Resident Picks: The Time-Saving Technology We Love

February 26, 2019
Google Home

Though we thoroughly appreciate age-old works of art and tradition, there’s something to be said for new technology. For those of us who are time strapped, smart tech is a life-changing addition in our homes. Thankfully, today’s gadgets are compact enough to fit in with any decor, yet powerful enough to add ease and comfort to our lives. These are some of the our favorite high-tech devices to keep in our homes that would make even the Jetsons jealous.

1. Google Home

What did we ever do before virtual personal assistants? Google Home can wake us up in the morning, play music, order our groceries, relay the news, turn on our lights and so much more. But what’s the benefit over the similar Amazon Echo? You can invite your friend Alexa (or Alexis) over without sending your device into a frenzy.

2. Tile

Anyone who’s ever been late because they lost their keys or wallet, Tile is for you. This Bluetooth-powered device lets you track your belongings via sound or the phone app. Its most innovative features is perhaps the “community find” function, which utilizes other app users to help you relocate something misplaced outside the home.

3. Roomba

Vacuuming is an easy task, in theory, but it can be time consuming or hard to remember to fit into your schedule. iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuum devices keep your floors clean all the time without you having a to lift a finger. Perfect for those of us with pets or kids (or messy significant others).

4. Furbo Dog Camera

It’s a nanny cam for your dog. We all worry about our furry best friends when we’re at work or away. What are they doing all day long? Are they disturbing the neighbors? With Furbo, we can get alerted to barking, watch and talk to our pets, and send them treats—all through the connected app. Just don’t get caught watching the live feed of your dog sleeping at work.

5. Cozi

This one isn’t a standalone device; rather, it’s a time-saving app designed for the whole household. Cozi is a to-do list, family calendar, and group chat all in one. The app lets you keep track of all of your partner’s or family’s events and activities in one place, keep and share grocery lists (in real time), store recipes, plan meals, and more. And it can be used on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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