How to Make This the Summer of Developing Healthy Habits

July 5, 2019

While many of us consider the new year to be the optimal time for intention-setting, there’s no reason why you can’t start anew in the middle of the year. And what better time than summer to develop new, positive habits? After all, with its long, sunshine-filled days, summertime has a way of inspiring positivity all around. Here are some ways to put the season to good use and develop healthy habits of your own.

1. Use the extra hours of daytime to light your reading list.
Whether your list includes current New York Times bestsellers or 19th century classics, now is the perfect time to start crossing some books off your list. The mild weather opens up a host of new places to read—from your living room to Rincon Park, just steps away from The Harrison. And for a classic San Francisco-themed read, take a look at our list of favorites and get ready to fall for the city all over again.

2. Take up a meditation practice.
Meditation is often limited to an association with spiritual retreats and unconventional lifestyles. And, while these may be true, the practice can and should be weaved into even the most modern and conventional of lifestyles. Meditation is a great tool for personal development that can help you destress, focus and find perspective. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our residents’ ten favorite hangouts for balancing mind and body, all just steps from The Harrison.

3. Get your body moving.
The Harrison’s fitness center and pool do offer an upgraded workout experience, but we understand that it might take a new environment or activity in order to jumpstart a new routine. Here are five outdoor activities that’ll get your body moving and your senses fulfilled as you take in the best of the Bay Area.

4. Change up your morning routine.
Without the chill of winter to keep you snuggled up in bed until you have no choice but to get up, you’ll have the opportunity to make something of your morning before work or other obligations. Try something as simple as sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at one of our top local spots, or maybe even a more ambitious feat like walking to work instead of your usual commute in the mornings.

5. Renew your relationships.
This summer, why not make it a point to renew some of your relationships with friends and family? Choose a date and head to one of these outdoor drinking spots in SoMa to catch up over cocktails and small plates with your college friends. Plan a romantic camping trip with your significant other. Or, take your mom for a relaxing wine tasting getaway in Napa Valley.

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