Marin Magazine/Spaces Magazine Spotlights The Harrison’s Unparalleled Vistas

Marin Magazine/Spaces Magazine has spotlighted The Harrison for its iconic views of the Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, marina and city beyond. The article notes that The Harrison offers an incomparable city experience and goes on to highlight the SoMa high-rise’s lineup of luxe amenities, generous balconies and dramatic, expansive vistas. 

“The website touts ‘incredible views are the rule, not the exception’ and that is the truth.”

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The New York Times Features The Harrison and the East Cut’s Newfound Popularity

The New York Times—the ever-acclaimed news entity with a worldwide readership—has spotlighted The Harrison’s stylish homes set within San Francisco’s most intriguing neighborhood: the East Cut. According to The New York Times, the East Cut has gradually forged a new identity in recent years, now brimming with blue and green glass skyscrapers and charming, historic architecture. The East Cut’s unique “walkable, high-rise neighborhood […] in a hilly, mostly low-rise city” suits the rare, character-rich offerings that await at The Harrison—Ken Fulk-designed interiors, luxurious concierge services and iconic views of San Francisco and beyond. 

“[The Harrison] reminded me of a really high-end, New York City-type of building,” Mr. Azcarate said. The 49-story tower has interiors by the celebrity designer Ken Fulk, as well as valet parking and continental breakfast served every morning. “We looked at a lot of high-rises and they felt very sterile, like offices. This one felt warm and homey.”

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7 Ways to Make Your Home More Comforting

Your home should be a comfortable oasis. After all, it’s where you unwind each night, refresh yourself on the weekends and start your day on the best note possible each morning. Here are seven easy ways to add a little bit of extra comfort and calm to your space to make your home the most relaxing haven possible.

1. A New Blanket 

Get yourself the softest, snuggliest blanket you can find to upgrade book reading, movie watching or drinking coffee on weekend mornings. Alternatively, weighted blankets are great for relaxing your mind by way of your body. It’s recommended to choose one that’s about 10 percent of your body weight to get the full benefits. 

2. Naturally Scented Candles 

Set out some coconut- or soy-based candles (which are considered better for your lungs than traditional candles) throughout your home—living room, bedroom, bathroom. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine are recognized for their calming properties, but relaxation is all about personal preference, so choose scents you enjoy.

3. Calming Colors 

The Harrison’s residences have been intentionally designed with a soft, calming color palette. Complement the shades of white and gray with blues and purples, or your favorite color.

4. Tea Time

For tea drinkers, sipping on a warm cup of tea is one of the most comforting activities. Upgrade your at-home tea time with the essentials: an electric water kettle, a new mug, plenty of loose-leaf or bag teas to choose from and local honey or organic sugar for sweetness. 

5. Spa Products 

Those who find joy in self-care activities like long baths and face masks may want to consider stocking up on their favorite products for impromptu spa days. Things to always keep handy: a bath tray, hydrating or detoxifying face masks, bath salts/oils/bubble bath, massage tools and essential oils. 

6. Plants 

Indoor plants are having a moment right now—and for good reason. They’re natural and effective mood boosters and can help purify the air in your home. Here are some of our top picks for high-rise living

7. New Bedding

Nothing is as powerful as a restful sleep for helping your mind and body relax. Improve your wind-down routine and sleep quality with a brand new set of sheets, a new mattress or mattress topper, an ergonomic pillow or—as stated above—a weighted blanket.