The Harrison Presents Fireside Talks: Enter the Fantastic San Francisco Time Machine

September 26, 2017
Historic Bay Bridge

The Harrison’s Luxury Attaché has partnered with the San Francisco Museum & Historical Society to present a series of five Fireside Talks, all of which will be hosted exclusively for The Harrison residents between September 2017 and March 2018. On Thursday, September 21, Joseph Amster kickstarted the series whilst transporting guests to the 1800s, weaving them through the ins and outs of San Francisco’s history.

Perhaps the Bay Area’s most charismatic historian, Joseph Amster fully embodies Joshua Abraham Norton: the self-proclaimed “Emperor of the United States” in 1859. Emperor Norton was considered one of the most eccentric men of his time; thus, it comes as no surprise that Amster assumes the same attire and political ascendancy.

Opening with an iconic quote from Oscar Wilde, “Everybody who disappeared ends up in San Francisco,” Joseph Amster carried The Harrison residents through crucial details and events that created a lasting impact on the Bay Area. Over the hour, attendees were enraptured by his whimsical personality and exposed to the legacy that Emperor Norton holds in San Francisco today—such as his decree for a bridge to connect the city to Oakland. Today, that decree lies just beyond our doorstep as one of the most alluring and coveted attractions in San Francisco.

The Harrison is thrilled to relay the success of the event and is looking forward to an auspicious future for what will surely be an enriching historical series.

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*Photo Courtesy of Bay Bridge Info

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