Top Dogs at The Harrison: Charlie the “Morkie”

October 26, 2017

Nickname: Charles

Breed: Morkie (half maltese, half yorkie)

Age: 6 months

Treat of choice: Charlee Bear All Natural Dog Treats (the ones that Aaron, our Luxury Attaché, gives all The Harrison dogs)

Greatest loves: Visiting the beach, playing fetch and saying hi to every human who walks by.

Pet peeves: Hair dryers, lawnmowers, water fountains, vacuums and losing my teeth

Favorite neighborhood establishments: Epic, Waterbar, The Bow and Arrow Park, Rincon Hill Dog Park and, of course, Pawtrero!

Favorite spot in my high-rise home: My mommy’s bed

Favorite perks at The Harrison: It’s awesome to be one of the youngest pups at the Harrison. Everyone says hi to me and gives me lots of treats and love. I enjoy chewing my bone and people watching in the grand salon and love visiting the pantry and munching on all the pastry crumbs.

Morning routine: Every morning I go down to The Pantry with mommy, in hopes to run into other Harrison dogs and of course the lovely people who make sure The Pantry is perfect for us. I then take the giant gold elevator down to the grand salon and stop by the reception desk for more love from the Harrison staff. Sometimes I get overly excited, and tinkle a little, but do my best to hold it until we leave for our walk. I always end the morning with a visit to our attaché and if I’m lucky he gives me two treats!

Top tricks: I can fetch, sit and lie down. I recently learned how to lift my paw up against the trees when I have to pee! I am still learning what “shake” means.

Guilty pleasures: String cheese and blueberries

Most embarrassing story: I was shopping with mommy in Westfield Mall and really had to go to the bathroom. Mommy was taking forever, so I pooped on the mannequin. Luckily, I am so cute that the store employees still gave me lots of pets and treats despite my accident.

Where I first laid eyes on my mommy: I plopped right down on her lap and refused to move until she took me home.

Follow me on social media: @charlie_the_cocoa_pup

Tell us a little about your owner:
My favorite thing to do is zen out with my owner, Serena Malkani. Sometimes I like to climb up on her instruments and jam out too. My mommy is a certified Sound Practitioner, Singer/Songwriter and Organizational Psychologist. After studying the science behind energy, music and vibrations, mommy discovered how sound can affect the way people approach obstacles. She now leads interactive meditations for executive leaders, artists and start up teams, offering a unique way to help people center, release stuck emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. Her background includes over 10 years of organizational development and service in various communications and technology marketing roles.

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