Designer Ken Fulk Recounts the Thoughtful Intent Behind Each Stylish Square Foot of The Harrison

September 13, 2017
Uncle Harry's

Often described as charismatic, eccentric and unwittingly talented, Ken Fulk is Proprietor of creative agency Ken Fulk Inc. and the brilliant designer behind the inimitable details lining The Harrison—from The Grand Salon lobby to penthouse lounge. In this video, produced by Transparent House, the designer recounts San Francisco’s roots, its modern renaissance and how The Harrison fits in by standing out as a beacon of style in a varied skyline.

The Lobby

While designing the lobby of The Harrison, Fulk’s intent was to create an enchanting, yet welcoming, entrance—to give residents the feeling they were coming home to the most stylish place in the city. “We built an incredible cerused oak library – two story – with a beautiful mezzanine, inside the lobby of the Harrison,” Fulk said. “It looks like you’ve walked into a beautiful grand residence.”

Penthouse Lounge

Uncle Harry’s has an overwhelmingly vibrant energy, like stepping into a speakeasy from a bygone era or the elegant living quarters of your worldly and enlightened great uncle. At 3,500 square feet, this high-in-the-sky penthouse lounge offers both an elegant daily retreat and an inspired event venue, complete with a bar and fireplace, and set to unimpeded views of the Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, city and marina below.

San Francisco Culture

Despite Silicon Valley’s tendencies of casual attire, Fulk has recognized a burgeoning demand for more sophisticated environments. He notes a “palpable sense” of San Francisco’s importance happening right now. “We’re living amongst the Thomas Edisons or the Henry Fords of our time—people who are changing the world,” he said. With this in mind, Fulk designed The Harrison with old-world class to heighten residents’ aspirations and help them to achieve their own personal bests, noting “Folks will want to live up to it.”

Details of a Life Well Lived

While designing The Harrison, Fulk dreamed of creating the frame for a life well-lived. Attention to detail triumphs in the building’s topiary-flanked entrance, the artifacts lining the grand salon, the textured walls, each residence’s unlacquered brass fixtures and its diagonal-planked Siberian oak wood floors. Fulk amounts fine details to a fine life and affords this opportunity to the select San Franciscans who will own at The Harrison.

Take a peek at The Harrison’s residences, learn more about its hotel-quality amenities or explore the neighborhood.

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