In With the New: What to Add to Your Routine this Spring

March 12, 2021

All the telltale signs of spring are upon us: longer-lasting daylight hours, budding blooms and gentler climates. And what better way to embrace the new season than by refreshing your routine? Below, find a list of ways to adjust to the changing weather and improve overall wellness. 

Rise with the sun

While some of us may have already tried hacking our sleep schedules by setting earlier alarms many times before, the perfect time to introduce an earlier wake-up time is actually to follow the transition from winter to spring. The spring equinox, on March 20th this year, marks the first day that daylight hours begin to surpass the nighttime hours. So as the sun rises earlier with each coming day of spring, take this time to take a cue from nature and reconfigure your sleep schedule — starting off your day with a bit of sunlight and serenity will be well worth the boost in serotonin.

Add variety to your caffeine options

We get it — we’re not crazy about when that one friend bugs us to replace our beloved morning coffee with tea, especially when we live in a city with some of the best pick-me-up brews. Instead of quitting coffee altogether, we’d suggest diversifying your options — maybe switch to matcha teas and maca blends just for the weekends. This way, you can conveniently discover new ways to energize yourself without divorcing yourself completely from your staple morning coffee.

Opt for lighter moisture

All skincare routines can be adapted according to seasonal change. Here in San Francisco, this period marks a time after the biting temperatures and blasting heaters of winter. So for this season, you won’t want too heavy of a moisturizer to weigh down your skin as you enjoy the change in the air. 

Spend more hours outside

The combination of increased daylight and hospitable weather will already have you itching to put work down and take more strolls outside. After spending a whole winter cooped up at home among blankets and central heating, this will be the time to enjoy a daily fresh breath of air, as well as relieve some stress in the outdoors.

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