Where to See Art in the Heart of SoMa

SoMa has several shining attributes, from its setting by the bay to the many incredible restaurants and shops, but one that continually draws people from both near and far is its art. The area is teeming with boutique art galleries and contemporary museums, affording SoMa a truly unique cultural character. So whether you want to attend an eclectic gallery event or admire some of the world’s most renowned pieces of work, SoMa is full of vibrant options.


Just moments from your doorstep at The Harrison lies one of the most celebrated art museums in the nation: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Not only is the building a piece of art in and of itself, designed by the ever-renowned Snøhetta architecture firm, but the museum likewise houses an internationally-recognized collection of contemporary works, featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein. Be sure to check out the sixth floor Fisher Collection for a museum experience to remember.

Photo courtesy of SF Gate


1AM, short for First Amendment, is a progressive gallery and cultural space that sits on Howard Street, a few blocks from The Harrison. Their mission is to promote freedom of speech—hence its name—through urban art exhibitions, public murals and experiences. So if you’re looking for an interactive gallery visit, head to the community-oriented 1AM to join one of the team building activities or eye-opening street art classes and tours.

Photo courtesy of Graffart


The Museum of the African Diaspora is situated on Mission Street, a mere 15 minute walk from your doorstep. The incredible exhibition showcases the history, art and cultural diversity that resulted from the migration of Africans throughout the world. MoAd is one of the few museums across the globe to focus solely on African Diaspora culture, presenting an opportunity for visitors to likewise be apart of history. Be sure to check out the first floor gallery, which connects to the St. Regis—meaning you can enjoy a drink at the bar before or after your museum exploration.

Photo courtesy of MoAD

Gagosian Gallery

The Gagosian Gallery has 16 exhibition spaces worldwide, one of which resides just opposite SFMOMA. Designed by Kulapat Yantrasast of Los Angeles–based wHY Architecture, the Gagosian Gallery focuses on the relationships between fine art, sculpture and structural design, featuring artists like the ever-renowned Pablo Picasso and Joe Bradley. Here, you can expect a sun-drenched gallery that is lined with some of the world’s most coveted works, all whilst being open and free to the public.

Photo courtesy of New York Times

Every Way to Traverse the City from SoMa

San Franciscans enjoy many ways to get around the city—no matter the time of year—and perhaps more than any other city in the US. Unlike New York City or Chicago, where pedaling around on a bike is all but impossible come winter, and even just walking can be a challenge, San Francisco is a commuter’s haven throughout the seasons. Whether you’re getting around on two wheels, four wheels, public transit or your own two feet, your options are seemingly endless. And, when adjacent to the beauty and expanse of the bay in SoMa, getting around can be both pleasant and effortless. So, however you please to traverse the city, get your start right here.


One of the easiest and healthiest ways to traverse the city is via foot. Whether you’re headed north or south, SoMa is the perfect locale from which to begin your walk. In fact, immersing yourself in the fresh air and being near the water on a daily basis has proven to improve one’s health and happiness. So consider walking to and from work, make dinner plans with friends at Fisherman’s Wharf or stroll with your pup by the water each morning.

BART & Muni

When you simply want to relax and have someone else lead the way, look no further than San Francisco’s BART and Muni transportation systems. BART, the city’s primary rapid public transportation, is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get from SFO or OAK to San Francisco and SoMa is seamlessly accessed via the Embarcadero Bart Station. Or, you can utilize the ever-simple bus and metro system, known as Muni. So, if you lack a bike, car or directional savvy, don’t worry—there are countless ways to traverse the city both seamlessly and affordably.


At The Harrison, we’re just moments from the San Francisco Bay Trail, which is comprised of an impressive 500 miles around the entire bay running through all 9 counties, 47 cities and across seven toll bridges. Of course, you needn’t conquer it all, but having a bike makes seeing and experiencing the city a whole lot easier. Commute on wheels—whether its your own bike or a Ford GoBike—or head out for an ambitious ride on the weekend; cycling by the water is sure to offer both calm and cardio. What’s better? If you live at The Harrison, you have a safe spot to park your bike right at home.


Navigating San Francisco in a car isn’t always ideal, but when you’re able to stick by the bay, traffic becomes exponentially less stressful. And, when you have valet services at home, getting behind the wheel can actually be a breeze. At The Harrison, our residents have the luxury of dropping their car off and avoiding the dread of street parking; so, for those with a lengthy commute, the ease of simply handing over the keys after a long day is, perhaps, one of the greatest urban luxuries of all.

Baseball is Back: 10 Tips for Enjoying a Giants Game at AT&T Park

At last, baseball season will be back in the swing of things on March 29, 2018. And, while residents at The Harrison could likely watch a Giants game from their own abodes, high above AT&T Park, nothing beats rooting for our hometown heroes on their own turf. So, put on your orange and black, score some tickets and delve into the Spring season with these 10 tips for prime time enjoyment.

Tip #1 – Snag some Tickets

The first step to enjoying a Giants game is simply getting your hands on a few tickets. Head over to MLB.com or Stubhub for quick single-game tickets. The Harrison residents have the luxury of getting in touch with their very own concierge to procure tickets, making a day at the ballpark—quite literally—a walk in the park.

Tip #2 – Walk it Out

Luckily, AT&T Park is just a fifteen minute walk away from The Harrison. There’s simply no better way to avoid game day traffic or parking than by taking a nice walk to and fro.

Tip #3 – Cheers to the Game

Before heading into the stadium, stop for a drink at 21st Amendment, Momo’s, Lord George or Pete’s Tavern to get into the spirit amongst other fervent Giants fans.

Tip #4 – Take a Tour

Or, take a mini history tour. Start at the Willie McCovey statue, wander down the Giants History Walk, cross the Lefty O’Doul Bridge, admire the Juan Marichal statue then head in to check out the Giants Wall of Fame.

Baseball Stadium

Tip #5 – Refresh

At the beginning of the season it’s always a good idea to refresh on the rules. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth game, get acclimated by reading up on the laws of the game, the players and the stats.

Tip #6 – Settle In

Get comfortable—there’s no denying that baseball games can be long. Bring a blanket, get a drink and sit back and relax.

Tip #7 – Get Loud

Show your support and get loud. Join in the cheers and sing along to “Bye Bye Baby” when the Giants score a homerun. Delight in a tradition that’s been around since the 50s.

Tip #8 – Layer Up

Make sure you’re dressed in orange and black, yet warm enough to stick around as the sun goes down. Games can get chilly, so be prepared with layers.

Tip #9 – Indulge

You can’t go to a Giants game without Indulging in traditional snacks. Get a classic hot dog, some Gilroy garlic fries, a cup of chowder from Pier 44, a Crazy Crab sandwich and wash it down with an ice cold beer.

French Fries

Tip #10 – Go All In

Last, but certainly not least, be present. Revel in the experience, cherish the company of loved ones, celebrate your city. Going to a Giants game isn’t just about watching baseball. It’s about living and loving your best life in San Francisco.

*Photo courtesy of Forbes