Interior Eye Candy: Our Favorite Ken Fulk-Designed Spaces​

February 5, 2018

World-renowned interior designer Ken Fulk has an incredible eye for jaw-dropping decor; and, at The Harrison, we just so happen to live amongst the product of his magnificent imagination. From San Francisco to New York, Fulk has been coined as one of the most whimsical and prolific modern day designers. While those of us who live at The Harrison boast the privilege of dwelling in a Ken Fulk masterpiece, we can’t help but dote on his revered designs throughout restaurants, lounges and clubs from coast to coast. Here, you can get a glorified glimpse into just a few of our favorites.

The Battery

The Battery, San Francisco’s most sought-after private social club, is the bona fide brainchild of Ken Fulk’s inspiring creativity. Throughout the historic five-level building, replete with an array of fitness amenities, top-tier dining options and 14 boutique suites, Fulk’s designs add intricate layers of luxury and comfort to each personalized space. From meticulously curated vintage furniture to original artwork, statement rugs, striking wallpaper, lavish chandeliers and sleek industrial details, each minute interior design is integral to The Battery’s eccentric ambiance.

The Battery

Uncle Harry’s

Ken Fulk’s sky-high masterpiece just so happens to be found right at home atop the The Harrison. Uncle Harry’s, our exclusive speakeasy-style penthouse lounge, features 3,500 square feet of true decorative eye-candy—all complemented by far-reaching Bay Bridge and marina vistas. Fulk meticulously decorated the space with vintage and modern finishes so as to merge classic San Francisco elegance with contemporary design. Here, one is captivated by various textures and prints, ranging from posh blue velvet to the speakeasy’s crocodile-embossed leather bar. And, let us not forget Uncle Harry’s idiosyncratic emerald green hue. Situated aloft the 49th floor, Uncle Harry’s serve as the ultimate product of Fulk’s fantastical vision.

Uncle Harry's

Yellowstone Club ‘Halfway House’

An exclusive residential community nestled in the Rockies in Montana, the Yellowstone Club is home to two outstanding Ken Fulk tour de forces. One serves as his clients’ main home while the other, cheekily named the Halfway House, is host to the owners’ guests. Here, Fulk’s fanciful imagination has been transposed to an ultra-luxurious mountain setting, giving rise to a true decorative feat. The Halfway House is teeming with details both sumptuous and natural, manifested by cozy leather and sheepskin pieces, textured tapestries and carefully curated antique and mid-century furniture—all complemented by the home’s rustic wood framework.

Living Room

Leo’s Oyster Bar

While sleek metal details and plush leather furnishings are seemingly integral to Ken Fulk’s portfolio, there are several places in which his most playful reveries are brought to fruition; one being Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco. A tropical treat amidst the city, Leo’s serves as both a seafood and interior decor hotspot. Brimming with lively botanical wallpaper, Bahamas-inspired rattan furniture and metallic leather banquettes, the Oyster Bar is “unapologetically nostalgic and glamorous,” as noted by Fulk in an interview with Architectural Digest. Reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Hotel and a mid-century Manhattan club, Leo’s is a true feast for the eyes—and belly.

Eating Area

*Photos Courtesy of Architectural Digest by Douglas Friedman, Haute Living, Ken Fulk, Ken Fulk & Haute Living

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