isn’t always ideal, but when you’re able to stick by the bay, traffic becomes exponentially less stressful. And, when you have valet services at home, getting behind the wheel can actually be a breeze. At The Harrison, our residents have the luxury of dropping their car off and avoiding the dread of street parking; so, for those with a lengthy commute, the ease of simply handing over the keys after a long day is, perhaps, one of the greatest urban luxuries of all.

Baseball is Back: 10 Tips for Enjoying a Giants Game at AT&T Park

At last, baseball season will be back in the swing of things on March 29, 2018. And, while residents at The Harrison could likely watch a Giants game from their own abodes, high above AT&T Park, nothing beats rooting for our hometown heroes on their own turf. So, put on your orange and black, score some tickets and delve into the Spring season with these 10 tips for prime time enjoyment.

Tip #1 – Snag some Tickets

The first step to enjoying a Giants game is simply getting your hands on a few tickets. Head over to MLB.com or Stubhub for quick single-game tickets. The Harrison residents have the luxury of getting in touch with their very own concierge to procure tickets, making a day at the ballpark—quite literally—a walk in the park.

Tip #2 – Walk it Out

Luckily, AT&T Park is just a fifteen minute walk away from The Harrison. There’s simply no better way to avoid game day traffic or parking than by taking a nice walk to and fro.

Tip #3 – Cheers to the Game

Before heading into the stadium, stop for a drink at 21st Amendment, Momo’s, Lord George or Pete’s Tavern to get into the spirit amongst other fervent Giants fans.

Tip #4 – Take a Tour

Or, take a mini history tour. Start at the Willie McCovey statue, wander down the Giants History Walk, cross the Lefty O’Doul Bridge, admire the Juan Marichal statue then head in to check out the Giants Wall of Fame.

Baseball Stadium

Tip #5 – Refresh

At the beginning of the season it’s always a good idea to refresh on the rules. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth game, get acclimated by reading up on the laws of the game, the players and the stats.

Tip #6 – Settle In

Get comfortable—there’s no denying that baseball games can be long. Bring a blanket, get a drink and sit back and relax.

Tip #7 – Get Loud

Show your support and get loud. Join in the cheers and sing along to “Bye Bye Baby” when the Giants score a homerun. Delight in a tradition that’s been around since the 50s.

Tip #8 – Layer Up

Make sure you’re dressed in orange and black, yet warm enough to stick around as the sun goes down. Games can get chilly, so be prepared with layers.

Tip #9 – Indulge

You can’t go to a Giants game without Indulging in traditional snacks. Get a classic hot dog, some Gilroy garlic fries, a cup of chowder from Pier 44, a Crazy Crab sandwich and wash it down with an ice cold beer.

French Fries

Tip #10 – Go All In

Last, but certainly not least, be present. Revel in the experience, cherish the company of loved ones, celebrate your city. Going to a Giants game isn’t just about watching baseball. It’s about living and loving your best life in San Francisco.

*Photo courtesy of Forbes

Illuminating the Bay Bridge: San Francisco’s Favorite City Night Light

Not every city has a spectacular light show each night. And, not everyone has a front row seat. At The Harrison, we defy all odds. Here, we boast the most unrivaled and unobstructed views of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which is set ablaze each evening with a light performance that dazzles and captivates those both near and far. Yet, while San Franciscans cherish this outstanding city night light, not many know the inspiring history behind it. Since the Bay Bridge sits in our backyard, we feel responsible for shedding light on its brilliant story.

A Glimmering Background

The Bay Lights are a monumental light sculpture and art installation that were designed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge’s opening. Although the lights were intended to be temporary, they were permanently installed in 2016 due to such pervasive popularity. The installation was designed by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal, whose remarkable light sculptures and architectural works can be found worldwide. Villareal worked alongside non-profit organization ILLUMINATE to bring the project to fruition.

Penthouse Living Area

In fact, ILLUMINATE was founded by a small group of close friends to bring The Bay Lights into existence. The organization now aims to “produce contemporary art with civic impact, social activation and global reach to stimulate a culture of generosity and collaboration.” As such, The Bay Lights were born out of kinship, the hope to bring light into the world, to inspire and delight. At The Harrison, we feel a strong sense of pride in the impactful piece of work that lies just beyond our abodes.

An Inspired Community

What many people may not know is that public art can tremendously impact public health. Public installations, like The Bay Lights, are scientifically backed to create a stronger sense of community, to strengthen and create solidarity, to improve residents’ overall well-being. It may seem far-fetched, but in the grand scheme of things it’s quite simple: when exposed to beautiful and inspiring artwork, one will likely feel at ease. The Bay Lights are no exception. San Franciscans are united by this breathtaking piece of work that is so artistically accessible to all. Illuminating the night sky, the glimmering installation makes for a brighter tomorrow.

Bay Bridge

At The Harrison, we’re fortunate to sit front and center each night for the Bay Bridge’s jaw-dropping show. Whether our residents wish to relax in the comfort of their own home or penthouse, or unwind with a glass of wine at Uncle Harry’s as the lights begin to gleam, the opportunities to view the artistic installation are limitless.

What is the Ideal Living Distance from Work in San Francisco?

It’s safe to say that those who live at The Harrison boast one of the most coveted commutes in San Francisco. Here, residents are less than a mile from the new Facebook office while Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce and the rest of the city’s flourishing tech hub, are likewise just moments away. This unrivaled commute got us thinking:

What is the ideal living distance from work in San Francisco?

How We Get on the Go

In San Francisco, an average of 32.4 percent of people use public transportation while 4.4 percent bike to work. These percentages are far higher than the national averages of 11 percent and less than 1 percent, respectively.

Going Public

San Francisco has been coined one of the nation’s best cities for public transportation, making one’s travel to and from work entirely effortless and accessible. In fact, 98 percent of the population lives within a half-mile of public transit that operates regularly. This allows San Franciscans the extra time to catch up on emails, call loved ones, read, listen to music and beyond, which, evidence shows, has a substantial impact on your health: less back aches, better sleep, lower blood pressure and more.

Step by Step

Interestingly, public transit and walkability are related: evidence shows that cities in which most people walk to work are those that boast the best transit systems, so it should come as no surprise that The Golden City has also been dubbed one of the best locales in the country to bike or walk to work. It’s scientifically proven that health and happiness improve with a biking or walking commute so, some residential buildings also include office space, it may be best to live at least a walk away and give yourself some distance.

Of course, not everyone has the ability to walk to work. But, if you’re able to walk to and from a nearby transit system, and subsequently use the time while commuting to accomplish something you love, you will—undoubtedly—reap the benefits.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, what’s truly important is your return-to retreat—that place where you can relax and recenter following a long day. At The Harrison, we pride ourselves on providing this essential urban sanctuary while being just moments from some of the largest employers in the country.

Resident Picks: 5 Must-Visit Ferry Building Merchants

A mere mile from The Harrison lies one of the most renowned artisan marketplaces in San Francisco: The Ferry Building. Located within the Embarcadero, the building has evolved into far more than just a ferry terminal since its 1898 inception. In fact, The Ferry Building has become a bona fide hub for local farmers, artisan producers and independently owned and operated food businesses. While there are boundless world-class merchants to visit while exploring the aisles or waiting for your next trip, we’ve curated a list of our top five resident favorites.


A Sonoma-based skin and body care line, Benedetta is the quintessence of a small business that supports the local community. Their kiosk shop realizes the company’s minimalist approach, showcasing products handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Offering body wash, lotions, seaweed bath and several other “food for the skin” products, Benedetta strictly uses ingredients from certified organic and biodynamic local farms. And, to boot, each product comes in recyclable glass packaging while the business ensures ethical and sustainable practices. So, not only are Benedetta’s products wonderfully natural and skin-changing, you’ll likewise feel good about your purchase.


Acme Bread Company

Ask any San Franciscan which bakery makes the best bread and they’re sure to answer Acme Bread Company. Owner and founder Steve Sullivan is dedicated to working closely with local farmers in evaluating and selecting grain varieties for the organic flour they produce each year—which, of course, results in the most outstanding bread, time and time again. In the Ferry Building Marketplace, breads are baked fresh throughout the day, so no matter what time you stop in to grab a loaf, it will certainly still be warm.


Cowgirl Sidekick

If you haven’t yet heard of Cowgirl Creamery, or their Artisan Cheese Shop within the Ferry Building Marketplace, it’s time you drop everything to grab a taste. Featuring premium and award-winning farmstead cheeses, produced both locally and abroad, Cowgirl has swiftly become one of the most sought-after creameries in the country. Yet, the renowned company has gone one step further. Cowgirl Sidekick, adjacent to the cheese shop, offers a delectable menu of dishes with the creamery’s daily selection of cheeses. So, whether you stop by for a fresh mozzarella and egg sandwich in the morning or an unforgettable grilled cheese at lunch (made with Acme Bread, of course), Cowgirl Sidekick is a Ferry Building must.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hog Island Oyster Company

San Francisco’s most delicious and distinguished oyster bar sits on the north end of the Ferry Building, offering matchless bay views while you devour the freshest oysters this city has to offer. Featuring shellfish from nearby Tomales Bay oyster farm, Hog Island’s menu is comprised of an assortment of raw oysters on the half-shell, a traditional oyster stew, steamed clams and clam chowder—along with beer, wine and cocktails, of course. So, if it’s an impeccably classic seaside meal you seek, look no further than what Hog Island Oyster Company is serving up on a silver platter (quite literally).

Entree Meal

Farm Fresh to You

So long are the days of waiting for your one-day-a-week local farmer’s market. Set within the Ferry Building Marketplace is Farm Fresh to You, a full-service gourmet market that offers the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients for your cooking needs. Residents throughout the entire Bay Area flock to this market hotspot for organic produce that’s harvested daily from the Barsotti farm in the Capay Valley and shipped directly to the Ferry Building Marketplace. Say goodbye to your dreaded grocery store visits because Farm Fresh to You will surely fulfill all your market needs.


*Photos Courtesy of Visit Vallejo, Benedetta, Acme Bread Company, Timeout, Hog Island Oyster Company & USDA

Which SF View Best Suits You?

At The Harrison, incredible views are the rule—never the exception. Yet, while we all reside high above the city below, our premier San Francisco perspectives are entirely dependent on the part of the building in which we choose to dwell. And, of course, the views we choose are a representation of the lives we choose to lead. So, whether you wish to live a life set to Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, city or marina vistas, be sure that your decision is a reflection of you. Follow our guidelines to make the perfect pick.

Bay Bridge View

Some people find an unmatched sense of calmness and happiness when residing by the water. So, if you’re the type to opt for the beach rather than the mountains, consider The Harrison’s Bay Bridge vistas from the Signature Collection penthouses, such as 45B, or within an impeccable two-bedroom residence like 20D. You’re also likely to receive the amazing health benefits of life by the water:

  • Lower stress level
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved mental focus and clarity
  • Increased creativity


Bay Bridge

Twin Peaks View

Not everyone finds the same kind of serenity when seaside. In fact, some find respite in expansive views of the landscape, removed from the hustle and bustle with the horizon just beyond. From The Harrison’s south side, you get the best of both natural and urban views. If any of the choices below apply to your desired lifestyle, an abode like 28A is perfect for you:

  • You want the excitement of city life below but a natural landscape in the distance.
  • You love living in the city but require some sort of urban escape.
  • On the weekends, you can be found exploring SoMa’s cultural nooks, including restaurants and museums, or seeking out San Francisco’s best hiking spots.


SF at Twilight

City View

For those who revel in urban living, embracing the lavish and posh San Francisco lifestyle, The Harrison’s city views check all the boxes. From the building’s west side, residents are granted access to the most incredible, unobstructed views of SoMa below. If you identify with any of the characteristics below, the view in residences like 22B are calling your name:

  • You adore city life but want the privacy and luxury of high-rise living.
  • When you’re not home or at work, you can be found exploring San Francisco’s latest and greatest eateries, coffee shops or stores.
  • On a typical Saturday, you exercise outside—whether walking by the bay or biking amongst the city—and, come evening, meet up with friends for cocktails and dinner.


Marina At Nighttime


Located just beside South Beach in SoMa, The Harrison offers unrivaled views of the marina and AT&T Park. While some individuals desire straight on bay views, others want access to the activity that comes with waterfront living. For those who respond to any of the options below, make The Harrison’s marina views your priority, such as those within Signature Collection penthouse 45C:

  • You grew up around boats and/or are excited by the lifestyle that comes with them.
  • You want to live by the water but need a bit of urban landscape to remain enthralled.
  • You’re a Giants fan and appreciate a view of AT&T Park. In fact, you can be found at many of their games, just minutes away from your doorstep.


SF View

A Peek Inside The Harrison’s Pantry

For many San Franciscans, coffee isn’t just a morning pick-me-up. It’s a way of life. Regardless of where you find yourself in the city, one thing is for certain: you’ll find a coffee house entirely specific to your liking. The culture is as rich as the coffee beans themselves, inviting one to experience San Francisco’s vibrant community of chatting, reading, writing or simply passing time with a warm cup of joe in hand. Luckily, those who live at The Harrison needn’t stray far for the best brew in town.

Upon the building’s fourth floor lies The Pantry, open 24/7 for residents to revel in a selection of complimentary beverages, pastries, magazines and newspapers, all curated to the tastes and interests of residents at The Harrison. All one must do is put on a pair of slippers, hop in the elevator and delight in a full spread of drinks and nibbles while relaxing with a book or chatting with fellow neighbors. Here, the city’s sought-after coffee house culture is, quite literally, right at home.


Within The Pantry, a professional-grade coffee machine offers a wide array of hot drinks, including lattes, macchiatos and hot chocolate, with each cup freshly ground per order. Forego the lines at cafés just around the corner—the tastiest coffee is just steps away from your Harrison abode. The refrigerator in The Pantry, too, is fully stocked with juices, water and cold brew.

But, who can enjoy a cup of coffee without a flaky pastry? Café Madeleine, a favorite local bakery, delivers the most delicious and fresh pastries each morning. And, for those who desire a quick and healthy on-the-go snack, The Pantry will always have a variety of fruits and yogurt on deck.

So, if you haven’t yet experienced The Harrison’s coffee house culture, 2018 is the year to do it. Whether you wish to begin a new leisurely morning routine or need a quick cup of gourmet joe before heading to work, stop by The Pantry. Your favorite at-home café awaits.

Learn more about The Harrison’s incomparable amenity set or explore the abundance of culture just beyond our doorstep.

5 Reasons to Call SoMa Home in 2018

As San Francisco’s greatest burgeoning neighborhood, SoMa is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after locales for out-of-towners to visit. And now—more than ever—people are striving to take up residence within SoMa, where newly-developed homes, sprawling bayside outdoor spaces and a host of coveted restaurants and shopping lure both residents and tourists alike. The Harrison residents can certainly attest; so behold our list of undeniable reasons to call SoMa home in 2018.

Live & Work With Ease

SoMa is, undoubtedly, the most coveted neighborhood in San Francisco for an effortless live and work experience. Those who dwell South of Market have unmatched access to the Transbay Transit Center and Bay Bridge, making transportation amongst San Francisco both easy and enjoyable. And, as the city’s proclaimed tech hub—where Facebook, Salesforce, Google and countless other giants have been quick to put down roots—SoMa offers residents an unbeatable commute. Whether one chooses to walk or bike to work, the time to and fro is beyond compare.

Bay Bridge

Explore the Outdoors

Sprawling from the Embarcadero to Eleventh Street, between Market and Townsend, SoMa is one of the largest and most spread out neighborhoods in San Francisco. And, while developments may be on the rise, the area is home to various protected and expansive outdoor spaces. At The Harrison, residents boast access to an array of nearby parks, including Rincon Park, Yerba Buena Gardens, City Park atop the Transbay Transit Center and countless others. Whether you’re looking for an incredibly pet-friendly neighborhood or a locale to reach your fitness ambitions amidst the great outdoors, SoMa is the ultimate place to be.

Woman Walking Dog

Get Cultured

SoMa’s roots run deep in rich culture, attracting people far and wide to experience its vibrant nuances. Those who live at The Harrison, in particular, reap the benefits of the Fireside Talks: a series of five talks through March of 2018 that weave residents in and out of San Francisco’s bold history. Nevertheless, just beyond our doorstep lie countless gardens and museums that speak to a variety of arts and cultures, such as the San Francisco MoMa, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yerba Buena Center, Museum of the African Diaspora and more. If you wish to immerse yourself in the arts or gain a new and diverse perspective, SoMa is—truly—the city’s most profound cultural hub.

Art Gallery

Indulge in World-Class Cuisine

SoMa has swiftly entered San Francisco’s desirable restaurant scene, becoming home to some of the best eateries amongst the city. In fact, several restaurants in the area have been quick to secure SoMa’s title as the best foodie neighborhood in San Francisco. Whether you wish to dine at Benu, one of the city’s two restaurants with three Michelin stars, or explore the area’s latest and greatest eateries, such as International Smoke, SoMa serves unmatched cuisine on a silver platter.


Marvel at Awe-Inspiring Architecture

While meandering the streets of SoMa, it’s inevitable that one will make several stops to admire the many architectural wonders. An essential time capsule, the area showcases architecture that’s both historically distinct and wholly contemporary. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, designed by renowned architect Snøhetta, is enveloped by glass and sculptural gardens while the Pinterest Headquarters and In Situ both won coveted AIA awards in 2017 for their designs—the highest recognition one can receive for excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design. Simultaneously, places such as the Pacific Telephone Building sit just beyond one’s doorstep at The Harrison, where a historical facades adds a crucial sense of character to the city. In SoMa, one is constantly surrounded and inspired by the new and old, creating an ambiance that’s both avant-garde and inviting.

Architectural Door


Photos Courtesy of Time Out, Odyssey & Eater LA.

Your Morning Ritual: Revised for the New Year

In with the new and out with the old. As we delve into 2018, we’re presented with a clean slate and the perfect opportunity to start off on the right foot. Luckily, in a place as beautiful as San Francisco and within a building as impeccably amenitized as The Harrison, your New Year’s goals are met with complete ease. So, if it’s a healthier routine you seek, revise your intentions and adhere to The Harrison’s curated list of tactics to wake up on the right side of the bed in 2018.

Start Your Day at The Pantry

Our most productive days begin with a cup of coffee, a nutritious breakfast and a newspaper in hand. Fortunately, those who live within The Harrison boast 24/7 access to The Pantry, where complimentary beverages, fresh fruits, local pastries, magazines and newspapers are curated to the tastes and interests of residents. A professional-grade coffee and espresso machine, too, offers fifteen types of hot beverages available at any time of day. So, make it your morning goal to sip and eat mindfully, educate yourself about what’s happening in the world and—when all is said and done—you’ll be fueled for a fruitful day ahead.

The Pantry Counter

Get the Body Moving

Exercise is universally acknowledged as the most valuable ritual to welcome into your morning routine. When you get your endorphins running, you’ll find that you have more energy and an increased positive outlook throughout the day. Opportunely, The Fitness Center at The Harrison is the ultimate locale to realize one’s New Year’s health ambitions. After a quick cup of coffee, and before heading to the office, utilize the gym’s array of state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and access to more than 500 On Demand fitness programs. Or, head outside The Fitness Center for a bit of yoga on the terrace or a few laps in the pool. While mustering up the strength to exercise before work may seem difficult, just keep in mind that the men and women locker rooms boast relaxing steam rooms. There is, indeed, no better way to start the day than with a satisfying workout and an ensuing, replenishing steam.

Fitness Center

Head Outdoors

If you’d rather begin your day whilst enveloped by the crisp morning air, head outside and go for a walk, jog or bike ride along the bay. Not only does a breath of fresh air foster vital energy, but science shows that it likewise boosts your immunity, increases happiness and promotes relaxation. Luckily, at The Harrison, residents are mere moments from the bay, where miles of clear pathway beckon outdoor enthusiasts along the Embarcadero. Those who live at The Harrison, too, flaunt coveted access to San Francisco’s best parks, including the nearby Rincon Park. As such, if you wish to work out at sunrise or sundown—with your pup by your side—The Harrison offers a peerless entry to the city’s best outdoor spaces.

Woman Walking Dog

Set Positive Intentions

Perhaps the most crucial part of creating New Year’s resolutions is being kind to yourself. It goes without saying that some days we lack the time or energy to exercise. So, instead, jot down goals or make a mental list of what you wish to accomplish that day. Expressing gratitude, too, is one of the most powerful tools to begin your day with, ensuring a positive mindset to carry with you throughout the day. Take a moment to mindfully eat, stretch, breathe. The little things are what you’ll find to be those most impactful.

Woman Sitting

The Local’s Guide to San Francisco’s Best Views

San Francisco is world-renowned for its incredible vistas. Complete with towering hills, vibrant Victorian facades, iconic bridges and an ever-inspiring coastal setting, this city never falls short of captivating both residents and tourists alike. Yet, while anyone may seek out San Francisco’s most frequented viewing sites, the best spots are often those unbeknownst to many. Whether you wish to experience the subtle vibrancy of sunrise or the pervasive palette of sunset, escape the masses to the following tried and trusted sites for a local’s outlook upon the Golden City.


Top of Lombard and Hyde Street

If it’s both a view and experience you seek, meander your way to the intersection of Lombard and Hyde Street. Perhaps one of the most picturesque and crooked thoroughfares in San Francisco, Lombard is 600-feet of red brick that zig zags downhill, offering a true car show for pedestrians. Yet, while Lombard may be a popular attraction, fewer know of the unrivaled vistas atop Hyde Street. So, make the trek uphill, revel in the boundless beauty of foliage, delight in the zig-zagging cars and, when you reach the zenith at Hyde, take a moment to admire a view that envelops nearly half of the city and Alcatraz just beyond. Here, you’ll find peace and quiet amidst the pandemonium of cars below.

Lombard Street

Top of the Mark

The Mark Hopkins Hotel is one of the most elegant and historic locales to both visit and stay in San Francisco. And, perhaps even more glamorous is the Top of The Mark: a posh rooftop bar that revels in awe-inspiring, 360-degree views of the city. Whether you choose to go for a delicious weekend brunch or a matchless sunset experience whilst sipping a signature martini, the Top of the Mark never fails to deliver with its stunning vistas of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Alcatraz, downtown skyline and, come sundown, dazzling city lights.

San Francisco View

Kirby Cove

While one may believe the best views of San Francisco are seen from above, oftentimes the most natural of settings provide the greatest perspective. At the base of the Marin Headlands sits Kirby Cove: a pristine, coarse-sand beach that offers an incredible sightline of the Golden Gate Bridge. To access this treasured inlet, embark upon a mile-long hike from Battery Spencer and wander amongst the colorful hillside until you reach the coastal haven that is Kirby Cove. Bring a blanket and unwind as the sun does the same, illuminating the bridge for a show to remember.

Kirby Cove

The Harrison

The Harrison boasts access to some of San Francisco’s most coveted views. Each residence and penthouse is replete with floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, revealing unobstructed vistas of the Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, AT&T Park, the city and marina. Yet, perhaps the most magical views are experienced from Uncle Harry’s: its private penthouse lounge atop the 49th floor, enveloped by 100 linear feet of windows that beguile residents with its vistas of the twinkling Bay Bridge, marina and AT&T Park. Here, you can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, and evanesce into the beauty of the bay just beyond.

The Harrison Uncle Harry's

Mount Davidson

The highest natural point in San Francisco, Mount Davidson is best known for the cross that stands tall upon its summit in the distance. But, while many admire the hill from afar, those who climb to the top enjoy sweeping views of San Francisco while secluded from all the hustle and bustle beyond. Offering a vantage point just as spectacular as Twin Peaks but without the chaos of the crowds, Mount Davidson is the ideal destination to seek out peace and quiet whilst absorbing some of the most impressive vistas of the city and bay.

San Francisco View

Learn more about what it’s like to live every day amidst San Francisco’s best views, behold the Signature Collection’s 17 luxurious penthouses or explore SoMa.


Photos courtesy by Bay City Guide, San Francisco’s Traveler’s Guide, and SF Gate.

Inside The Harrison’s Soirée of the Season

What happens when you take three of San Francisco’s most luxurious penthouses with unrivaled views, a prolific and emerging artist and two star designers from renowned staging firm, Premier Stagers? The Harrison’s Soirée of the Season did just that, and the outcome was as magnificent as presumed. While most seasonal festivities teem with bright red, green and gold, The Harrison spun the typical soirée into a full color wheel by virtue of celebrated artist Alex Partman’s live painting demonstration. While residents and guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres within 46A, 46B and 46C of the Signature Collection, Alex Partman enlivened the stunning interiors with a one-of-a-kind piece of art, created right before their very own eyes.

Artist Alex Partman

The Signature Collection penthouses served as the ultimate venue to host such a creative and celebratory event. Masterfully staged by Summer Chápin and Maxime Jacquet of Premier Stagers, both 46B and 46C captivated with their expansive living spaces, far-reaching views and inspiring decorative finishes. The walls of art in 46A were quite literally brought to life as Alex Partman showcased his talents in real time. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with the designers and artist behind the Signature Collection penthouses, making the holiday event a truly collaborative experience.

Hana Cha, Zack Bernstein, Maxime Jacquet, Summer Chápin

As the evening came to a close, lucky raffle winner Ilya Tsay took home Alex Partman’s prized creation, titled “Coco and the Supreme Marengo.”

Raffle winner, Ilya Tsay

Thank you to all who partook in such a special evening; there was simply no better way to celebrate the holidays than with the sophisticated and artistic flair that life at The Harrison affords. To view more photos of the event, please visit our Facebook page

San Francisco’s Attaché-Approved Holiday Gift Guide


The Harrison Attaché is a go-to San Francisco connoisseur at the ready for all residents’ greatest requests, tips and planning needs. From securing reservations at SoMa’s most sought-after restaurants or finding the best local park to pamper your pup, The Harrison Attaché will go above and beyond to make living at The Harrison as effortless and luxurious as possible. In that same vein, The Harrison Attaché has devised a carefully-curated gift guide to make this holiday season’s shopping both simple and meaningful. And, better yet, each gift presents its own sought-after perk by virtue of the Attaché’s prominent affiliations.

Curated Wine Trip to Napa
One of the greatest gives we can give this holiday season is our love and support. While the fires that unfurled throughout wine country have left a lasting impact on the community, many vineyards have reopened for business, making our tourism efforts crucial for their regrowth. And, what rivals wine tasting paired with charitability? The Harrison Attaché has curated a wine tasting package that offers residents access to members-only vineyards and complimentary trip planning, at just $55 per tasting.

Napa Valley

DwellWell Professional Organizing
During the holidays, our lives tend to feel a bit cluttered—both literally and figuratively. And, perhaps more often than not, we strive to start the new year with a clean slate. So, this holiday season, give the gift of organization with a three hour DwellWell professional organizing session. While the service is typically $225, The Harrison Attaché gifts you 10% off.

Italian Leather Tech Tool Case
For all the tech aficionados in San Francisco, this Italian leather tool case from Restoration Hardware is both fashionable and functional for all of one’s organizational needs. While the high-end case is typically $79, if purchased through The Harrison Attaché, one will receive 25% off.

Leather Tool Case

Theatre Tickets
Give the gift of theatre this holiday season with tickets to “A Christmas Story” at the American Conservatory Theater or “Aladdin” at the Orpheum. The best moments are those experienced with loved ones, and seeing your favorite show, together, is a gift that holds lifelong memories. Tickets start at $200 per person, and when booked through The Harrison Attaché, residents will receive coveted preferred access.

Half Moon Bay Spa Facial
There’s no better way to treat your loved one than with a replenishing and relaxing spa treatment. The acclaimed Half Moon Bay Spa at the Ritz-Carlton offers an 80-minute pumpkin facial thats allows for the most hydrating and tranquil experience with the sound of waves crashing just beyond. The treatment starts at $260 and, if booked through The Harrison Attaché, giftees will receive complimentary champagne.

Half Moon Bay

Assouline “Chic Stays” Book
Those who live at The Harrison know luxury. And, for those with a desire to experience luxury worldwide, Assouline’s “Chic Stays” is the ultimate gift to satiate one’s wanderlust. Complete with lyrical anecdotes and stunning photographs from around the world, this coffee table book has an undeniable capacity to transport. While “Chic Stays” is $85, you will receive an Attaché perk of 20% off.

While we firmly believe that the city’s best views are seen from The Harrison residences, it’s possible that a bird’s eye view is just as spectacular. For the adventurous soul in your family, a flight above San Francisco is a supreme holiday gift. With FlyNYON, one can see and experience the city’s most notable landmarks from a new perspective. Highly-customized, this package comes to $499 per seat, with a 10% discount á la The Harrison Attaché.

Golden Gate Bridge

Learn more about the perks of being a resident at The Harrison or inquire about a particular residence here.


*Photos Courtesy of Restoration HardwareSpas of America, and FlyNYON


5 Restaurants Securing SoMa’s Title as Best Foodie Neighborhood in SF

Perhaps the best way to experience San Francisco is by dining your way through its cultural nooks. Yet, while the city may be home to incredible restaurants far and wide, some of the best eateries can be found right beyond your doorstep at The Harrison. SoMa has been swift to secure the title as San Francisco’s best foodie neighborhood, with sought-after restaurants popping up left and right. Nevertheless, while there are countless locales and cuisines to experience and taste, we have done the vetting to present SoMa’s top five restaurants that are, without a doubt, raising the culinary bar citywide.


Set within the newly-renovated PacBell building at 140 New Montgomery, Mourad flaunts one Michelin star by reason of Chef Lahlou’s modern interpretation of authentic Moroccan cuisine. While the decor itself is beautifully inspired, each dish is immaculately crafted and influenced by fresh Moroccan spices and ingredients. Chef Lahlou has garnered much acclaim amongst the foodie world for his La’acha offering, otherwise known as family-style dishes, including whole lamb shoulder, short rib, snapper and more.


Cockscomb has quickly become a SoMa staple for those seeking an unforgettable meal curated by celebrity chef Chris Cosentino. The menu is a vibrant celebration of San Francisco’s diverse culinary heritage, and while many foodie favorites consist of wood oven-fired meats, Cosentino cooks up an array of delectable vegetarian dishes and offers one of the best raw bars in the city.


This New American bistro is locally famed for its burger, but also sits high atop our list by virtue of its Ken Fulk-designed interiors. A go-to restaurant for both SoMa dwellers and visitors alike, Marlowe features a menu of classic-yet-amplified American favorites in a chic, inviting ambiance. The Marlowe Burger, piled high with cheddar, caramelized onions, bacon and horseradish aioli is a dish most certainly not to be missed.


Benu is one of San Francisco’s two restaurants that boasts three Michelin stars, which means that this SoMa gem is, in fact, one of the best restaurants in the world. Chef Cory Lee’s French- and Asian-inspired cuisine far exceeds the palette’s expectations, comprised of precisely executed dishes with superlative ingredients. Three stars are given to restaurants that are worth a special journey, so it comes as no surprise that diners and foodies worldwide are seeking a spot at Cory Lee’s table.

1601 Bar & Kitchen

One of San Francisco’s greatest hidden gems, 1601 Bar & Kitchen brings unrivaled Sri Lankan flavor to the heart of SoMa. Featuring a distinctive menu of modernized Sri Lankan fare, this SoMa favorite offers a highly unique and tailored experience that diners simply cannot find elsewhere. The chef’s tasting menu is coveted by the ultimate foodie, complete with seven courses that highlight traditional favorites, such as egg hopper and squab-eggplant lamprais.

*Photos Courtesy of Cyn Eats, Star Chefs, Marlowe SF, Metal + Honey, San Francisco Chronicle &  1601 SF

Why Facebook, Salesforce, Google & Others Are Making the Move to SoMa

SoMa has swiftly become the city’s proclaimed economic hub where notable tech giants are competing to put down roots. As of recent, Facebook signed San Francisco’s largest office lease in three years, taking up residence less than half a mile from The Harrison. Along with Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Dropbox and Salesforce, Facebook has recognized SoMa’s economic and territorial appeal.

Migration of the Minds

Why SoMa? The answer is simple. Those working within the tech industry are seeking a metropolitan environment and, of course, a less arduous commute. Young professionals are likely to choose a vibrant urban setting over the suburbs of Silicon Valley; thus SoMa has flourished from a bygone industrial district into a sought-after locale for young entrepreneurs to level-up their careers. The nation’s most innovative tech businesses have caught wind of this urban migration and, consequently, are following suit to tap into this wellspring of talent.

Salesforce Settles In

Salesforce has been particularly privy of SoMa’s budding tech landscape. In fact, the software company established a five-month program, known as The Salesforce Incubator, to help select start-ups and consulting firms deliver innovative solutions to their customers. Set within a historic office space in SoMa, the rotating program is designed to nurture entrepreneurship in a locale that has become, without a doubt, the nation’s newest innovation hub. Additionally, this past summer, Salesforce signed a 25-year, $110 million deal with the new Transbay Transit Center which, too, entails naming rights. As such, the complex and 5.4 acre rooftop space will be known, respectively, as the Salesforce Transit Center and Salesforce Park.

Skyrocketing Value

Nonetheless, this massive shift to SoMa is not solely beneficial to those within the tech industry. As demand for property increases, the high-end SoMa real estate market will undoubtedly reap the benefits. According to data released by the San Francisco assessor-recorder’s office, “South of Market has the distinction of being the city’s highest-valued neighborhood.” As the San Francisco Chronicle noted, the construction of business developments and high-rise towers, including The Harrison, have pushed SoMa’s assessed value to an impressive $17 billion.

While SoMa may be a portmanteau for South of Market, the neighborhood sits within the center of San Francisco’s most coveted real estate market. With that being said, now—more than ever—people are yearning to call SoMa home. Beyond the neighborhood’s budding economy, those who live within SoMa boast proximity to their employers, public transportation, parks, local restaurants, prime shopping and, of course, the ever-alluring bay. With a short commute via bike or on foot, people are finding more time to enjoy and explore the city’s cultural nuances. For those who live at The Harrison, SoMa’s landmark residential high-rise, the luxuries of high-end interior design and nearby attractions are seemingly endless.

Care to learn more? Explore SoMa or take a peek at The Harrison’s residences.

Exclusive Look: Your Esteemed Uncle’s Penthouse Lounge

Situated atop The Harrison on the 49th floor lies the city’s most exclusive and luxurious penthouse lounge, Uncle Harry’s. Solely accessible to The Harrison residents, Uncle Harry’s features 3,500 square feet of entertainment space and walls of windows revealing unobstructed vistas of the twinkling Bay Bridge, marina and AT&T Park just beyond. The literal and figurative pinnacle of design and detail, this swanky sanctuary in the sky brings to fruition an utterly refined urban lifestyle.

Imagined by famed interior designer Ken Fulk, the private penthouse retreat captivates with its emerald green interior and thoroughly sophisticated ambiance. The lounge is comprised of two impressive living spaces: the main great room, complete with a full bar, catering kitchen—ideal for private dinner parties—a double-sided fireplace and a secluded dining area, as well as a more intimate Speakeasy, featuring an additional bar, multiple lounge areas and—lest we not forget—jaw-dropping wraparound vistas. Uncle Harry’s Speakeasy is, without a doubt, the ultimate locale for an array of gatherings, whether that be a game viewing party or a posh cocktail hour.

Fulk meticulously decorated the space with vintage and modern finishes so as to merge classic San Francisco elegance with contemporary trends. In an interview with The Harrison, Fulk exclaimed, “As you stand in front of these panoramic views of the Bay with Treasure Island in the near distance, it feels like you could be living in any moment of San Francisco history.” Thus, Uncle Harry’s is an essential junction of old-world refinement and modern city living, transporting residents to any era they so choose.

Inundated with various textures, prints and metallic notes throughout, the lounge is meant to embrace an eccentric world-traveler theme which, of course, is reflective of its name: Uncle Harry’s. “Throughout the years, this city has been a gateway to the Pacific and the world beyond—and we are on that same world stage again—so that was our inspiration. It’s meant to feel like the living room of your most interesting ancestor—that adventurous, world-traveling great uncle,” says Fulk. From blue velvet, black marble, distressed wood and brass finishes to vintage African Kuba cloth and a crocodile-embossed leather bar, the interior decor embodies the personality of an esteemed, whimsical uncle.

Featured in Haute Living, Curbed San Francisco and Rue Magazine, Uncle Harry’s has garnered much acclaim for its lavishly catered lifestyle where residents delight in social gatherings, meetings, private parties, as well as The Harrison Attaché’s curated events. Whether one wishes to engage in wine tastings or enriching cultural programs, Uncle Harry’s represents the apex of luxury in a building where residents have come to expect nothing less.

How a “Park in the Sky” Will Reshape San Francisco’s Skyline

Akin to a fingerprint, San Francisco’s skyline is complete with distinctive high-rises and inspiring Bay vistas. Yet, any fingerprint presents its limitations: the inability to transform, to recreate, to introduce new eccentricities. Here, within the heart of SoMa, this metaphorical fingerprint will soon defy all limitations and reimagine itself as, indeed, a green thumb.

The highly-anticipated Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco’s visionary transportation, and housing project, is poised to redefine the skyline with 5.4 acres of pristine parkland and a curated collection of rare trees—469, to be exact. Five stories high and 1,400 feet in length, the rooftop City Park will thoroughly reinvent the notion of elevated, sustainable living. While the space will showcase an array of amenities, including an outdoor amphitheater, restaurant and cafe, the stunning vegetation will make all else green with envy.

Despite questions regarding the future of the transit center, such as when it may connect to high-speed rail or which retailers will occupy its 100,000-square-foot interior, one answer remains clear: the City Park will captivate far long before the trains arrive. Designed by landscape contractor Patrick Trollop and architect Adam Greenspan, the glassed-in rooftop will be a natural skyline museum, replete with manicured gardens, trails, water features and foreign flora sourced from various destinations along the nation’s west coast.

Trollop and Greenspan have scoured nurseries for over a year, securing an assortment of trees including Chinese elms from San Diego, island oaks from Escondido, a single Columnar Hornbeam from Portland and numerous others. Presently, 60 trees have been hauled into the sky via cranes, with an impressive 409 to go. The 5.4-acre park will be, in essence, a botanical gallery divided amongst sections reserved for the many species. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Greenspan exclaimed, “I think there is going to be a tree for everyone. We have grand and stately trees, and we also have weird trees, quirky ones.”

Yet, in spite of its prospect as an enlivening natural wonder set high within the sky, the City Park will provide countless environmental and health benefits to both the city and its inhabitants. The rooftop will offer natural insulation for the interior spaces, regulating heat during warmer months and retaining heat during colder weather. A true living organism, the City Park will improve air quality by capturing and filtering exhaust from the cars below. Additionally, research shows that residents with access to green spaces in urban locales have improved general health, reduced stress levels, increased levels of physical activity and more.

And the best part? All of this lies just moments beyond your doorstep at The Harrison. Here, living isn’t of the typical garden variety—it’s rather comparable to the city’s soon-to-be botanical oasis.

Explore SoMa and all that The Harrison’s neighborhood has to offer here.

*Photos courtesy of Inhabit