Designer Spotlight: Kirsten Pike’s Take on Timeless Modernity in Two New Harrison Abodes

September 4, 2018
Living Room

Renowned Bay Area designer Kirsten Pike strikes the perfect balance between timeless and modern design, and her most recent projects at The Harrison are perhaps the greatest representation of this aesthetic philosophy. Driven by the desire to fulfill her clients’ most inherent wants and needs, Kirsten has effortlessly transformed both spaces into refined yet liveable sky-high sanctuaries for the owners to lovingly call home. We sat down with Kirsten to get a look inside her artistic process and these two beautiful new abodes at The Harrison that maximize the most important aspect of all: San Francisco’s iconic views.

Kristen Pike

What are your favorite trending tips for homeowners who want to maximize their space?

Be unafraid. Look at what you need and know that there’s a solution. Platform beds, for instance, are great in every bedroom in your condo. You can store things underneath them that you rarely need or, perhaps, things that are dear to you but you’d rather not put in storage. They’re very practical if you don’t want to clutter your closets with certain pieces, too. The perfect example is the platform bed I put in this master bedroom on the 19th floor.

Master BedroomResidence on the 19th Floor

How long have you been designing in the San Francisco area?

Kirsten Pike Design has been designing in the San Francisco area for more than 11 years.

You’ve designed two residences in The Harrison so far. What was your inspiration for the aesthetics in these spaces?

My clients are always my first inspiration. I design for people, not for spaces. I zero in on my clients’ aesthetics and then I take it to the highest level within their budget and the freedom they give me. At The Harrison, the spectacular views in every direction dictate a lot of my suggestions to my clients and our collaborative decisions.

Living RoomResidence on the 30th Floor

What was your favorite piece from these completed spaces?

My favorite piece isn’t really an object but rather the way I strategically use wallpaper and wall designs—such as wood cladding in the living room and kitchen area in one of the residences—to give dimension to flat walls and create an ambiance without distracting from the overall decor. The designs are meant to complement each piece and create a sense of cohesion throughout while enhancing the overall look and feel.

How did you incorporate the views of the Bay Bridge into your designs?

The views take center stage in both condos; and, therefore, the decor is subdued so as not to overpower the views but instead flow with them. The indoor and outdoor spaces complement each other and come together as a whole. The color palette, shape and material of every single piece of furniture somehow relates to the exterior while both softening and blending in with the views. It’s a true indoor-outdoor experience living at The Harrison.

Living RoomResidence on the 30th Floor

It seems like you often mix high and low in your creations. What are your go-to brands and retailers that consistently have great finds?

I like to mix high and low in my creations as it’s a great way to balance any budget. CB2 is a great, inexpensive resource and not all of it is ultra-modern if that’s what you want to veer away from. However, not all their pieces are created equal so pick carefully. Design Within Reach isn’t inexpensive but most pieces are available almost immediately. Again, if very modern isn’t your goal, you can pick meticulously and blend these more modern pieces with more traditional or transitional pieces and obtain a great look. Ask a professional if in doubt. That’s what we’re here for.

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Living RoomResidence on the 19th Floor

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