3 Tips & Tricks to Adopt Ken Fulk’s Interior Style

September 11, 2020
Grand Salon

One of the nation’s most renowned interior designers, event planners and overall luxury connoisseurs, Ken Fulk has a unique affinity to all things curated and extravagant. From his deluxe designs within The Harrison—spanning from the Grand Salon to Uncle Harry’s penthouse lounge—to his diverse projects throughout San Francisco and beyond, Ken Fulk has a rare ability to inundate each space with an eclectic, comforting vibe. And now you have that ability, too. Stick to our guidelines below to bring Ken Fulk’s coveted interior style into your very own abode.

1. Start with Modern Furniture & Fixtures

Ken Fulk is amongst the most sought-after interior designers by virtue of his ability to marry modern and vintage pieces in the most effortless manner possible. But, the first step in creating a curated space is beginning with just the modern. Pick out the exact chairs, sofas or tables you want for the space—whether that’s your living room or master suite—and devise the perfect canvas from which you can then build upon. If you begin with vintage furnishings, you’ll undoubtedly find it harder to then introduce the contemporary.

Living RoomResidence 32B designed by Ken Fulk

2. Bring in the Vintage Artifacts

As expected, the next step after you’ve nailed down your modern pieces is to give the space some much needed soul. With each space he designs and every party he throws, Ken Fulk captivates his audience with an ambiance that’s both whimsical and worn in. Nothing feels new, nothing feels outdated. It’s this unique capacity to find a balance between the two that you should now seek in your own home. Using unfinished brass fixtures, rustic wood cabinetry or simply vintage picture frames, you can seamlessly regulate and complement the contemporary feel of any space.

StudyPhoto Courtesy of Ken Fulk

3. Dream Big, Be Bold

If we’ve learned anything from Ken Fulk, it’s that you can’t hold back. When you go out on a limb and step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll benefit from the most breathtaking results. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors or a variety of textures because, when you do so, the product will be incredibly Ken Fulk-esque. If you’re intrigued by a certain wallpaper, buy it. If you love dark turquoise, adorn your walls with it. Because, we can attest, the results are timeless, fanciful, inviting and, as always, beautiful.

Uncle Harry's

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