A Gardener’s Guide to the Best Indoor Plants for High-Rise Living

July 7, 2021

Whether your home calls for a pop of greenery or a bold, lush centerpiece, you’re sure to find the perfect houseplant for you in San Francisco. From the many instagram-worthy plant and flower nurseries the city has to offer to the numerous potted plant delivery services available online, incorporating plant life is simple—and good for your health. In addition to adding some serious style to any space, indoor greenery boasts various wellness benefits, like boosting mood to protecting against pollutants. Take a look at some of our favorite, on-trend houseplants perfect for the advanced plant parent and newbie alike.

String of Hearts

Hanging plants have been everywhere as of late, and if you’ve been eyeing these verdant vines for your own home, it’s time you meet “Ceropegia woodii,” commonly known as String of Hearts. With deep green, heart-shaped leaves that hang from long cascading vines, this plant offers a curtain of greenery grown best with exposure to direct sun or indirect bright light. Blooming with magenta flowers a few times a year, String of Hearts is sure to make a delightful housemate.

The Janet Craig

Also known as dracaena deremensis, The Janet Craig is incredibly easy to care for and able to adapt to nearly all light conditions. Lucky for you, one doesn’t need a green thumb to keep the Janet Craig happy and healthy. With dark-green and glossy leaves, the Janet Craig brings a gorgeous natural accent to your indoor aesthetic.

Ponytail Palm

Pet-friendly and only requiring water once in a while, Ponytail Palm is ideal for the busiest of plant- and pet-owners. This happy houseplant’s short trunk and wispy cascade of leaves look stunning set on a tabletop and compliments modern interior design beautifully.

Hoya Kerrii

Add a little love to your space with the Hoya Kerri, also known as the “Sweetheart Plant” or “Hoya Heart” due to its heart-shaped form. Small in size but mighty in wow-factor, this plant is ideal for the novice or frequent traveler as it only needs to be watered every two to three weeks. Pet-friendly, this choice of foliage is a safe option for our furry, four-legged residents at The Harrison.

Red Prayer Plant

A two-toned plant that adds a little color to your space, the Red Prayer Plant offers eye-catching, large leaves that show off hints of red and pink along the plant’s veins. A pet-friendly option that is incredibly low-maintenance, this houseplant is able to thrive in nearly all light conditions—just make sure to keep its soil consistently moist.

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