Illuminating the Bay Bridge: San Francisco’s Favorite City Night Light

Not every city has a spectacular light show each night. And, not everyone has a front row seat. At The Harrison, we defy all odds. Here, we boast the most unrivaled and unobstructed views of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which is set ablaze each evening with a light performance that dazzles and captivates those both near and far. Yet, while San Franciscans cherish this outstanding city night light, not many know the inspiring history behind it. Since the Bay Bridge sits in our backyard, we feel responsible for shedding light on its brilliant story.

A Glimmering Background

The Bay Lights are a monumental light sculpture and art installation that were designed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge’s opening. Although the lights were intended to be temporary, they were permanently installed in 2016 due to such pervasive popularity. The installation was designed by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal, whose remarkable light sculptures and architectural works can be found worldwide. Villareal worked alongside non-profit organization ILLUMINATE to bring the project to fruition.

Penthouse Living Area

In fact, ILLUMINATE was founded by a small group of close friends to bring The Bay Lights into existence. The organization now aims to “produce contemporary art with civic impact, social activation and global reach to stimulate a culture of generosity and collaboration.” As such, The Bay Lights were born out of kinship, the hope to bring light into the world, to inspire and delight. At The Harrison, we feel a strong sense of pride in the impactful piece of work that lies just beyond our abodes.

An Inspired Community

What many people may not know is that public art can tremendously impact public health. Public installations, like The Bay Lights, are scientifically backed to create a stronger sense of community, to strengthen and create solidarity, to improve residents’ overall well-being. It may seem far-fetched, but in the grand scheme of things it’s quite simple: when exposed to beautiful and inspiring artwork, one will likely feel at ease. The Bay Lights are no exception. San Franciscans are united by this breathtaking piece of work that is so artistically accessible to all. Illuminating the night sky, the glimmering installation makes for a brighter tomorrow.

Bay Bridge

At The Harrison, we’re fortunate to sit front and center each night for the Bay Bridge’s jaw-dropping show. Whether our residents wish to relax in the comfort of their own home or penthouse, or unwind with a glass of wine at Uncle Harry’s as the lights begin to gleam, the opportunities to view the artistic installation are limitless.

What is the Ideal Living Distance from Work in San Francisco?

It’s safe to say that those who live at The Harrison boast one of the most coveted commutes in San Francisco. Here, residents are less than a mile from the new Facebook office while Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce and the rest of the city’s flourishing tech hub, are likewise just moments away. This unrivaled commute got us thinking:

What is the ideal living distance from work in San Francisco?

How We Get on the Go

In San Francisco, an average of 32.4 percent of people use public transportation while 4.4 percent bike to work. These percentages are far higher than the national averages of 11 percent and less than 1 percent, respectively.

Going Public

San Francisco has been coined one of the nation’s best cities for public transportation, making one’s travel to and from work entirely effortless and accessible. In fact, 98 percent of the population lives within a half-mile of public transit that operates regularly. This allows San Franciscans the extra time to catch up on emails, call loved ones, read, listen to music and beyond, which, evidence shows, has a substantial impact on your health: less back aches, better sleep, lower blood pressure and more.

Step by Step

Interestingly, public transit and walkability are related: evidence shows that cities in which most people walk to work are those that boast the best transit systems, so it should come as no surprise that The Golden City has also been dubbed one of the best locales in the country to bike or walk to work. It’s scientifically proven that health and happiness improve with a biking or walking commute so, some residential buildings also include office space, it may be best to live at least a walk away and give yourself some distance.

Of course, not everyone has the ability to walk to work. But, if you’re able to walk to and from a nearby transit system, and subsequently use the time while commuting to accomplish something you love, you will—undoubtedly—reap the benefits.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, what’s truly important is your return-to retreat—that place where you can relax and recenter following a long day. At The Harrison, we pride ourselves on providing this essential urban sanctuary while being just moments from some of the largest employers in the country.

Interior Eye Candy: Our Favorite Ken Fulk-Designed Spaces​

World-renowned interior designer Ken Fulk has an incredible eye for jaw-dropping decor; and, at The Harrison, we just so happen to live amongst the product of his magnificent imagination. From San Francisco to New York, Fulk has been coined as one of the most whimsical and prolific modern day designers. While those of us who live at The Harrison boast the privilege of dwelling in a Ken Fulk masterpiece, we can’t help but dote on his revered designs throughout restaurants, lounges and clubs from coast to coast. Here, you can get a glorified glimpse into just a few of our favorites.

The Battery

The Battery, San Francisco’s most sought-after private social club, is the bona fide brainchild of Ken Fulk’s inspiring creativity. Throughout the historic five-level building, replete with an array of fitness amenities, top-tier dining options and 14 boutique suites, Fulk’s designs add intricate layers of luxury and comfort to each personalized space. From meticulously curated vintage furniture to original artwork, statement rugs, striking wallpaper, lavish chandeliers and sleek industrial details, each minute interior design is integral to The Battery’s eccentric ambiance.

The Battery

Uncle Harry’s

Ken Fulk’s sky-high masterpiece just so happens to be found right at home atop the The Harrison. Uncle Harry’s, our exclusive speakeasy-style penthouse lounge, features 3,500 square feet of true decorative eye-candy—all complemented by far-reaching Bay Bridge and marina vistas. Fulk meticulously decorated the space with vintage and modern finishes so as to merge classic San Francisco elegance with contemporary design. Here, one is captivated by various textures and prints, ranging from posh blue velvet to the speakeasy’s crocodile-embossed leather bar. And, let us not forget Uncle Harry’s idiosyncratic emerald green hue. Situated aloft the 49th floor, Uncle Harry’s serve as the ultimate product of Fulk’s fantastical vision.

Uncle Harry's

Yellowstone Club ‘Halfway House’

An exclusive residential community nestled in the Rockies in Montana, the Yellowstone Club is home to two outstanding Ken Fulk tour de forces. One serves as his clients’ main home while the other, cheekily named the Halfway House, is host to the owners’ guests. Here, Fulk’s fanciful imagination has been transposed to an ultra-luxurious mountain setting, giving rise to a true decorative feat. The Halfway House is teeming with details both sumptuous and natural, manifested by cozy leather and sheepskin pieces, textured tapestries and carefully curated antique and mid-century furniture—all complemented by the home’s rustic wood framework.

Living Room

Leo’s Oyster Bar

While sleek metal details and plush leather furnishings are seemingly integral to Ken Fulk’s portfolio, there are several places in which his most playful reveries are brought to fruition; one being Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco. A tropical treat amidst the city, Leo’s serves as both a seafood and interior decor hotspot. Brimming with lively botanical wallpaper, Bahamas-inspired rattan furniture and metallic leather banquettes, the Oyster Bar is “unapologetically nostalgic and glamorous,” as noted by Fulk in an interview with Architectural Digest. Reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Hotel and a mid-century Manhattan club, Leo’s is a true feast for the eyes—and belly.

Eating Area

*Photos Courtesy of Architectural Digest by Douglas Friedman, Haute Living, Ken Fulk, Ken Fulk & Haute Living

Resident Picks: 5 Must-Visit Ferry Building Merchants

A mere mile from The Harrison lies one of the most renowned artisan marketplaces in San Francisco: The Ferry Building. Located within the Embarcadero, the building has evolved into far more than just a ferry terminal since its 1898 inception. In fact, The Ferry Building has become a bona fide hub for local farmers, artisan producers and independently owned and operated food businesses. While there are boundless world-class merchants to visit while exploring the aisles or waiting for your next trip, we’ve curated a list of our top five resident favorites.


A Sonoma-based skin and body care line, Benedetta is the quintessence of a small business that supports the local community. Their kiosk shop realizes the company’s minimalist approach, showcasing products handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Offering body wash, lotions, seaweed bath and several other “food for the skin” products, Benedetta strictly uses ingredients from certified organic and biodynamic local farms. And, to boot, each product comes in recyclable glass packaging while the business ensures ethical and sustainable practices. So, not only are Benedetta’s products wonderfully natural and skin-changing, you’ll likewise feel good about your purchase.


Acme Bread Company

Ask any San Franciscan which bakery makes the best bread and they’re sure to answer Acme Bread Company. Owner and founder Steve Sullivan is dedicated to working closely with local farmers in evaluating and selecting grain varieties for the organic flour they produce each year—which, of course, results in the most outstanding bread, time and time again. In the Ferry Building Marketplace, breads are baked fresh throughout the day, so no matter what time you stop in to grab a loaf, it will certainly still be warm.


Cowgirl Sidekick

If you haven’t yet heard of Cowgirl Creamery, or their Artisan Cheese Shop within the Ferry Building Marketplace, it’s time you drop everything to grab a taste. Featuring premium and award-winning farmstead cheeses, produced both locally and abroad, Cowgirl has swiftly become one of the most sought-after creameries in the country. Yet, the renowned company has gone one step further. Cowgirl Sidekick, adjacent to the cheese shop, offers a delectable menu of dishes with the creamery’s daily selection of cheeses. So, whether you stop by for a fresh mozzarella and egg sandwich in the morning or an unforgettable grilled cheese at lunch (made with Acme Bread, of course), Cowgirl Sidekick is a Ferry Building must.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hog Island Oyster Company

San Francisco’s most delicious and distinguished oyster bar sits on the north end of the Ferry Building, offering matchless bay views while you devour the freshest oysters this city has to offer. Featuring shellfish from nearby Tomales Bay oyster farm, Hog Island’s menu is comprised of an assortment of raw oysters on the half-shell, a traditional oyster stew, steamed clams and clam chowder—along with beer, wine and cocktails, of course. So, if it’s an impeccably classic seaside meal you seek, look no further than what Hog Island Oyster Company is serving up on a silver platter (quite literally).

Entree Meal

Farm Fresh to You

So long are the days of waiting for your one-day-a-week local farmer’s market. Set within the Ferry Building Marketplace is Farm Fresh to You, a full-service gourmet market that offers the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients for your cooking needs. Residents throughout the entire Bay Area flock to this market hotspot for organic produce that’s harvested daily from the Barsotti farm in the Capay Valley and shipped directly to the Ferry Building Marketplace. Say goodbye to your dreaded grocery store visits because Farm Fresh to You will surely fulfill all your market needs.


*Photos Courtesy of Visit Vallejo, Benedetta, Acme Bread Company, Timeout, Hog Island Oyster Company & USDA