5 Home Decor Tips to Embrace the Winter Spirit

December 1, 2020

Seasonal changes serve as the perfect opportunity to refresh your living space. From more pragmatic ways to adapt to the weather to more festive ideas that match the holiday spirit, here are some tips for bringing a change of scenery into your home this winter at The Harrison.

1. Drape a New Winter Throw

Throws are a classic way to both add a pop of texture to a room and also bundle up from the cold. Warm fibers such as wool and alpaca are perfect for cozying up without drying out your skin from overuse of your central heating system. Try out a faux fur thrown over neutral bedding or a colorful accent draped over our beloved couches curated by renowned designer Ken Fulk. 

2. A Touch of Pine

For most people, styling a live pine tree in your home takes a lot of commitment and a lot of maintenance. Yet, both for those who celebrate Christmas and those who observe different winter holidays, adding a splash of classic evergreen can liven up the home in a brisk winter. And the simplest method for doing just that? Add a bowl of pinecones to your centerpiece, light a pine-scented candle or clip a few pine tree branches to place in clear vases by your windowsill. 

3. Add Texture

Take a page from Ken Fulk’s book and enhance the tactile and visual texture of your space. It never hurts to add a touch of winter-specific elements to the year-round style of your residence’s interior to keep the atmosphere dynamic. Soft sheepskins, deep velvets, cable-knit wools, and luxurious jacquards are all perfect winter-friendly fabrics to lend to your space. Swap out furnishings such as accent pillows, window curtains, and various upholstery for richer textures and deeper colors to up the ambiance of your winter wonderland.

4. Let it Glow

The time of year with the least daylight deserves as much attention to indoor lighting as possible. Invest in a new floor lamp for your favorite reading nook and hang some classic string lights to really light up the corners of your home. For a more rustic atmosphere, consider going cordless with beautiful reflective lanterns or flameless candles to avoid a fire hazard. And lucky for those who live at The Harrison, the twinkling Bay Bridge lights emanate just beyond our floor-to-ceiling windows.

5. Candles that Delight the Senses

Winter candles never fail as a subtle source of warmth and fragrance in your home. While flameless tea light candles are a safe option for gorgeous centerpieces and candle logs, nothing quite compares to a real candle to stir your favorite seasonal aroma around your home.

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