No Tree? No Problem: 5 Easy Ways to Bring the Holidays Home

December 16, 2020

Holiday festivities look a bit different for all of us this year, with many of us planning to celebrate from home. And, while we might be skipping staples such as grand parties and neighborhood caroling, there’s still plenty to enjoy this winter. Below, find a few prevailing traditions that cater to anyone seeking a bit of warmth, light and life during this holiday season.

1. Bring Nature Indoors 

Adding the sweet smell of pine cones into your home is a great way to welcome the holiday spirit. Go simple by setting  a bowl of pine cones on your favorite coffee table, or spice it up by creating an intricate dining table centerpiece of pine cones and candles.

2. Get Creative with Your Greenery

While artificial  trees can be both convenient and gorgeous, there’s nothing quite like welcoming the real deal  into your home to bring cheer during chilly season. And why not go beyond the classic evergreen? Try potting some poinsettias in your home. The indoors is also the perfect setting for substitute trees like succulent Christmas trees that you can order off Etsy or create yourself. Alternatively, you can go even simpler and turn your existing house plants into festive yuletide decor by weaving some string lights around your standing fig trees. 

3. Deck the Walls

If you’re more into minimalism, sprucing up your space is as simple as hanging some mistletoe. However, if you want to bring in some yuletide tradition, creating a deconstructed Christmas tree out of a rope ladder and ornaments lingering around your inventory can be both gorgeous and creatively stimulating.

Source: Cox & Cox

4. Decorate with Branches Galore

For most people, styling a live pine tree in your home takes a lot of commitment and a lot of maintenance. Yet, both for those who celebrate Christmas and those who observe different winter holidays, adding a splash of classic evergreen can liven up the home in a brisk winter. And the simplest method for doing just that? Light a pine-scented candle or fashion pine tree branches in clear vases by your windowsill.

5. Opt for Seasonal Fabrics

The magic is in the materials — and sticking to seasonal fabrics always works. When it comes to upholstery, wool tartans, soft velvets, faux furs, and lightweight cashmeres are great choices to set the holiday mood indoors.

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