Illuminating the Bay Bridge: San Francisco’s Favorite City Night Light

February 20, 2018
Bay Bridge

Not every city has a spectacular light show each night. And, not everyone has a front row seat. At The Harrison, we defy all odds. Here, we boast the most unrivaled and unobstructed views of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which is set ablaze each evening with a light performance that dazzles and captivates those both near and far. Yet, while San Franciscans cherish this outstanding city night light, not many know the inspiring history behind it. Since the Bay Bridge sits in our backyard, we feel responsible for shedding light on its brilliant story.

A Glimmering Background

The Bay Lights are a monumental light sculpture and art installation that were designed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge’s opening. Although the lights were intended to be temporary, they were permanently installed in 2016 due to such pervasive popularity. The installation was designed by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal, whose remarkable light sculptures and architectural works can be found worldwide. Villareal worked alongside non-profit organization ILLUMINATE to bring the project to fruition.

Penthouse Living Area

In fact, ILLUMINATE was founded by a small group of close friends to bring The Bay Lights into existence. The organization now aims to “produce contemporary art with civic impact, social activation and global reach to stimulate a culture of generosity and collaboration.” As such, The Bay Lights were born out of kinship, the hope to bring light into the world, to inspire and delight. At The Harrison, we feel a strong sense of pride in the impactful piece of work that lies just beyond our abodes.

An Inspired Community

What many people may not know is that public art can tremendously impact public health. Public installations, like The Bay Lights, are scientifically backed to create a stronger sense of community, to strengthen and create solidarity, to improve residents’ overall well-being. It may seem far-fetched, but in the grand scheme of things it’s quite simple: when exposed to beautiful and inspiring artwork, one will likely feel at ease. The Bay Lights are no exception. San Franciscans are united by this breathtaking piece of work that is so artistically accessible to all. Illuminating the night sky, the glimmering installation makes for a brighter tomorrow.

Bay Bridge

At The Harrison, we’re fortunate to sit front and center each night for the Bay Bridge’s jaw-dropping show. Whether our residents wish to relax in the comfort of their own home or penthouse, or unwind with a glass of wine at Uncle Harry’s as the lights begin to gleam, the opportunities to view the artistic installation are limitless.

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