4 Local Art Exhibitions We’re Excited About

June 10, 2021

San Francisco is a sort of haven for art lovers — in addition to housing reputable fine art collections, the city is also host to incredibly innovative and dynamic curations that draw the public’s cultural eye. From the SFMOMA to the de Young Museum, a different kind of air is abuzz this summer in current and upcoming exhibitions, and we’re excited for all SF residents to set out to witness the current cultural moment and find wonder in eye-opening works of media. Without further ado, here are 4 local art exhibitions that we’re excited about:

Close to Home: Creativity in Crisis

Currently on at the SFMOMA, Close to Home: Creativity in Crisis unites the works of seven local Bay Area artists investigating their own introspective reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic and social upheaval of 2020. Each project arose from the disruptions, the anxieties and the instabilities of the global health crisis. The exhibit’s official page states: “Individually, the artists demonstrate a startlingly wide range of artistic, emotional, and political responses, a reminder of how this unprecedented period affects each of us differently. Taken together, their work emphasizes our shared experience in this collective crisis.

Lineage: Paul Klee and Ruth Asawa

Upcoming at the SFMOMA is a very special exhibit that examines the dynamism that splurges forth from creatives that focus upon line and pattern work. Combining works from the legendary modernist Paul Klee and California-born Ruth Asawa, Lineage: Paul Klee and Ruth Asawa looks to be a splendid curation of a modern founding father of spatial composition and one of the successors of his ethos — California’s very own Ruth Asawa, whose work is heavily interested in “the economy of a line.” For modernist art enthusiasts with a hunger for composition theory and a taste for eye-catching line work, this exhibit is not to be missed. This exhibit will be from July 10 to December 5.

Hung Liu: Golden Gate

Hung Liu: Golden Gate at the de Young Museum starts on July 17, and will run until early next year. Born under the Maoist regime in China, artist Hung Liu utilizes her training in the Socialist Realist style of painting to re-imagine traditional archival narratives. The de Young Museum introduces this exciting diasporic exhibit: “Reimagining some of her most iconic paintings…through the lens of her personal trajectory, she places herself among and celebrates the people who arrived in California from both land and sea.” Hosted in a city with a rich history of Chinese immigration, this exhibit is something we’re very excited to experience and learn from.

teamLab: Continuity

Coming soon to the Asian Art Museum is the futuristic exhibit titled teamLab: Continuity. An immersive and interactive technological art experience, this exhibit places the viewer into a digital environment of “blooming flowers, darting fish, and soaring crows.” From the renowned Tokyo-based collective teamLab, known for their genre-bending works, “Continuity” is whole new type of experience that melds East Asian art principles with technology to connect viewers to the feeling of nature.

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