Baseball is Back: 10 Tips for Enjoying a Giants Game at AT&T Park

March 16, 2018
SF Giants Fans

At last, baseball season will be back in the swing of things on March 29, 2018. And, while residents at The Harrison could likely watch a Giants game from their own abodes, high above AT&T Park, nothing beats rooting for our hometown heroes on their own turf. So, put on your orange and black, score some tickets and delve into the Spring season with these 10 tips for prime time enjoyment.

Tip #1 – Snag some Tickets

The first step to enjoying a Giants game is simply getting your hands on a few tickets. Head over to or Stubhub for quick single-game tickets. The Harrison residents have the luxury of getting in touch with their very own concierge to procure tickets, making a day at the ballpark—quite literally—a walk in the park.

Tip #2 – Walk it Out

Luckily, AT&T Park is just a fifteen minute walk away from The Harrison. There’s simply no better way to avoid game day traffic or parking than by taking a nice walk to and fro.

Tip #3 – Cheers to the Game

Before heading into the stadium, stop for a drink at 21st Amendment, Momo’s, Lord George or Pete’s Tavern to get into the spirit amongst other fervent Giants fans.

Tip #4 – Take a Tour

Or, take a mini history tour. Start at the Willie McCovey statue, wander down the Giants History Walk, cross the Lefty O’Doul Bridge, admire the Juan Marichal statue then head in to check out the Giants Wall of Fame.

Baseball Stadium

Tip #5 – Refresh

At the beginning of the season it’s always a good idea to refresh on the rules. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth game, get acclimated by reading up on the laws of the game, the players and the stats.

Tip #6 – Settle In

Get comfortable—there’s no denying that baseball games can be long. Bring a blanket, get a drink and sit back and relax.

Tip #7 – Get Loud

Show your support and get loud. Join in the cheers and sing along to “Bye Bye Baby” when the Giants score a homerun. Delight in a tradition that’s been around since the 50s.

Tip #8 – Layer Up

Make sure you’re dressed in orange and black, yet warm enough to stick around as the sun goes down. Games can get chilly, so be prepared with layers.

Tip #9 – Indulge

You can’t go to a Giants game without Indulging in traditional snacks. Get a classic hot dog, some Gilroy garlic fries, a cup of chowder from Pier 44, a Crazy Crab sandwich and wash it down with an ice cold beer.

French Fries

Tip #10 – Go All In

Last, but certainly not least, be present. Revel in the experience, cherish the company of loved ones, celebrate your city. Going to a Giants game isn’t just about watching baseball. It’s about living and loving your best life in San Francisco.

*Photo courtesy of Forbes

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