Designer Spotlight: An Inside Look at The Harrison’s Model Residences

The Harrison is undoubtedly a beautiful building in a beautiful location, but it’s the interior design that really brings its residential and community spaces to life. The expertly curated artwork and the strategic white space, the couches that demand your attention and those that let other pieces take the spotlight. Below, meet the designers who have helped bring The Harrison to life.

Ken Fulk

World-renowned for his exquisite ways of marrying vintage and modern elements, Ken Fulk played a major role in shaping The Harrison’s visual identity, selecting all residence finishes and designing four models. The designer can be credited for the eclectic, sophisticated vibes of private social club The Battery, Leo’s Oyster Bar and our very own amenity spaces at The Harrison, from Uncle Harry’s to the Grand Salon and The Pantry. Here’s how to bring the Ken Fulk vibe into your own space.

SFA Design

With offices on both coasts, boutique firm SFA Design employs collaborative methods when crafting tailor-made spaces. They are known for their cozy yet sophisticated beachy interiors. In their two model residences at The Harrison, the team embraced the trend of comfortable minimalism: function at the forefront, without sacrificing style. Inspired by the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, SFA Design used a palette of neutral, warm tones to softly complement the backdrop.

Michael Friedes

Following his creative start in New York, Michael Friedes brought his interior design business to the Bay Area in 2009. Over the last decade, Friedes has specialized in curating elegant yet livable residential spaces. Within The Harrison, Friedes is the creative force behind the Steinway Suite—the 49th floor penthouse, which comes fully furnished (including a $100,000 Steinway piano). The designer uses key statement pieces situated among modern minimalist furniture to add a touch of pizzazz, while letting the views of Twin Peaks and the San Francisco skyline take center stage.

Premier Stagers

Premier Stagers founders Summer Chàpin and celebrity interior designer Maxime Jacquet partner with furniture and art creators and curators from around the world to bring one-of-a-kind experiences into each interior project. The duo is the force behind some of the most iconic luxury projects—including The Carlyle Residences in Los Angeles and two of The Harrison’s model penthouses.

Larette Design

Jean Larette of Larette Design is an acclaimed interior designer who has been included among House Beautiful’s list of top designers in America multiple times and is consistently featured in the nation’s most prestigious magazines, from Elle Décor to California Home & Design. She is responsible for designing model 39C at The Harrison, which is beloved for its coastal details that accent modern finishes throughout.

The Close Explores The Harrison’s Forward-Thinking Marketing

In the article “Can Experiential Marketing Save The Real Estate Industry…Again?,” The Close chooses The Steinway Suite event at The Harrison as a successful and unique marketing case study. Highlighting how The Harrison partnered with Steinway & Sons to bring their residences to life with the finest handcrafted grand pianos, The Close writes on how this brand partnership brought something new to the table for both brand partners and prospective buyers.

“Eager to get their high end instruments in front of well-heeled homebuyers, Steinway offered one of their top of the line Spirio player pianos. They then hired a concert pianist to play the piano at their launch parties, and also got to show off the piano’s (amazing) self-playing features on showings.”

Read the full article here.

6 Endorphin-Boosting SF Locales to Hit this Summer

Between work and all of life’s obligations, many of us forget to carve out time for what makes us happy. Whether you wish to be immersed in complete stillness or surrounded by buzzing excitement, these six places throughout the city each set the stage for a mood-boosting, endorphin-releasing experience.

1. San Francisco Zen Center – City Center

Introverts, self-proclaimed workaholics and anyone needing a break from the noise of everyday life may find happiness in the simplest activities of all—and the San Francisco Zen Center is the ideal setting. For 50 years, the Beginner’s Mind Temple (also known as City Center) location has opened its doors to the general public, providing a sacred space for meditation, reflection, yoga and more.

2. Dolores Park

This San Francisco staple truly has something to offer everyone. Situated on nearly 16 acres, Dolores Park offers the perfect setting for nearly any happiness-boosting activity you could think of—whether that be reading a book, having a picnic with friends, playing soccer or throwing the ball for your pup. Music and arts lovers can also find various events to attend over the summer.

3. California Academy of Sciences

One of the coolest indoor locales in San Francisco is the California Academy of Sciences. It’s an aquarium, planetarium and natural history museum in one. During the day, you can indulge the curious part of your mind as you make your way through the various exhibits—viewing magnificent creatures and learning about the past, present and future. Stop by on Thursday evenings for NightLife and enjoy music, creatures and cocktails with a thought-provoking new theme every week.

4. Twin Peaks Viewpoint

Whether you’re new to the city or enjoy a change in perspective every once in a while, Twin Peaks—just 20 minutes from downtown—offers an exquisite panoramic view of San Francisco. Though it can be enjoyed at any time of day, it’s particularly beautiful at sunrise or sunset. Our residents often opt for the 3.8-mile loop to the top and back for a well-rounded experience. After all, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.

5. Ocean Beach

San Francisco is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural terrain in America. Drive, bike, scooter or walk to the outskirts of the city—right next to the Golden Gate Bridge—to connect with nature as you watch the waves roll in. Light a fire in one of the designated pits, slide your wetsuit on and catch some waves (note: this beach is recommended for experienced surfers, as rip currents can be particularly high) or walk along the esplanade and take in the sand and sea from a near distance.

6. The Independent

Around the corner from Alamo Square is The Independent, one of the city’s best indoor music venues that hosts musicians from a wide range of genres. The standing room venue is low-frills (no dress code; the website simply states, “we just ask that you please wear clothes”) and frequently sells out, so we’d recommend checking their calendar and planning your night out ahead of time.

Tips & Tricks to Plan Your Best Summer Soirée at The Harrison

Summertime is the perfect season for entertaining, and The Harrison is an entertainer’s paradise. With stunning Ken Fulk-designed shared spaces and open-concept residences, our luxury high-rise is well equipped to host your summer soirée. Below, find our best tips and tricks for planning the event of the season.

Choose the right space for your gathering.

As far as party locations go, few locations get anywhere close to the luxury of your own residence at The Harrison. Each residence was designed to be suitable for whatever type of gathering you have in mind. With large kitchens, spacious living areas and open-concept floor plans, the residences easily accommodate all of your guests.


But if you’d like more seating options, Uncle Harry’s can be a beautiful party location. Residents can rent out the 3,500-square-foot penthouse lounge for private parties and social gatherings year-round. Its floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge for you and your guests to marvel at while you mingle.

Consider local catering options for food and drinks.

Food can be one of the most time-consuming (and stressful) aspects of party planning. Fortunately, San Francisco is one of the food capitals of the world and has no shortage of delectable catering options to choose from. Some local favorites in the SoMa district are Fraiche Catering, Le’s Kitchen Catering, Fogcutter and top restaurants including Lord George and Local Kitchen.


As far as drinks go, the Bay Area is home to dozens of craft breweries, and some of the world’s best wineries are located within a few hours of the city. Without leaving SoMa, you can shop local and imported beers alike at City Beer Store and stock up on regional wine selects (along with plenty of options from around the globe) at The Wine Club.

Take advantage of the Harrison Attaché for party planning assistance.

Every resident of The Harrison is welcome to use our personalized concierge service for everyday needs and special event planning. Choose to enlist our services for certain tasks like floral arrangement and delivery or housekeeping needs for your upcoming soirée.

How to Make This the Summer of Developing Healthy Habits

While many of us consider the new year to be the optimal time for intention-setting, there’s no reason why you can’t start anew in the middle of the year. And what better time than summer to develop new, positive habits? After all, with its long, sunshine-filled days, summertime has a way of inspiring positivity all around. Here are some ways to put the season to good use and develop healthy habits of your own.

1. Use the extra hours of daytime to light your reading list.
Whether your list includes current New York Times bestsellers or 19th century classics, now is the perfect time to start crossing some books off your list. The mild weather opens up a host of new places to read—from your living room to Rincon Park, just steps away from The Harrison. And for a classic San Francisco-themed read, take a look at our list of favorites and get ready to fall for the city all over again.

2. Take up a meditation practice.
Meditation is often limited to an association with spiritual retreats and unconventional lifestyles. And, while these may be true, the practice can and should be weaved into even the most modern and conventional of lifestyles. Meditation is a great tool for personal development that can help you destress, focus and find perspective. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our residents’ ten favorite hangouts for balancing mind and body, all just steps from The Harrison.

3. Get your body moving.
The Harrison’s fitness center and pool do offer an upgraded workout experience, but we understand that it might take a new environment or activity in order to jumpstart a new routine. Here are five outdoor activities that’ll get your body moving and your senses fulfilled as you take in the best of the Bay Area.

4. Change up your morning routine.
Without the chill of winter to keep you snuggled up in bed until you have no choice but to get up, you’ll have the opportunity to make something of your morning before work or other obligations. Try something as simple as sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at one of our top local spots, or maybe even a more ambitious feat like walking to work instead of your usual commute in the mornings.

5. Renew your relationships.
This summer, why not make it a point to renew some of your relationships with friends and family? Choose a date and head to one of these outdoor drinking spots in SoMa to catch up over cocktails and small plates with your college friends. Plan a romantic camping trip with your significant other. Or, take your mom for a relaxing wine tasting getaway in Napa Valley.