Top Dogs at The Harrison: Billy & Charlie

November 27, 2017

Nickname: Bill-Bo and Chuck/Charlie Bear

Breed: Yorkie (Billy) and Golden Retriever (Charlie)

Treat of choice: Peanut butter filled Kongs, Charlie Bears (thanks to our concierge Aaron), salmon and chicken.

Greatest loves: Going for hikes, trips to the dog park to see our friends, adventures to Fort Funston, swimming (Charlie is basically a fish disguised as a dog), chasing squirrels and fetching tennis balls (Billy’s favorite).

Pet peeves: Toys that can’t be destroyed (although our parents seem to love them) and dogs on TV—what are they doing in our house?!

Favorite neighborhood establishments: Crissy Fields, Fort Funston and the dog park off Main Street where all of our friends hang out.

Favorite spot in my high-rise home: Does our concierge Aaron’s desk count? It’s not technically our home, but that’s definitely our favorite spot in The Harrison. Aaron always gives us lots of treats and belly scratches; we could hang out there all day if our parents would let us!

Favorite perks at The Harrison: Our friends! We’ve met so many fun pups that also call The Harrison home, like Tulsi and little Charlie. They’re the best.

Morning routine: Much to Billy’s dismay, Charlie wakes up promptly at 6 a.m. Charlie goes on a quick trip outside then eats breakfast—the best part of the day. A few hours later, around 8 a.m., Billy finally crawls out of bed. He’s not much of a morning guy.

Top tricks: Sit, shake, and lay down are about the extent of our tricks, but we’ve got those three down pat.

Guilty pleasures: Charlie is a big fan of chasing his tail, and Billy loves to show off his vocal skills. Something we have in common, though, is sneaking human food when our parents aren’t watching.

Most embarrassing story: Charlie has run into glass doors on multiple occasions and Billy has a tendency to bark at completely unthreatening objects, like statues and fake owls.

Where we first laid eyes on our parents: For Billy it was Christmas morning 2008. I was a surprise for my mom, and she still says I was the best Christmas present ever. Charlie made his entrance a few years later in 2017. Our dad had to fly to Michigan to pick him up, but we all think he was worth the trip!

Tell us a little about your owner: Our parents are Jake and Lauren, and they’re both in Tech Sales. We’re happy anytime the four of us are together, but our tails really wag when we go on hiking/beach trips to Half Moon Bay and camping in Yosemite!

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