Trend Watch: Why Empty Nesters are Opting for Urban Living

January 29, 2019
San Francisco

When kids go off to live on their own and the house is finally quiet for the first time in 18+ years, you suddenly have more space than you know what to do with and herein lies a decision all empty nesters face: to redesign your space and shape a new life there or trade in this environment for something different.

Though downsizing is no new trend, downsizing to bustling city life is. Parents are no longer expected to remain in the same place as where their kids grew up or maintain the same kind of lifestyle, sans kids. Here is what’s drawing empty nesters out of suburbia and into the centers of urban paradises these days.

Less to Maintain

A no-brainer, really. Why vacuum and dusty rooms that aren’t getting touched but once a year? Why mow a lawn or heat a swimming pool if your backyard was really designed for your kids’ enjoyment? City living means being able to cut your household chores down exponentially. No more gutters to unclog or driveways to pressure-wash or side paneling to repaint once you’re living in a maintained luxury building.

Walkable Neighborhoods

According to AARP, housing preferences of the 45+ crowd include being in a walkable neighborhood, in close proximity to work, and having access to public transportation. Trading in a backyard for vertical living gives empty nesters close access to all the restaurants, shopping centers, parks and cultural exhibits one could want. And, apart from convenience, regular walking is one of the best anti-aging activities you can do—proving beneficial for both physical and cognitive health.

Social Opportunities

While it might work for some, not everyone wants to retire to a remote location and enjoy their own company. Many adults are embracing better social lives than people half their ages because they now have the freedom to focus on themselves once their kids are grown and on their own. With coveted access to Uncle Harry’s and countless events organized by The Harrison’s Luxury Attaché—ranging from cocktail parties to meditation classes—residents have every opportunity to socialize.

Amenities Galore

Urban living offers residents five-star amenities you wouldn’t get out of a standalone home. The Harrison, for example, boasts a private penthouse lounge, Uncle Harry’s; a fully-stocked café-style Pantry; hot tub and swimming pool; fitness center; and personalized concierge service. Live like royalty without having to care for the castle.

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